Question from Paul

Question from Paul

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,
I have been reading the Dragonrider’s series for the better part of the last 20 years. When I found out you would be taking over for your mother I was extremely pleased because Pern would be continuing, but also because someone would be taking over who has an emotional reason why they would keep with your mother’s original vision. Anyhows, I have a question for you about Dragon’s Fire.

In it, Tenim has a bird of prey called Grief. I am just curious how this is possible, as I remember your mother stating that Terran birds didn’t take root on Pern because of competition from local wildlife and (I think) something about nutrition. I could be wrong, but I was just curious.


Dear Paul,

Not all birds failed to take root. Chickens are present, for example. Doves and pigeons failed to make the cut. But some predator birds, like Tenim’s Grief, did survive and compete with wherries and other indigenous Pern winged beasts.


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