Letter from Mary


I just wanted to say how great it was to get to meet you at Aggiecon this weekend! I wish I’d been able to attend more of your panels besides just the book signing, though I really, really appreciate that you signed my book. =o) Hopefully my friend and I didn’t scare you too much, we aren’t usually quite that hyper.

It was great to talk to you about both Pern and art, specifically 3D graphics. I don’t know how serious you were about working on a dragon for you in 3D studio but I honestly would love to give it a shot if you’d like me to.

Due to the Con now being over (at least until we start planning for next year) I’ve finally had a chance to start reading Dragon’s Kin. So far I’m loving it and can’t wait for Dragonsblood. I hope to see you at Dragon*Con this fall. Thanks again for coming to our Con, it was awesome.


Hi Mary!

It was great meeting you and I wasn’t at all scared.

I’d love for you to take a stab at a good 3D graphic dragon. BUT, I say BUT I have absolutely no legal powers behind that. I don’t have any media rights and even if I did, I wouldn’t enter into any agreement until I had a chance to decide if the work was the sort I wanted. Sooo, if you want to go ahead, please do. I’d love to just see someone try to work out the flexions (or whatever those little moving bits are) for wings, fore- and hind- limbs as well as neck and tail. And it’s not like the idea of dragons are copyrighted. And, who knows? At the very least, if you’re interested, it’d be a neat project on which to stretch your skills and a nice demo reel (and there are other people who have dragons, aren’t there? I seem to recall a Smaug, and Eustace in Narnia, for example).

Regardless, I’ll be glad to see you at Dragon*con!


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