What’s next?

Home. My brilliant and marvelous best mate, Geoff Hilton, said to me after it was all over, “What’s next?” I’ve got to say, the thought had already occurred to me. Certainly not to sit in some corner, moping (although today is officially my day of moping). But if Mum wrote her brilliant story “The Ship Who Sang” as her way of coping with her father’s death, then — okay, what is next?


  1. Sharri Lorraine

    Todd, I feel stabbed in the heart. Crushed. But, that in no way compares to what you must be feeling right now. I really have no words to make it better right now, only tears. I will mightily miss her wonderful story-telling skills. Thanks you for stepping up to continue the Pern Legacy, so these magnificent dragons & their courageous riders will not be lost to us, but live on through you.

    Take time to Grieve. Take time to Heal.

  2. Jon

    God bless you, Todd. Your mother was a wonderful writer and even more wonderful of a person, and from what I’ve seen you’re doing a great job following in her footsteps in both regards. Whatever is next, know you’ll have a contingent of fans happy to support you and your endeavors.

  3. Tammy Dobrosielski

    My sincerest sympathies Todd… I was lucky enough to meet you at DragonCon this year and that was sure a thrill… while I never got to meet your mum, she has been part of my life since I was in middle school. My love of dragons and the fabulous places of Pern were a gift that she gave me without ever knowing me. Blessings to you and your family. I can see Anne somewhere at a Gather, firelizard on her shoulder, klah in hand, watching a herd of runner beasts in a meadow and smiling her signature crinkle eyed smile in contentment. If that isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

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