Letter from Patricia

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,

I just added another of your books to my Pern collection (Dragonsblood) and was so happy to find the complete list of chronologically ordered books in your FAQ here so I would know where to put it on the shelf when I’m done with it. I’ve been reading your mothers books for years and I was delighted to see when you started adding to the Pern world with Dragons Kin.

Books, reading and writing is a family affair in our home. My daughter and I both have small libraries that we have built over the years. My daughter still enjoys when I read to her, even though she’s in her teen years now. Our summer reading project for 2007 is to read through the entire Pern series from start to finish. We began about two weeks ago with Dragon’s Dawn and are now in the middle of Dragonseye. And she is enjoying Pern as much I have. Although she cried when Sallah Telgar died. (And cheered when Avril flew into the red planet.) I’ve always believed that it’s the mark of a great author when their characters can move you so.

Thank you for continuing to add to the Pern series. I am looking for Dragon’s Fire to add to my collection as well as looking forward to Dragon Harper when it’s released. Both you and your mother have created beautiful worlds to get lost in for hours on end. And I for one am most grateful you have.



Dear Patricia,

Thank you for your lovely letter!

Mum and I have Dragon Harper coming out this December and I’m working on the sequel to Dragonsblood right now.