Letter from Anna

Letter from Anna


Sorry for my english, I am from Germany and I actually do better in speaking than writing.
I started reading pern books over 10 years ago. My first book was Dragonflight, I found the book in a small libary near my school that time. I always loved dragons, and the Pern stories where just great to read. So sad that in Germany most of the titles are out of print and very expensive!

I read now Dragonsblood, and I have to admit besides “All the Weyrs of Pern” and “The White Dragon”, Dragonsblood is now one of my favorite Pern books. Is there a chance that you write about ninth pass or a time after the ninth pass? Because I really want to know what happen to the dragons after the red star is gone.

greetings from germany,

anna 🙂

Hi Anna,

“Ich habe meine Mutti gefoloren!” — those were the words my then 4-year-old sister said when she got separated from my mother at a grocery store in Dusseldorf nearly 45 years ago.

We all have fond memories of Germany and I’m glad to hear that we’re bringing you joy with Pern. Are you reading it in English or German? My understanding is that the translator is very good. I’m sorry to hear that the books are out of print and expensive. Maybe that’ll change when we get a movie.

As for the Ninth Pass, I tend to leave that with Mum. I have enough to write about in the Third Pass!


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