Anne McCaffrey 1926-2011


At about 5 p.m. Monday November 21st, 2011, Anne McCaffrey passed away.

Mum was getting ready to go back to the hospital because she was feeling “puny” and collapsed while she was moving into her wheelchair. Her daughter, Georgeanne Kennedy, and son-in-law, Geoffrey Kennedy were with her. She was in no pain and it was over in an instant.

She first had a heart attack in late 2000 and a stroke in 2001, so we were well-prepared and knew that we were on “golden time” with Mum these past ten years and more.

She leaves behind an incredible legacy of marvelous books and a huge legion of fans. She won practically every major award in available to authors of science fiction and fantasy, including both Hugo and Nebula Awards, the American Library Association’s Margaret A. Edwards award for Lifetime Literary achievement in Young Adult fiction, was an inductee into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and was a SFWA Nebula Grandmaster.

She was also a great cook, magnificent mother, doting grandmother, ardent quilter, knitter, bridge player, horsewoman, fencer, actress, singer, and all-around nice person.

We are blessed to have known her, just as we are blessed with the knowledge that she has touched so many lives and made such huge changes in them.

Mum always said, “Don’t just pay back a favor — pass it on!” In light of that spirit, we ask that, instead of condolences or flowers, that commemorators make a donation to their favorite charity.

We know that we haven’t lost Mum — that she has truly passed on her legacy of love and honor to all those who were touched by her — and that we have only to open one of her books to find her again.

Rest well, Mum, you’ve earned it!

Update 5 December 2011:

If you’d like to see the eulogy read at her funeral service by Anne’s eldest, Alec Johnson, you can find it here.

July 8, 2012

Here are a mixed bag of photographs from those used as the slideshow during the reception after Anne McCaffrey’s funeral service.

Also here are some recent photographs from Anne McCaffrey’s gravesite, taken by her daughter, Georgeanne Kennedy.

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  1. Todd and family,
    I can hear the dragons keening in my mind. Many years ago I wrote Anne and she responded with a post card. It was a drawing called the the Harpers room or something like that from the White Dragon. It is in my office and I treasure it.
    I am sorry for your loss and the loss to the world of her brillance of her World of Pern. But I pray that you continue her work and I will alWays be reading anything by you or others in the world of Pern. and so will be my Grandaughters who are in their 20’s.
    with love,
    JoAnn Mantych
    Placitas, NM, USA

  2. My breath was taken away when I read about Anne’s passing. She was one of my inspirations for writing; and it was because of “Dragonquest” that I met one of my best and most enduring friends ever.

    When I was 12, and new to the area, I stepped on board a school bus on the way to my first day of middle school. I was “that” kid; unpopular, clumsy, shy and introverted, so I didn’t relish climbing in to a bus filled with strange kids.

    A girl told me to come sit with her. We started talking and she asked me if I had ever read any Anne McCaffrey books? I looked at her like she had two heads. I’d read “Sho-Gun”, “The Thorn Birds” and many more books, had been reading voraciously since I was 2, but I’d never read any Science-Fiction, or Fantasy, or anything like that.

    She loaned me her copy of “Dragonquest”. I devoured it in three days; and have been lost ever since. I started writing my own SF “novel” two years later. I’m 44 now and, while I’m still unpublished, I have never lost the writing bug.

    In my world, Anne will be utterly missed. My prayers go out to you and your family. God Bless.

  3. I was so in shock in finding out about her passing on. She is such a wonderful writer so does her son Todd.
    I will forever keep on reading her and his book for years to come.

    Dragon are keen in mourning and hung a picture of her in honor in harper hall.

    I pray for her families.

  4. RIP Anne McCaffrey. May the MasterHarper announce your arrival in glorious song as the dragons of all the weyrs soar with joy that you can now be with them.

    I have always thought that Pern is where I will go in the afterlife. Pern is what I get for heaven, so I am sure that if Anne McCaffery wanted it, then that is where she is now, drinking Klah and enjoying a bubbly pie at the fayre, or soaring high above the Weyr as a golden Queen dragon.

    Condolences to all the family and thank you to Anne for a whole world and everything in it.

  5. My condolences to Anne,s entire family. I have enjoyed her work for the past 20 years. I have more of her books on my shelves than any other author. I hopr that Todd can carry on the Pern legacy for myself and all other fans to hoonor her memory.

