Letter from Dobie

Letter from Dobie

Todd, when I last saw you was at the ’09 Aggie Con where you wheted the ENTIRE room’s interest for the new book I think it was Dragongirl.. I could be mistaken but I thought it would be out after Christmas around the end of Jan?? Now I have seen some of the current letters that it had apparently been pushed back to some time in April…Is that true???

I finally finished reading the book Tales from Dragon Con. It was a hoot from cover to cover.

How is you MUM doing? Do you think we will be seeing any more books from her??

Take care & will see you at Aggie Con if you are there. Dobie.

Hi Dobie,

I sure am hoping to get to Aggiecon.

Dragongirl is coming out in April. I was hoping to have it finished toward the end of last year but I didn’t get it done until mid-March, so the slip’s all mine.

The good news is that Dragonrider (its sequel) is already finished and with the publisher now.

Mum’s hanging in there. She’s hoping to get the energy to continue with her “After the Fall is Over.” And, of course, she’s been doing stuff with me, too!


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