Letter from Dan

Dear Todd,

Since reading Dragon’s Kin, Dragon’s Fire, Dragonsblood, and now Dragon Harper (in Progress) I can say that I haven’t been disappointed.

I have read about Pern for the last 38 years and have always looked forward to the next adventure. Now after turning 62, I am hopping that the Pern movie will get into production before old age forces me between.

But I do have one question, since Jaxom and Ruth (All the weyrs of Pern) were responsible for the long intervals, will you be doing a story about the weyrs after the first long interval?

Eagerly awaiting Dragonheart in Nov. Thank you, and Keep them coming

– Dan

Dear Dan,

I’m very glad that you like the new Third Pass stories I’ve been writing! Dragonheart starts a cycle that will keep me busy — and you in reading material — for a while. My idea is to go through a complete Pass, so we’ve got another fifty Turns still to go!

I hadn’t thought about writing a story after the first long interval. Because Mum started Dragonflight after the second long interval, it seems to me that such a story would have to be very different to be anything more than a pale imitation.

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a movie. Fortunately, the success of such endeavors as “Prince Caspian” bodes well.