  6. I had the grand pleasure of meeting Anne McCaffrey and her daughter at Dragonhold Underhill in late October 2000. It is a fond memory I will hold dear for all time. Thank you Anne for the Dragonriders of Pern and for fostering the love of dragons.

    Slán abhaile!
    Linda Harding

  7. Todd and Family,
    I met your mother many years ago at a world con, where she signed for me a Robin Wood print of Menolly and the Dragons. She was a remarkable woman, and created a series I love quite dearly. When I was a teenager I started DragonRiders of Pern, and put it down after the first chapter not to read it again until I was a young adult. I read it again in my 20’s and could not buy the rest of them fast enough, so much for the taste of youth. I love her weaving of sci-fi into fantasy, and her stories of the Dragons and the fascinating people who love them and who build a whole world for us to enjoy. I am dreadfully sorry that her beautiful and talented soul is no longer here with us, and I hope that you will accept my condolences on her passing and know that many of us keep her in out hearts.

    Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.
    — Emily Dickinson

  8. My deepest condolences to her family. She will be truly missed! I can see her standing on the hatching grounds waiting to impress her queen.

  9. todd and family

    i only knew your mother thru her dragons of pern series but i am sure she is very much missed by all
    of her readers. we are blessed to have found such an amazing storyteller and doubly blessed if you
    continue her series.
    i think i have every one of the books she has written in my library, i have read, and reread them countless times. i never miss a new one!! i am sure she knew how beloved she was and is to all of her readers. such a great lady…
    so very sorry for your loss and take comfort in the fact she was loved by millions!

  10. Most eloquently put and understood. In this case, I’m thinking something to do with Education and children. 🙂 A much better tribute to honor a well accomplished woman.

  11. Nov, 21 2011.. The day when all the dragons of pern cried. (Fly high queen rider)
    The fans of pern are very sorry for your lost, and we all hope that you will keep
    the world of pern alive.

  12. To the McCaffrey clan,
    While those of use far away will miss Anne’s amazing stories and direct responses to messages sent to her, I wish to thank you for graciously sharing her with us.My condolences to you all for the loss of Mother, Friend,and Confidant. I have never seen anything less than amazing from Anne. I recommend The Crystal Series and the Pern series to many of my friends, also to total strangers I meet in the sci fi section. I own at least one copy of each book available in the USA. Todd, thank you for continuing the stories. I look forward to the day I find the Pern computer game. I hope that someday the movie world can do the Pern series justice!

    Many thanks,
    Tammy Krause
    MI. USA

  13. I will miss Anne McCaffrey very much. I read my first while in college and was i love with Pern and the dragons and dragonriders forever after. I E-mailed her 14 years ago right after my first grandchild was born to ask a question about F’lar’s mother. I expected if I got an answer it would be from a assistant. But t I was surprised with an answer from Mrs. McCaffrey herself! I mentioned that I had a new grandson and that started a few month correspondence of ordinary things like her grandchild having colic as a infant, her horses and her home. I will never forget her. I mourn your loss as it is my own.
    Sandy Estep
    Cocoa, Florida

  14. Peace and many blessing the Family of Anne McCaffery, She will truely be missed. My heart is heavy along with the box of the Pern books that I own and will read time and time again.

    You do not grieve alone, Peace,

  15. We were heartbroken when we read the news, but she was a marvelous wit and greatly endowed with wisdom! We miss her just as you do already! Thank you for your words, Anne McCaffrey! You live on in our hearts forever! Thank you for allowing us to share her with you McCaffrey family!

  16. I first ‘met’ Anne McCaffrey through Decision at Doona, then To Ride Pegasus, Restoree, Crystal Singer and the great joy of finding the Planet Pern and all novels following. I can’t tell you the number of times I read Dragonsong – it got me through some very rough times, called directly to a longing in my heart – My heart has been filled countless times through all of Anne McCaffrey’s writings – I’ve done my best to find them all. I so appreciate her many collaborations with other authors and very talented Todd for writing and continuing to breath life into the reality of the Pern Universe. May it exist somewhere in the cosmos… one can hope. I was very sad to hear of Anne’s passing. I can only imagine the amazing life she has had. The world was truly blessed by having her in it.
    Thank you for sharing her with us. May we all ride dragons one day, if only in our hearts – we will soar.
    My deepest best wishes to all her extended family for your healing to come. Blessings to you all.

  17. Thank you Anne for creating a world I can escape to when this one becomes too much to bear.
    You will be greatly missed.

