Kind words from Pam

Kind words from Pam

Hello Todd,
I have been reading the Pern series since it first came out and have always eagerly awaited the next book. Since I now have cataracts, I have to read everything in hardcover. I love the relationships between the dragons and their riders. I am pagan and have always believed in dragons and unicorns and, as my bumper sticker says, ‘and other things only I can see.’ I am so thankful that you wrote with your mother and continue the Pern series even now. They have always been my favorites to read and re-read.



Hello Pam,

Thank you!

I’m sorry to hear about the cataracts.

My sister, Georgeanne (“Gigi”) is also allowed to write on Pern and, hopefully, we’ll see something from her in the near future. (Fingers crossed!)



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