Letter from Tammy

Letter from Tammy

Hi Todd,

I read your books and i find that they are so good! I had a hard time putting them down and well, at work, during my breaks, didn’t want to put them down to go back to work. Had to though, from the looks of my supervisor I put them away grumbling all the while! I think you’re going to be just fine taking over the Pern series and I look forward to more of them if you get more chances to write them. I think you do your mom very proud and keep at it. Holler when the next book is going to be out and I’ll go hunt it down and get it, but I can’t promise that I won’t get into trouble at work with it. (grin)

Good luck,

Hey Tammy,

Thank you! I don’t want you to get into trouble with your boss but I’m glad you like my books. I’ll be branching out, writing some of my own stuff soon but the next two books at least will be on Pern.


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