  18. How well you put that…Pern is my idea of Heaven as well!

  19. I am generally unaffected by the passing of notable people in the world. But, I was deeply saddened that Anne passed away last week. I began reading her when I was a child, alongside my mother. There were many summer days where we would read a book then switch with each other. We read the Crystal Line, Ship Who Sang, and of course, the Dragonriders series. I remember the first time I read when Master Robinton died and I cried like a baby. I just reread the Dragonriders series again earlier this year, and was just as moved this time as I was 20 years ago (I’m now 35).

    I am currently an elementary school teacher in Indonesia, and have had a bulletin board all year of Anne and Todd McCaffrey’s books. I hope my students catch a flame from the fires of inspiration that Anne lit for me all those years ago. I will also pass on the love to my son (now 2 1/2 years old), and can’t wait to see his eyes wide with wonder as his imagination soars with the dragons when he is old enough to read.

    Godspeed Anne… may your legacy live on for thousands of turns to come…


  20. I was thoughouly engulfed in the world of Pern via Dragonstime, when my husband shared the news of Anne’s passing. I am honored to have been in Pern as I received the sad news. My husband and have shared the love of Pern and her dragons for years. Thank you Todd for carrying on the series. Your mom was able to let go knowing you are carrying her dreamsydreamsdream! I

  21. I have dwelled in the world of Pern for hours on end. I have danced at a Ruathan Gather, rejoiced as a cousin was chosen on Search, listened in on Lord Holders in conclave – all because of the talent and imagination of this remarkable lady. Pern is a living, real planet because Anne McCaffrey populated it with people I can identify with, aspire to emulate, look up to and agonise for. Masterharper Robintons’ death and the dragons reaction made me re-evaluate the impact my life has on those around me. I know the Dragons of Pern keened to the heavens all the greater at this passing – I also know the vitality and the energy of those that populate Pern will never pass.
    The legacy is in great hands. Rest assured, family and friends of Anne McCaffrey, many thousands mourn with you. Her spirit and the worlds she has imagined will carry on forever.

    Vale, Anne McCaffrey.

  22. I owe much to Anne McAffrey. It was because of her writing that I started to read for fun rather than necessity. I felt when reading her works that I was transported to the world she created. Beyond that it was the spark of enjoyment that was kindled by these works that led me to reading other things, and finding spirituality. I mourn for your loss, but I celebrate the wonderful woman who brought so much joy to others.

    Takk Fyrir Ms. McAffrey, rest well.

    Steven Sherrill
    WPB FL

  23. I am so very sorry to hear that we have lost a wonderful writer. I have loved Anne’s books for many, many years. They are like old friends that I get to visit (re-read) whenever I like. In fact, this week I have been re-reading the Pern Harper Series, which I love and tend to read every few years (her first Pern book and the Harper series are my favorites).

    Anne will be sorely missed. My condolences to her family and to all who love her.

  24. My condolences to all the McCaffrey family. I wrote Anne when I was about 10 years old with about a hundred questions about her books. I still have the letter she sent to me with all the answers.
    She is without question my favorite author.
    Roy McLarkey
    Vicksburg, mi

  25. Todd, I feel stabbed in the heart. Crushed. But, that in no way compares to what you must be feeling right now. I really have no words to make it better right now, only tears. I will mightily miss her wonderful story-telling skills. Thanks you for stepping up to continue the Pern Legacy, so these magnificent dragons & their courageous riders will not be lost to us, but live on through you.

    Take time to Grieve. Take time to Heal.

  26. I was introduced to Pern at the age of 12. Dragonflight amazed me then as it still does today. I have been impressed by Anne’s imagination and strenght of character over the many years. I have read every book she published. I will always be grateful for the worlds she created and shared with us. My condolences and prayers go out to her entire family.

  27. Since I first picked up Dragonflight, the Pern books have been my favourite books, and they are always the ones I turn to first when browsing my bookshelf to re-read something. Over the last few years I have also been reading as many of her other books as I could get my hands on, and found them to be equally well written and wonderful to read. From everything I’ve heard, even beyond her writing she was a truly amazing woman, and it was more than sad to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with you all.

