Praise for Dragon’s Code from Connie

Praise for Dragon’s Code from Connie

I Pre-Ordered Gigi’s Book via the instant you mentioned here that she was penning her first venture into the wonderful realm of Annie’s & Your Pern with her first Novel! From the moment it arrived I was captivated & pulled into that amazing world all over again OMG!! I poured my coffee grabbed a throw curled up and read it straight through!! I have ALL of Annie’sand your books read them all as well and look forward to adding many moreTitles Authored by your sister Gigi) Please Tell Gigi she is a chip off the ole block and her story read as fluid and Pernise as anything you or your mom every wrote! I hope this is just the 1st in what will be many journey’s God Bless you All and the Happiest of Holiday Greetings to you and all of your families!

Dear Connie,

I know, right! Everyone was worried about Gigi!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!



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