Letter from Kathleen

Dear Todd
Loved the book you wrote about your Mum. Have loved her books since I fell (literally) over them some years ago. Have devoured everything I can lay hand to several times loving all of them. The Pern books are fabulous and await eagerly for the next instalment (January is just too far away!) Have to say that The Coelura rates up there with me as a darn fine yarn as well. Any chance of a visit Down Under to The Best Place in the World, Australia (yes I am biased) by either or both you or your Mum?

I’ll be there with bells on if its an official visit. Keep up the good work. By the way great website.



Dear Kathleen,

Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the book.

I’d love to visit Australia but I doubt it’s in my near future. I suspect that the flight time, in either direction, would be too much for Mum, nowadays.

I think you get the lovely UK cover for Dragonsblood which was done by Les Edwards, so you’ve that to look forward to.


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