  28. SIGH
    I knew it would come as well as anyone, but the news hit me like a tital wave in Japan. My British grandmother was a voracious reader, and my mother rode many a trip to the library. She found Dragonsong, and my grandmother ate them up and bought every one, past and new. My mohter in turn read them, and so did I. We all fell in love with the mystical dragons of Pern and their daring riders. My grandmother died when I was very young, and the only real tangible link I had was those books, the very books she read and held in her final days. Subconsiously, I adopted Anne McCaffrey as a surrogate grandmother after mine passed away. Buying, dutifully, every new Pern book as the years wore on was a thrill, and the more I read, the more she became my favorite author. I’ve started writing some narratives myself and hope to embody her optimism for the human race in my writing.
    rest in peace Anne. . .

  29. Having been a avid fan of both the PERN series and the Hive series since the early 70’s when I was in the Navy, Anne will be missed greatly. My sister and one of my daughters are also huge fans. I have read all the various PERN and Hive books numerous times and can still find something I missed.

    FTC John Tyler USN/RET
    Fredericksburg, VA

  30. My mom and I have both read every Pern book there is- some of them we’ve read upwards of 15 times. The Harper Hall trilogy got me into reading, and I couldn’t put the books down after that. Condolences to your family. She was a very special person and will be sorely missed. I think I’ll go read a Pern book now….

  31. I would like to say how sorry I am to the McCaffrey family to hear about Anne. She was hands down my favorite author, her dragon riders of pern series are the only books that I have ever re-read multiple times. I was just reading the White Dragon last night! Lynn Worpenberg said it good when she said that her books are like old friends that you get to re-visit every time you read them. I am very sorry for your loss 🙁

  32. My condolences to the McCaffrey family for such a loss.

    And thank you, Anne McCaffrey, for hundreds of hours of great reading, and enough imagination-fuel that could launch rocketships.

  33. I was truly saddened to hear about your mother’s death. I have been reading her books (all of them) for 30 years or more. She started me reading fantasy and science fiction and it is my favourite genre. I never even took the time to read about one of her books before buyinig it, I just bought it. She is probably one of the few writers to have touched so many people in both large and small ways.

    My condolences to her family.

  34. Anne McCaffrey shaped my life through her books and her email corrospondence with me when I was younger. She was an amazing, kind woman with an amazing creative spirit. I feel in love with her worlds when I was first exposed through her short story “The Littlest Dragonboy” and raced home to tell my mom about this amazing story and how much I loved it. My mom already owned the whole series! I even found out that my mom had based by name around Lessa’s name.

    I can’t thank Ms. McCaffrey enough for all the joy she has given me through her work and her kindness. She was an amazing woman and she will be sorely missed.

    My heart goes out to her close friends and family. With as much as she touched my life- I can only imagine your grief as well.

  35. The dragons of the Earth are saddened at death, but the dragons of Pern are happy to have Anne with them. I send my condolences and prayers and I will do just as Anne said: I’ll pass on a favor.

  36. “On the final chord, Petiron went to his rest. Menolly bowed her head, and let drum and stick slide from her fingers into the sea. How could she ever use them again when they had beaten Petiron’s last song?” — Dragonsong

    Thanks, Anne, for the many years of pleasure you’ve given me in the wonderful world you created. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about being in the Harper Hall learning from and playing music with Menolly, Sebell, Robinton and the others.

    Todd, my condolences for your loss.

  37. R.I.P, I feel like a part of me is gone, I have been reading Anne’s books of 30+ years and have 3 older children now reading Anne’s book. Gone but not forgotten for a long time to come.

    Martin Shelton

  38. I have such fond memories of sitting at my computer, chatting with Anne at the old Kitchen Table. My mom read me Anne’s books as a child and I grew up reading them over and over. My son is 8 and I’ve read various stories to him for years and he now reads them on his own. Her legacy of words lives on….

  39. I will never be able to say ‘thanks Anne’ for all the joy and delight she has given me these seven years since I first cracked the spine of Dragonsong. A lifetime wouldn’t have been enough to pay the debt of gratitude I owe her. In the spirit of her words I’ll try to do as much good in the world as she did.

    To all the McCaffreys, and to all the Anne McCaffrey fans, keep finding life’s goodnesses. Anne McCaffrey was part of that. We’ll always find her there.

