Letter from Bats

Letter from Bats

Is the follow-up to Dragon’s Kin is it Dragon’s Blood?

And inside the cover of Dragon’s Kin,there is a list of of your Mothers’s books,are they in the right order, some I have found seem to be different, as I’m being a good Little Bat as I’m putting my Books in order, and big thoughts of what Books to give to the Libary.

At the moment I’m reading a Aussie Writer, Kate Forsyth. Have you read her books? Her Dragons are pretty powerful.


No, Dragonsblood is an adult novel which starts fourteen Turns after Dragon’s Kin ends. All the same, Dragonsblood will feature several characters first met in Dragon’s Kin.

The sequels to Dragon’s Kin have yet to be written — but we’re getting started on them!

The version of Dragon’s Kin you’re referring to is the Transworld edition, right? I had a quick look at the list of books. It seems to be pretty much an “in order of publication” list. Reading orders vary. Some people want to read the series in chronological order (starting with “Survery P.E.R.N.”), others want to read them in the order they were written (and published). The chronological list I have is here.

I haven’t read any of Kate Forsyth’s works. I’m glad to hear you enjoy her dragons.


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