Checking in from Aggiecon

Checking in from Aggiecon

This post is coming to you from Aggiecon‘s dealers room, my second day in College Station, TX. The weekend has been eventful: The Aggiecon Art Show is having a run-in with censorship of nudity (which my webmistress has briefly overviewed on her personal blog, if you’re curious). Censored or not, there were quite a few very nice pieces and I enjoyed browsing.

There was also an exciting turn of events wherein I donated a digital rendering to the Aggiecon Charity Auction. I found out earlier that it sold for over a thousand dollars, which went to Scotty’s House and the Soldier & Family Assistance Center, partnered with the Warrior & Family Support Center (links to both can be found here). I heard tales of a bidding war (so far unsubstantiated). I blogged my early attempts here. (The images are quite large, so be patient if you decide to take a look.) None of them has proper Pern dragons… yet!

I had a lot of fun at my panels with Steven Brust and others, and am thankful to Susan Martin for her excellent assistance in getting around and fed at the appropriate moments. My last con engagement is a reading that happens this evening at 7pm (in room 502, if you’re currently at Aggiecon). I haven’t decided what to read, so it will be a surprise.

I’m looking forward to the last 24 hours of Aggiecon — it should be interesting!

(Edit: I had incomplete information about the charities earlier, but have them updated now.)

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