Query from Sian

Hi Todd, I just wanted to let you know that the pictures on the right hand side of your site, namely the one about How2Kids and Dragonheart and the News item completely block off some of the words in the actual blog you are writing. Hence I know that Dragongirl is coming out on the 27th but not in which month… please could you get your webmaster to fix this annoyance?

Hi Sian,

I’ll bet you’re using some form of Internet Explorer! I’m sorry about the problem, I don’t quite know what the nice people in Redmond are doing that makes their browser perform so poorly compared to others but I’m pass the issue over to my webmistress, perhaps there’s something on our side that’s exacerbating the issue.

Opera, Firefox, and (I presume) Safari don’t exhibit this particularly annoying behavior with the site.

And, to answer your implied question, the currently planned publication date for Dragongirl is April 27th, 2010.