Letter from Teannette

Letter from Teannette


How cool you were able to see the launch of SpaceshipOne!!!!! We are on our way to what so many people have known and been able to read about through such great authors for many, many years! It is great to be able to look at the people who thought I was a dork for so many years when I tried to explain about your mum’s work, including the Pegasus series and Pern of course! (I didn’t realize I was a nerd until I was 30!! It was quite a shock!!! lol) Some people just don’t get it or don’t want to.

And, boy, do I know about the kiddo thing. While we want to share so much, they rule the roost at that age. I have a granddaughter now, almost a year old and one of the first things I got for her was “A Gift of Dragons” which I look forward to having your mum sign for me at my second ever Con this fall in Atlanta.

Thanks again, and I can’t wait for your next work to come out!!!


Hi Teanette!

I’m looking forward (waaayyy forward) to grandkids. I tease my daughter that I’ll be sure to send them lots of loud toys.

I sure hope we’re on our way. I can’t help but remember that Robert Heinlein labelled this century “The Crazy Years” — and so far (sadly) they are living up to the appellation.

Thanks for the encouragement and I hope to see you at Dragon*con.


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