Cities in Flight

I am so thrilled to discover that James Blish’s epic four-book series, Cities in Flight, is available in eBook format (at least for Kindle). If you haven’t read this but you’ve read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, or Clarke’s Childhood’s End, or Frank Herbert’s Dune, you really should add this to your …

Ray Kurzweil recommends the Adventure Science Fiction book set for Story Bundle

Ray Kurzweil is one of the biggest names in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I’m thrilled that he’s promoting the Adventure Science Fiction bundle (particularly as it includes my AI high-tech thriller, City of Angels). Read his post here.

Dreams 2 Paper

My friends Brittany and Brianna Winner have set up a non-profit, Their mission:We want to everyone to learn to love reading and writing, no matter their obstacles. We passionately educate about  learning disablities and how to overcome them, promote youth literacy through teaching creative writing, and inspire social inclusion through sharing our …

Florida Supercon

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be at the Florida Supercon coming up next weekend (1–4 July). If you’re coming and you need books signed, you can usually find me at the WordFire Press booth. I look forward to seeing you!