Confusion from Orliande

Confusion from Orliande


I’ve been reading your pern books and I’m a bit confused(really) as to where they fit into Pern. To me it seems like a alternate Pern(another dimension). I wld havr hoped you’d continue from the skies Pern so we get to see life after Thread.

Thank you for your time

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Hello Orliande

Ah! I’m not quite sure how you got confused but our books start at the end of the Second Interval and continue through the Third Pass – nearly two thousand Turns before The Skies of Pern. So these stories took place much earlier than those of Lessa.

Pern has a lot of history, from Dragonsdawn through to The Skies of Pern and we wanted to write some of it, to look at a time when the people of Pern were just losing the last of their technology.

Also, in Dragonsblood I specifically answer the question that bugged me — why were their Ancient Rooms in Benden Weyr which was the second Weyr founded? Logically, those rooms should have been created in Fort Weyr.

I hope that helps clear up your confusion!



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