I’m back from Loscon30, the 30th of the yearly Los Angeles science fiction conventions.

I had a lot of fun. People had copies of Dragon’s Kin there for me to sign!

I met Wil Wheaton and Armin Shimerman when we were on a panel together, “Breaking into Print.” As it turns out that both Armin and I were first published through the efforts of Bill Fawcett, Wil, who has been self-publishing, made a note to himself, “Know Bill Fawcett.”

Both Wil and Armin were wonderful to talk to. I naturally had a great deal of instant respect for Wil because he’s a Linux geek and self-publishes his own website (http://www.wilwheaton.net/) — not to mention self-publishing his own book!

Wil also recommended about.com as a good place to start to learn about anything (I believe that’s where he started when he wanted to learn about self-publishing).

I recommended critters.org for those who wanted to get critiques on short stories.

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