Know Wil Wheaton

Know Wil Wheaton

So, way back in 2003, I posted a blog on Loscon30 where I mentioned meeting Wil Wheaton on a panel.

We were talking about how to get published and when Armin Shimerman mentioned that Bill Fawcett was responsible, I broke in to add that Bill Fawcett had given me my start too. So Wil wrote on his notepad “Know Bill Fawcett.”

Almost eight years later, I finally got Bill Fawcett to introduce himself to Wil Wheaton. Wil was nonplussed at the meeting, having had no reminder of our long-ago panel.

However, on the way back home, Wil and I were on the same plane together on the way to Burbank.

Now, I know from my mother’s experiences, that fans can be very draining from time-to-time so I respect a “big name”‘s right to privacy. However, when another fan introduced himself, I felt emboldened, and reminded Wil of our panel together and explained that that was why he was introduced to Bill Fawcett.

So now the karmic circle is complete!

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