Question from Diana

Question from Diana

 I am an avid reader, and a long-time fan of the Pern series. I was so glad to see you continuing that series. But now that I have taken the next modern step, and bought an ereader (love it! I can carry hundreds of books in one small tablet), I have been trying to recreate my paperback library on my ereader. Unfortunately, I cannot get certain books – such as the Harper Hall trilogy of Pern, and of the Pegasus series, “The Rowan” does not have a nook version. Are there any plans to make all of your mother’s books available electronically? I check Barnes & Noble quite frequently, and am always disappointed that I can’t find these 4 books in a Nook version.

Hope to hear a positive answer…

Dear Diana,

The convserion of books to different formats is a question for the publisher who has the rights to the books.

I’m surprised that you can’t find a Nook version of “The Rowan.”



P.S.: It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot in the past 7-8 years.

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