Letter from Alyssa (with PS)

Letter from Alyssa (with PS)

Hello Mr. McCaffrey/Johnson.

This maybe redundent, but will there be additions to the story in Dragon’s Kin in Dragonsblood? It is probably selfish of me to ask, but I would like to know what happens to Natalon’s uncle, to his daughter, and to Kindan. I so very much enjoyed the story.

Thank you ever so much,

P.S.: Is there any way that you are planning to come to Minnesota anytime?

Hi Alyssa,

I prefer Todd to Mr. McCaffrey or Mr. Johnson.

Dragonsblood is set fourteen Turns after the end of Dragon’s Kin. A lot has happened since then. Dragonsblood is also a more adult novel while Dragon’s Kin was supposed to be a young adult novel, like Dragonsong. However, you will see something of Nuella and Kindan in Dragonsblood.

At the same time, there is a lot more to tell about Nuella, Zenor, Kindan and many others immediately at the end of Dragon’s Kin. Mum and I are hoping to do some more collaborations in the young adult vein to tell those stories. I don’t want to say more because, as Shakespeare said, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip!”

As for coming to Minnesota, I’m afraid that I’ve got nothing on my immediate plans but who knows? I do know that there’s a great writing community in Minneapolis/St. Paul and that Lois Bujold is part of it, so I’d certainly love to get out there someday.


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