I was down at Comic-Con for the Wednesday Preview Night and Thursday.

Wednesday was incredibly crowded.  Thursday, oddly, was a bit lighter.

I had the most fun with the people I hung out with and the old (and new) friends I bumped into.

The highlight of it all was running into Amber Benson and Seanan McGuire, two of my favorite people. And I got to meet Amy, though we didn’t have nearly enough time to talk (sorry!).

I was also hanging out with the amazing Jon del Arroz and his wife, Samantha.

I had a quick but marvelous chat with Harry Turtledove who is one of science-fiction’s treasures.

I also got to hang out with Clara and her crew for a couple of hours but I didn’t get to hang out with Leah and Sarah which I deeply regret as they are some of the coollest people!

I had a long wait in Starbucks with Katie Cord and Timothy Long and even got an Evil Girlfriend Media t-shirt which, sadly, I haven’t yet worn.

I heard that next year’s Westercon 68 (July 2–5, 2015, San Diego, CA) is going to include both Spider Robinson and Seanan McGuire so it will be super cool!

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