Letter from Bats

Letter from Bats

Thanks Todd

For the list of Books,still a bit lost with ‘Get off
the Unicorn’, my all time favourites are: The MasterHarper
of Pern and The Dolphins of Pern.

I feel a bit of a Geek asking you if you had read, Kate Forsyth books. Why would
you read other Fantasies? Dumb Bat.. Full Moon.. is my excuse.


Hi Bats

Please don’t call yourself ‘dumb.’ You might start believing it and that can do no one any good. ‘Silly’ is allowed if you insist but, frankly, I think life’s too short to put yourself down, don’t you?

I often read other fantasies. I read a lot of Terry Pratchett, read Tamara Pierce’s books about Alana, I’ve read Patricia Wrede’s “Dealing with Dragons” series. I read Diane Duane and, of course, I read Harry Potter.

Right now I’m re-reading a non-fiction work, “An Army At Dawn” about the Torch landings and North African campaign. The book has rightly won a Pulitzer prize and is quite readable. Just before that I finished “The Da Vinci Code” and I’m also working on “Angels and Demons” but I’m finding that a bit of a slog.


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