Broke down, got a Kindle

Broke down, got a Kindle

So, I broke down and got a Kindle the other day. I got the WiFi only version, with a graphite case.

It’s quite pretty and a bit useful. I can see a day when our libraries are mostly on some form of eBook with only very special books on the shelves.

I’ve been surprised at what’s not available on Kindle, notably the Harry Potter series.

For my part, I’m picking up a lot of the free books — I actually finally read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I’m also picking up all the reference works I’d like to have handy such as Don Maass’ Fire in Fiction, Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat!, Self-editing for Writers, and The 3 a.m. Ephiphany. Sadly, I note that The Writer’s Journey is not available on Kindle, nor is John Truby’s Anatomy of a Story.

There’s a lot of books that I like but not so much that I wouldn’t be just as happy to have them in eBook format and there’s some that I’d prefer have in both.

I imagine the Kindle is only the first of many steadily improving eBooks which, hopefully, will lead to the eBook that I’ve been dreaming about since the mid-80’s.

In the meantime, I’m happy enough with the Kindle.

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  1. I am trying so hard not to buy anything that resembles an ebook machine but just found out that another author just released 4 ebooks. I am so not happy. Guess I may also have to buy one. Since I break MP3 players just buy looking at them, I hope to have better luck with an ereader. 🙁

  2. After a lot of research,I too now have a kindle. For those of us with vision that is getting dimmer,and not much room for more books to feed the reading appetite, this device is a wonder. I love having the books read to me by their text to speech feature,and being able to go to larger font size is magic. I hope all of the McCaffrey books end up in this format. The Harry Potter series needs to get with the program!

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Kindle. As you know, I love mine and it’s 20 months old now and still working great for me! I agree that it is a shame that some books are not available on the Kindle. What really gets me is when an entire series, except for book 2 or 3, is available on the Kindle. It makes you really wonder who is thinking (or if they are thinking) when they convert the books to eBook format.

  4. Hi Susan,

    I suspect that it’s a question of overwork. There’s probably a lot of lawyering to be done with each Kindle release and that slows things up.

  5. Hi DeAnne,

    I imagine there’s a bit of a turf war going on with regards to the Potter Books — do the royalties go to Scholastic, the US publisher, or to Bloomsbury? Also, while we enjoy Kindle, it still represents a minor revenue stream for the likes of the Potter series.

  6. Liz,

    eBooks aren’t for everyone. There is something special about curling up with a good book.

    — Todd

  7. Hello Todd
    I too have caved in and accepted the fact that Kindle is something to be used for good.
    My main reason is lack of storage for my hardcovers, softcovers and magazines. No room at the inn anymore. Have you noticed how your hands do not ache when trying one-handedly to hold open the book whilst reaching for the snacks? And if you do spill something, the page is not damaged. It remains light, no matter how many pages the book is. Stephen King’s The Dome was a tome in the bookshop, but no effort for me on the Kindle. O-oh this looks like a sales pitch, sorry.

    I am so pleased to see your books on Kindle format. Dragon Girl is my first Pern Kindle. There are only a few of Ms McCaffrey’s that I do not have in the Acorna series, so now can happily get them. It irks me being unable to continue my library of hard covers of the Pern series, but having a Kindle at least means I will be able to read the book sooner than the library stocks copies. Too blinkin’ popular, there are never any copies available that I have not read! I get my physical fix of holding a real book by re-reading the ones I have. Stopping the sales pitch and looking forward to the next book.


  8. James,

    I’m sorry to hear that. It’s also kinda weird. The whole e-book and audio book thing needs to be looked at.

  9. I know that the last thing you need right now is fans bugging you but when your able could you please fix this for your mother’s and your own eu and uk fans. I agree with James it is driving me mad not being able to get them and is one of the reasons I have not borught a kindle as yet. most of the space I have for books contains pern and other books you and your mother wrote, and as I live in a small flat that space is really badly needed for other things.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve raised the problem with Mum’s agent who is working on it. Give it some time.


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