    Emily Kent
    Leeds, England

  40. My condolences to the McCaffrey family. The world has lost a great treasure. May she fly high upon the back of the greatest Gold the world of Pern has ever know. I shall miss her immensely

  41. Dear Todd and all Anne McCaffrey’s family and friends: I want to convey my condolences and my fond memories of a sparkling Anne at many signings, especially at Dangerous Visions in the Valley. Todd, you were there, too, and I’ve seen you since at DragonCon. We talked this September last about her two attacks, how she wanted to be there, The Ship Who Sang and TAPS. You gifted me with on of her last signed bookplates. What a wonderful woman and gifted writer! When I first got an email account, she was the first person I wrote, telling her that her books were among the ones I had my child read and how loved the Pern series was. And she wrote back with a wry comment and her “Ciao”.

    Now, I am reading the Pern series in the chronological order, am at the point where Tarvi lights the night bonfire and asks who he is! Telgar! I shall yell Telgar when we next light our fire ring. And then I shall say “Ciao, Anne.”

  42. Thank you for the books, especially Pern and the Ship Who Sang. You have provided me with much pleasure over the years. Pern has now become a favorite of three generations in my family – my oldest granddaughter has, just this year, discovered Pern and I’ll be sending her copies of the Pern books as gifts both for Xmas and birthday in the upcoming months (I’m buying them all for my Kindle as they become available and I hope that eventually all of them are available in that format).

    You and the stories you told have been among my favorites over the years and I frequently read the books again. Each time they take me to the Pern you imagined. The are among my all-time favorities.

    “Gone away, gone ahead” – Pern is an indelible part of my memory and a vivid part of my life. Discovering Pern and reading the books for the first time was such joy. Anne, Pern lives and will always live. You and the dragons will also always live.

  43. I don’t quite know what to say… I was fortunate enough to meet Todd at DragonCon 2011 just this past September. He was gracious and entertaining and it was such a pleasure and the fulfillment of what seems a life long wish… I had wanted to meet Anne… actually, that is why we got tickets to go, but she was too ill to attend at that time. But meeting Todd was sure wonderful too. My condolences to her family and to her “other” family of fans. As another writer said, Anne is surely sitting at a Gather, drinking her Klah with a queen firelizard on her shoulder and her signature crinkle eyed smile contentedly upon her face. She has left us all a fabulous and amazing legacy of places and people who have touched so many of us! Thank you Anne and may you rest in peace.

  44. Words cannot express how much Anne McCaffrey influenced me. I was introduced to the Dragonriders of Pern series at age 12, and its effect on me was tremendous. Thanks to Pern, and to its creator, I was given light in the darkest of times, it influenced my philosophies and way of life, helped me grow from boy to man, and helped me become who I wanted to be. I will continue to treasure her legacy and the world of Pern all my life, and will pass it on to as many as I possibly can. Now, I offer those ancient words that have comforted me many times throughout my life, and to which Anne McCaffrey first introduced me: For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Godspeed, Dragonlady.

  45. The first fantasy book I read was The Hobbit, and subsequently hooked on the idea of fantastical other worlds, the second book I read was Dragonflight. That is a pretty good pair of books to start one out on a lifelong path of embracing fantasy and science fiction. Thank you Anne McCaffery for the wonderful memories as a child and for opening new pathways in my young mind all those years ago. May you rest in peace.

  46. I am so pleased that I managed to get to Birmingham to a signing , not long after Anne had had hip replacement surgery. A friend and I queued with many others and were not disappointed. She was delightful, warm and interesting to talk too and very patient as the small store was full to overflowing. She signed my old battered ex library copy of Restoree. and i treasure it. Rest in peace Anne.

  47. So very sad when I found out Anne had passed away. I have spent so many happy hours in her worlds (probably when I should have been doing something else!). I have at least 60 of her books, all of them dog-eared. My prize possession is a signed book.
    My condolences go out to her family. I do not envy your sadness at this time, but I do envy your having been close to such a wonderful mind.
    Thank you Anne, from the bottom of my heart.

  48. So shocked to hear about Annies passing. I have such fond memories of all us “kids” hanging out at your house, eating popcorn, playing endless card games and just being teenagers. She created a safe and welcoming haven for us all. I will never forget her. You are all in our thoughts, lots of love from Moira, Todd and of course Harry Harrison. My Dad is not too well these days and is in a nursing home. I have not mentioned your mums death as he would find it too distressing. xxxx Moira

  49. In a world of dark and often violent books and videos, your mother and you have brought a world where we can go for inspiration, love and beauty. From the first time I read about the dragons of Pern, I have wanted to ride a dragon! I now have five BeanyBaby dragons watching over me from the top of my bookcase! (I am 67, and know that dragons are for ALL ages!) Other books I may read once and give away, but the books of Anne McCaffery I keep and read over and over. I am so grateful that the legacy of Pern will go on, and I look forward to the time when it comes alive on screen. “The Ship that Sang” introduced me to the world of Sci-Fi and I have read all of her other books as well.
    I lost my own mother this year, and so I share in your sorrow in a very personal way. My condolences to you and all of your family.

