Request from Sylvia

Request from Sylvia

Hi! I’m a huge fan of both your mum and you! I love the Pern series, and I know that at the moment there isn’t much hope of big screen time. My question is this: I’m a newYouTuber and aspiring voice actor. I’d like to put the Pern series into episodes in audio play format. I have absolutely NO intention of making money from this, I just want to make other fans happy. Is this possible for me to do?


A dedicated fan, Sylvia Dixon

Hi Sylvia,

You’ll be pleased to know that Warner Brothers has optioned Pern for the big screen. Fingers crossed!

As for your request, it’s a violation of copyright. (As an aspiring voice actor, you owe it to yourself to gain a familiarity with copyright law.)

So: No, you can’t do what you’d like. That’s not to stop you from doing so with other works that are no longer under copyright — I believe a certain William Shakespeare’s works are now in the public domain.

Also, just so you know: the rights to Anne McCaffrey’s works are controlled by the Anne McCaffrey Literary Trust, not me.



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