Letter from Ralph

Letter from Ralph

Hi Todd,

I’m a fan of many of your mother’s books also your last 1.5 books Pern (I think that’s the number).

I’m an audio book listener and have enjoyed all the readings until now.

The reader for Dragonheart is insulting to anyone over the age of seven. I can’t stand it. Please give the reader new directions for the next book or switch back to the prior reader if that’s possible.

Like I said, I can’t get through Dragonheart, but I did enjoy Dragon’s Blood and Dragon Harper and all the others.

If you can find a tactful way to query your listeners maybe you could determine if I have a lot of company. I suspect I do but most wouldn’t bother to comment or simply vanish.

Thank you very much Todd for considering this suggestion. I do enjoy how the stories connect and overlap and appreciate the effort you put into that.


Hi Ralph,

I’m really sorry that you couldn’t get through the audio Dragonheart and I’ve forwarded your email on to the audio book publisher.

Usually when they’re doing the audio books they do an abridged version and send me a copy of their proposed script beforehand which is usually my cue to send them notes on pronounciation and all (and, always quite interesting to me as the abridged versions always challenge me to consider that I could make the books shorter). That didn’t happen this time, I don’t know why.

We’ll do our best to see it doesn’t happen again!


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