Loscon36 roundup

Loscon36 roundup

For those of you not in Los Angeles, Loscon is the annual Thanksgiving weekend science fiction convention hosted by LASFS (The Los Angeles Science Fiction Society).

I came first on Thursday to set up my artwork. Yup, artwork. I’ve been doing a lot of computer generated imagery and I finally decided to see if anyone else liked it. I was motivated by the fact that one piece I’d donated to an charity auction at Aggiecon had been bid up to over $1000.

In fact, somehwat before the convention started I was the surprised recipient of a phone call from the famous John Hertz. John wanted me to be a docent for the art show. Docents guide tours of the art show. I was quite flattered and hestitatingly accepted.

With help from MJ and Charles Matheny, long time friends and perennial art show runners, as well as Art Show directors Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome Scott, I got everything set up, sorted out and had a visual education into exactly how small two 3′ x 4′ panels really are (I brought way too much stuff).

On Friday I had a panel on the Writer’s Track, “Books every writer should have.”

Saturday morning I was late to my first panel, “The Delphic Oracle.” I had imagined that I was going to be the only panelist and was quite surprised when I discovered that I had Harry Turtledove, Ed Green, and a slew of others. They were all confused as to why they were there but in a short-short I had managed to get them into the game and they were all thrilled. In fact, for the rest of the convention, Harry would look at me and shake his head, muttering, “Delphic Oracle.” Apparently it was a huge hit, just as it has been at Aggiecon and Dragon*con.

On Sunday my docent tour started late because I misjudged the time it took to get there but it went well.

Sadly, I was on a panel when it was time to break down the Art Show but I hurried out as soon as I could to find that Charles, MJ, and others had kindly taken down my stuff for me. Apologizing profusely, I packed my stuff and discovered that I’d actually sold several things! Yippee! I was quite pleased.

All in all it was fun but I think the biggest hit was “The Delphic Oracle”, so I’m hoping that it will get scheduled to later in the day next year and we’ll have a bigger crowd.

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