Another Letter from David

Another Letter from David

Hi todd,

I forgot to thank you for signing my books. Thank you so much. (You’re definitely hooked up for an autographed copy of my soon-to-be best seller when I get there).

Was surfing the web and found a site for another of my favorite SF authors, james P. Hogan. He lives in Ireland too, like your mum. So what’s up with Ireland? Is it something in the water?

I keep getting delivery failure notices on the ‘writers’ email address. Too soon to contact?

Ran around some in Jacqueline Carey’s site and found a link therein for SFWA. Wow, that’s some site. Lots of info for ‘new guys’.

RE: Your earlier reply, I’m partial to the ‘brainy friend’ approach. I don’t know Holly’s email address, so ‘tag’ you’re it! (Just kidding)

Thanks again for the help and encouragement.


Hi David!

Oooops! that was the wrong e-mail adress for the Writer’s workshop, which is why stuff bounced. The correct address is I’ve updated my original posting, too. Good of you to check. Try them, I know they’re looking.

I like the autographed book. And it was my pleasure to sign your books.

Diane Duane, Katherine Kurtz, and many more people also live in Ireland. The deal is that writers living in Ireland wouldn’t have to pay Irish taxes. That was a big deal when things were cheaper in Ireland than in the States. I don’t know if it works so well nowadays. Houses around Dublin are more expensive than in LA these days.

Don’t forget your local science fiction club! Like Cepheid Variable. I’m sure there are lots of smart people there, more than willing to help with technical matters (you might even locate Holly).


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