Question from Penny


Although I have been a fan of Pern for many years this is the first time I have visited any of the websites. My condolences to you and your family.

The reason I am writing is to ask where you will be in Seattle during January 16 – 20? I have an autographed book from your Mom and would love to add one from you to my collection. Thank you for all your artistry!



Dear Penny,

Thank you for the condolences.

I was just recently back in Ireland to help my sister (the other person who Mum specifically permitted to write on Pern) with Mum’s old paperwork, and took photos which you can see if you go into the Photographs section. You’ll want to look at “Anne McCaffrey grave site” to see pictures of Mum’s grave, or “Mythago Wood” to see some pictures of Gigi’s lovely house, or “Memories”, for a collection of photos from the length of Mum’s life.

As for my visit to Seattle, I’ll be at Rustycon 31 as their Author Guest of Honor. The convention’s theme is “A Festival of Dragons”. If you’ve never been to a science fiction (and fantasy) convention before, you couldn’t ask for a better start!



P.S.: Because I’ll bet you’re still wondering — the convention is being held at the Seattle Airport Marriott, 3201 South 176th Street Seattle, WA 98188.

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