Booksigning at Borders in Torrance

Booksigning at Borders in Torrance

My booksigning in Torrance was a lot of fun. I got there early (you can never predict LA traffic) and, after picking up a few books I was interested, sat in the little area set up for me early, too.

There were a fair number of people there already, so I just started nattering at them and they seemed to enjoy it. Later, I read the For Readers New to Pern section and the first six pages of the first chapter.

I had a great time and I hope everyone there did, too!

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  1. Greetings, Todd:

    This almost eighty-year-old has been a fan of your mom for years, and have most of her writings, which cover a shelf and a half. Yours are now filling up the rest. You are carrying the torch quite well.
    Question: is Dragon’s Night in book form?

    Have to wait until May for your next contribution to the Pern Saga. Drat!

    Write well. Cheers, Doña

  2. Doña,

    Thank you!

    As of this moment, there is no book nor are there any plans for a book called Dragon’s Night. It was a tentative title for a book a while back but the book was renamed (I can’t remember to what, we tend to change names frequently).

    The next book due out is Dragon’s Time which currently has a publication date of June 28th, 2011 (the publisher determines the dates and sometimes changes them to avoid conflicts with other books or to position the book in the best possible environment).

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