Letter from Kathleen

Letter from Kathleen

*nodding head to fan Harry Potter music*

Um. Okay since there seem to be a lot of asking writing related questions I figured I’d jump on the band wagon.

I’m writing my own little original thing but what is driving me nuts is since my head is way ahead of my hands I keep throwing in this character or changing that scene to make it better but makes it so much longer. I’m already working on six or seven years into the future of the story when the actual written part only spans about two months. Is this a good or bad thing?


Welcome to one of the many writer’s distractions! Instead of actually writing what’s in front of you, you’re being distracted by what you’ll write next.

It happens to everyone. Sometimes it’s a sign that you need to move on, sometimes it’s a sign of insecurity, sometimes it’s just the way your brain is working — sometimes it’s exactly what you need to realize something important that you have to stick into what you’re writing now to make it work later. And no one, but you, will be able to figure out which one it is (you’ll find that you get better at guessing which it is the more you write).

Good luck!

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