Letter from Bryan

Letter from Bryan


I wanted to tell you that I’ve enjoyed your mother’s Dragonrider books for years and think you are doing a good job carrying on the tradition. I have even given my motorcycle a dragon name… Wraith.

One of the aspects of the Pern stories that I’ve especially enjoyed is that your mother didn’t back away from the relationship angle between the riders of the female green dragons and the riders of the dragons that mate with them. As a masculine gay man (a police officer, in fact), I have been encouraged that same-sex relationships among the hyper-masculine dragonriders was seen a normal part of life on Pern. I was wondering if you had ever considered a Pern storyline where the first generation of dragonriders unexpectedly discover the connection between their mating dragons and each other. I can definitely see how that could create some conflict, within the greater Pernese society (if there was still some carried over bias from Earth), and among the dragonriders themselves. That book would probably cause many gay readers to become Pern fans, like me. Anyway, just a thought.



Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your work as a police officer! It’s a tough job.

As for your suggestion — I don’t know that overtly exploring the green-blue issue wouldn’t backfire. As it is now, it’s there and no apologies are made — that’s just the way it is. Mum’s belief is that by the time we’re civilized enough to colonize space, we’ll be civilized enough not to be bothered about sexual preferences, and I agree with her.

In an early draft of Dragon Harper, I looked at exploring the blue-green relationship of J’trel and K’nad from a totally different point of view but I couldn’t quite get it to fit in with the constraints of the story — perhaps I’ll be able to work it in as a separate story later.


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