Ad Astra

Ad Astra

Hi All,

Got back Sunday from Ad Astra in Toronto. I had just as much fun this year as I did last year.

Really, if you haven’t you should seriously consider attending Ad Astra next year. Everyone is incredibly nice (Is it a law in Canada that you have to be nice?) and very polite.

I want to thank everyone, particularly Amy de Ruyte and Roxane Learn (okay, and Heather, Paula, Carl, Chris, Mary-Ellen and all the ConCom for their kindness).

I got to attend the book launch of JM Frey’s book, Triptych which is sitting my bedside (and looking forlornly at me) as I type.

I was thrilled to meet Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon as well as spending time with Eric Flint and the ever-amazing Ed Greenwood.

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