Weyrfest Rules!

Weyrfest Rules!

I mentioned talking with Wil Wheaton earlier. When I spoke with him, I asked how bad the fans were this year — expecting the usual horror stories (there was the year some idiots heckled James Marsters because they wanted him to take off his shirt, for example). And he said, quite defensively I felt, that the fans were really quite nice and understanding this year.

It was only when I got home to facebook that I noticed that among his fans were Loren Armitage, Charlotte Moore, the amazing “H” (“Bed! I am IN you!”) and more. No wonder he felt well-treated by his fans.

Now if only we could figure out a way to get him down to Werewolf one night! (Apparently he’s a pretty die-hard gamer and for some reason he doesn’t appear on any gaming panels!)

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  1. I’m not like, OMG I’M WIL WHEATON’S BIGGEST FAN!!! but I definitely AM a fan and getting to meet him at D*C was pretty. Frakking. Awesome.

    I’m not sure Werewolf is really his scene. ;> It sure would be fun, though!

    How’s the crud? I’m mostly over mine, though my left ear is still pretty well plugged up and I am snorting out pretty spectacularly resilient gobs of super-tacky greeny-white foam.

  2. Hey Cat!

    I’ve still got a bit of a cough. I would be cool to have wwdn at Werewolf, just in the “weird world” sorta thing.

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