Comment from Pam

I just ordered dragon’s night mp3.
Will it come out in hardcover, too?
Dec 1 2010, my birthday! So neat!

Dear Pam,

I’m sorry but I think someone, somewhere got confused.

It’s possible that someone reserved the ISBN for a new book/audio and that’s what the fantasticfiction people found.

The next book due out is Dragongirl and, after that, there’s Dragon’s Time but that hasn’t got a release date yet.



  1. pam

    thanks could you tell a list of in the order to be read about f’lar and lessa also did camo ever impress a fire lizard in what book is the impression written about thank you for your time

  2. Todd


    For F’lar and Lessa you’ve got:

    The White Dragon
    All the Weyrs of Pern
    The Skies of Pern

    somewhere in there you can add:

    Masterharper of Pern

    I don’t recall Camo ever impressing a fire-lizard.

  3. Mezellen

    I too have just ordered this from Amazon it is headed Dragon’s Night (Dragonriders of Pern (Audio Unnumbered)) [Audiobook] [Audio CD]
    Anne McCaffrey (Author), Todd J. McCaffrey (Author). It sounded Todd as if you know nothing about this, if so, there is some problem with this?

  4. Todd


    I’m sure that Amazon will get it sorted out at sometime and merely cancel the order. At this point this *is* no Dragon’s Night and the next scheduled Dragonriders of Pern work is Dragon’s Time which is due out somewhere in June 2011. I suspect there was an error made somewhere.

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