Letter from Lori

Letter from Lori

Todd: First, I loved Dragon Harper. It was as exhausting reading about the plague as it must have been for Kindan. Fabulous. The end left me hanging (or confused). Did Kindan impress a dragon? Surely he is dragonrider material with his experience with Kisk. I was expecting him to impress up to the very last page. Please enlighten me. And, how is Dragonheart coming? Best wishes to you and your mum. The Pern stories are wonderful (I’ve read all of them.) –Lori

Hi Lori,

I’m glad you liked Dragon Harper. Have you read Dragonsblood? Because if so, you’ll recall that the older Journeyman Kindan still has not Impressed. It’s a shame, too, he seems to have such great potential.

Dragonheart is coming along nicely, thank you!


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