Dragoncon 2011

Dragoncon 2011

Dragon*Con, the annual convention held Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia has invited me back again for next year!

I’m really thrilled because I always have a good time there.

I’m also thrilled because Mum’s going to be coming over for it. She’ll be 85 then so there is the usual “health permitting” warning but we’re all hopeful!

She’ll be joining the amazing Michael Whelan who will be this year’s Artist Guest of Honor – and the creator of all those brilliant covers for the earlier Pern books.

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  1. Erika,

    I wouldn’t say I was “taking over” per se. Mum’s 85 now (April 2011) and it’s hard for her to get the energy necessary to write. I’m one of three whom Mum has said could write in her universes — the others are my sister, Georgeanne Kennedy, and my daughter, Ceara.

  2. Sadly I will be leaving for the UK the day DragonCon begins. This Atlantan wishes you a good time.

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