Letter from Kathleen (a different one!)

Letter from Kathleen (a different one!)

Well I’ve trashed my story. Not really. I wasn’t enjoying the first book, second book, and I haven’t touched the third since… June. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like I’m cut out to be a writer half the time! But I’m still gonna go with it. I just hope someday my insane idea I call stories go somewhere. ^-~ As for art tabling somewhere. I’ve given up for now. I’ll pick up the idea in a month or too. After the idea of failing math doesn’t ache to much. And I ended up just deciding to be Eternal Sailor Mars and Card Captor Sakura for next Dragon*Con. Mom and I are already throwing together ideas. Know where I can find a metal forehead taira thing? XD

Till next time.



You’re doing well that you only feel like you’re not cut out to be a writer only half the time. Everyone, including JK Rowling (check out her Edinburgh interview) go through a period where they hate their book. The trick is to get through it. You’re an artist, you know about using erasers. Allow yourself to be bad — and correct the mistakes later.

Congrats on the costume idea!


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