Question from Lilah

Hey, Todd. I’m a big fan of your and your mom’s books — I own nearly all of them — and I was wondering…

I’m in a DRoP RP on and it’s quite possibly the best I’ve ever been in. I was wondering if you could approve it on behalf of your mom? We have two websites at *main* and if you’d like to check them out.

Thanks for your time — and your books! ~Lilah

Hi Lilah!

The answer to your question is “nope, sure can’t.” I do not have any legal right of approval. In fact, all my writing on Pern is done under contracted license with Mum. She gets a royalty for every book of mine sold, and rightly so!.

My advice to you would be to read a good book on copyright and determine if what you’re doing is in violation. If so — stop! If you’re very worried you could check with a lawyer (expensive).

Questions of copyright have come up so much that I bought “Copyright for Dummies” and I would recommend it as a good starting place.

Having said all that, you might consider that Warner Brothers hasn’t sued anybody (recently) for copyright violations of “Harry Potter”.

There are two reasons to protect Mum’s copyright:

    1. To accord her art the respect and legal protection it deserves
    2. To protect the works so that a film or TV series can be made

I hope all that helps!
— Todd