Letter from Lynn

Letter from Lynn

I am enjoying my way through Dragon’s Kin…Great Stuff! I’ve read every PERN Novel, front to back and back to front, always finding new friends and revisiting old friends. The translation of PERN to CGI would be easy now! But what story to pick??? Keep up the good work! Suggestions for reading: Rocheworld by Robert L Forward, or A Choice of Gods by Clifford D Simak

Thanks again!
Lynn Lanktree

Thanks, Lynn!

I’m glad you liked Dragon’s Kin.

Pern would make a great film. I think live action with CGI would work brilliantly (look at LOTR for example). As for me, I’d start with Dragonflight and see what happens.

Thanks for the book suggestions. Right now I’m re-reading Harry Potter for the ninth or tenth time.


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