Letter from Connie

Hi Todd,

I know you mentioned towards the end of 2015 that a Canadian Co. has the movie writes to a possible movie. I was just wondering if you’ve gotten any further along in the process or a update for us long suffering Earth bound Pernese? (Humm… I fear the typo is looming here) At any rate my fingers are crossed! Also any chance of your returning to the Pacific Northwest in 2016 or 2017? God Bless & protect you and your family! Oh yeah almost forgot any new Books on the horizon Pern or otherwise? Thank you for your time and making this site available to us all.

Hi Connie,

Actually, the movie option is now with Warner Brothers. You can read more about it here.

As for Pern, when my mother passed on she wrote in her Will that she only wanted two people to write on Pern: me and my sister. As I’ve already got eight Pern books out, I think it’s only fair to let Gigi get her shot.

There’s nothing on the horizon for me in the Pacific Northwest — although I might consider Orycon later this year.

As to new books: my science-thriller, City of Angels will be coming out this May from WordFire Press.



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