Letter from Steve

Letter from Steve

Your mother and your books have helped sustain me through what doctors say is the most painful condition known; chronic pancreatitis- and I don’t even drink! I did have chemical exposure at an ag. chemical plant.
Anyway, distraction is an important part of pain control, especially since rules have changed and one can no longer get adequate levels of pain killers.
Pern has been a vital part of my therapy. Getting lost in one of the weyrs, wishing F’lar would lose his temper sooner with Kylara soon enough to avoid the disaster, even exploring with Felesan and Jaxom.
Your books add a depth and open a part of Pern only hinted at in all the original books; tragedy is not so clean, neat.
I have worn out probably 4-5 copies ( paperback; hardback are too hard to hold while laying down) of each book, so now I am buying the series a few books at a time for the Kindle my daughter gave me. It is so easy to slide into the sky, to explore space, to look into the minds of those adept enough to partner dragons.

I just wanted to thank you. Money is never reward enough for what you have to go through to prepare each book. I am looking forward to finding out what the ‘dark planet’ on the other side of the sun from Pern is, and maybe finding out what happens if a rider turns rogue and a dragon is corrupted to become violent. I know that it might sully the perfect world your mother created, but it is a side of life we all face every day, even in America.
God bless your family for the aid you have- and continue to – give me through this trying 8+ year struggle. I know there is a purpose to all things, and looking forward to going ‘between’ to find out what.

Dear Steve,

I’m glad we have helped.

There’s a new Pern book coming out, from my sister, this October, so you’ll have more books to read!



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