A Funny Thing Happened at Mysticon

A Funny Thing Happened at Mysticon

Well, many funny things happened at Mysticon but the best, for me personally, was when I discovered that I had a story published when I didn’t know about it!

Davey Beauchamp had asked me to write a story for a Writers for Relief volume to help the survivors of the Japanese earthquake.  I promptly wrote him The One Tree of Luna but the anthology never appeared (this because of forces out of his control).  Finally, I told him that I was taking the story back as I wanted to get it into print somewhere which became the collection now known as The One Tree of Luna (And Other Stories).

Later he contacted me about a Writers for Relief for the Oklahoma disaster and I allowed as how I had no new story but he could use Luna if he wished.  Hearing nothing more, I got the impression that this idea, too, had died for reasons beyond his control.

So it was quite a shock to learn that Writers for Relief Vol. 3 had been released with my story in it.  I gave Davey no small amount of (good-natured) grief but, in case you don’t know Davey, no one can stay mad at this guy for long. Davey Beauchamp is one of the many hidden treasures of the sf&f community.  He’s a regular at Dragon*con and various parts of Virginia and a librarian, too!

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