Letter from Susan

Letter from Susan

Which book has pictures of the different Wyers, Holds (especially Ruatha), Landing, Harper Hall, and maybe drawings of some of Pern’s trees, fellis leaves, the bush that makes the needles for injecting (Moreta?), etc?

I have been reading each book since the first Pern book published, and even took one to Ireland. I found your mom’s ( my condolences on her loss) old Hold (not the beautiful new one) and left a pewter mug engraved with Benden Wyer by the front door. Your mom was kind enough to call my hotel in Dublin that night to thank me. Scared me as I was at dinner and never expected to hear my name over the loudspeaker in the dining room saying I had a call. I thought some disaster had happened to my family back in America!!!!!!!!

When I read “Campbell’s Fields” the first time it was mentioned, I had the hubris to think it was named after me! LOL

I bought a book about Pern with, as best as I can remember, drawings in it, but I loaned it to someone and it was never returned. Despise people who do that!

My thanks to your mom for creating such a lovely world filled with such good people and for her firm conviction that the present and future are always much better that we think they are or will be. My thanks to you on not letting Pern and its adventures fade between.

Dear Susan,

Campbell’s Field was actually named for John W. Campbell who was the editor of Analog where Weyr Search and Dragonrider were first published. They later became parts of Dragonflight.

There are a couple of possible books which might be the one you lost. The most likely candidate is the late Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of Pern. Or you might be thinking of Jody Lynn Nye’s The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern or possible Robin Wood’s brilliant The People of Pern.

Fortunately, they seem to be available (used in some cases) online.

I hope you find what you’re looking for!



P.S.: My sister, Gigi, is also writing on Pern. Her first book Dragon’s Code is out now. So there will be more Pern books for you to enjoy!

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