Hi Todd,

I’ve really enjoyed your books, most especially Dragonheart. I have a few questions if that’s okay?

Firstly, do you have any idea how long it is likely to be until Dragongirl is in the shops? I’m really eager to find out what happens next after Dragonheart.

Secondly, do you happen to know if any of your family are currently writing or planning to write a Pern novel, perhaps even your mother?

And thirdly – maybe this is a question best put to your mother, but I’m a little confused. I’ve been rereading the All the Weyrs and The Skies of Pern, and there’s repeated mention of keeping secret the dragon’s ability to travel through time – and yet the entire of Pern knows about the “Oldtimers”, and I seem to recall in one book (perhaps Dragondrums) the Harper Hall doing a ballad based on Lessa’s trip to the past. Can you explain this discrepancy at all, please?

Thank you, and I’m already looking forward to reading your next novel,



Hi Emma,

You can always ask questions! (I reserve the right to avoid answering them.)

These questions are easy:

Dragongirl will be published in hardcover in the US, UK, and elsewhere April 27th, 2010.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the sequel is going great guns and (knock on your favorite good luck charm) we’re hoping it’ll be done and turned in to the editors well before Dragongirl is on the shelves.

As for your third question… well, that really is a question for Mum but I will say this much: by the end of the next several books in the Third Pass, you’ll have a very good idea why dragonriders aren’t encouraged to time it.