Letter from Walt

Letter from Walt

Have enjoyed your Dragon Books that you and your mother wrote and am looking forward to the next that you or she produce. Need to visit my local book store and fill in a few missing hardbacks (that got loaned and never returned, oh well)

But I have a question, some time ago you stated that you were working on a screenplay of your mother’s works, I know most of us have been waiting for about 5-10 years after the original announcement that it would hit the big screen. Without giving away any real detail was wondering if it is still in the works and possible date for shooting or release?

Thank you so much.

Hi Walt,

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Mum’s books and now mine! Thanks!

As for a film based on one of Mum’s books, it’s certainly something we all hope for. Dragonflight has been optioned several times in the past twenty years and will probably be optioned again. Cross your fingers!


P.S.: I’ll be happy to send you on a bookplate.

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