  50. Having pick up and read Dragon Quest in Viet Nam in 1969, I have bought every book she published since then, and some replacements, due to re-reading them to destruction. In my humble opinion the world has lost another GIANT in the literary world. She will sit along with Robert A Heinlein as one of the greatest Authors ever. I also feel she set the stage for all the Ladies writing Science Fictions today. I offer my condolences to you and the rest of your family, as you are experiencing her loss even more then we loyal readers.

  51. I would like to also add my condolences to all of Anne’s family. I was shocked to hear about it. I know the great loss when you lose a parent. She will be extremely missed by everyone who she has touched, whether a family member or any of her many, many fans.

    I first found the Dragonriders of Pern series many years ago. In paperback, I had only read the first 3 or 4 books and somehow got sidetracked from the series. Back in 2001, I was introduced to ebooks. I had found that the whole series had been converted to this type of format for us electronic junkies. Since then, I have read the whole series 6 times. It is my favorite series and Anne was and will always be my favorite author. I am happy to know that Todd has taken over the series. His books I have found to be just as well written as compared to Anne’s. I look forward to many more books to read in the future.

    Again, I would like to offer my greatest sympathies to all of Anne’s family.

    Marc Epstein
    Worcester, MA

  52. Dearest Anne and family, You are one of those brilliant souls that has shared all the gifts you were given with all of us around the world …. You were truly a GIFT to all of us, you made an enormous difference in each life that you touched….may you ever soar on Dragon’s wings! You gave of hope, love, laughter, adventure and an insight to understanding others … Thanks for such a beautiful legacy and know it will keep circling round and round always….You will be missed, always loved and re-read ever on….Love to your family, friends and fans……

  53. I am sorry. Your mom gave us the gift of a world- and simply our world is better for her having been in it.

  54. I am amongst the legion of fans who will grieve her passing until the day I die. While no one is immortal, the Federated Sentient Planets Federation, AND Pern, will never die.

    I extend condolences to her family, especially to her son who has taken up the Pern torch.

  55. I have read and loved Anne’s books for many years. She is part of my life and I will forever keep her in my heart as I am sure so many do.
    Gaia Bless you Anne, rest in peace

  56. I was saddened to hear of the loss of such a great lady. I was introduced to the Pern world and have been a voracious reader. She had a way of making you feel like you were part of the world she built. I read a variety of her series and it is a great loss that there will be no more. Todd will take up the reins, I am sure, but it still will just not be the same without the grand ladys’ input. She will be greatly missed. So long and thanks for all the dragon memories.

  57. A new flower blooms in the field and it sees the light and knows its time to shine and reaches for the light.
    A new star shines in the night blazing to reach you, filling the night sky.
    god gave to you,
    A Flowered road to soften your walk to him.
    A star to guild your steps, to a him, who is needing you.

  58. I write with tear-filled eyes at such a great loss to family, friends, and fans the world over. My prayer is that God’s peace, wonderful memories, and the extraordinary body of work she left will be of comfort to all.

  59. My heart and prayers go out to you and yours. Your mom will be greatly missed. She has given me such wonderful worlds to explore and characters who have become my friends these many years.

  60. Anne made the world a better place.

  61. She’s gone beyond between! I miss her

  62. I read about the death of your mum, at the meeting of minds forum. This is great loss, not only for your family, but also for us , Anne Mccaffrey fans. Her legacy will continue to wonder its readers.

  63. I was very saddened to read of Anne McCaffrey’s passing. I have read all of her Pern books, the Crystal Line series, the Unicorn Girl series, and other books she has written. I have really enjoyed them. Thanks for being such a great writer. I will miss reading books written by her. I hope that the worlds she has created will continue. Thanks for helping her create them, Todd. Thanks for sharing her with me.

  64. I owe my love of reading to Ms. McCaffrey; without her Harper Hall Trilogy, I don’t think I could have gotten past the imagination block my brain seemed to have when I was a teenager. For me, she was the greatest storyteller the world has ever seen and she will be sorely missed. Thank you Dragon Lady, you opened an entire universe to me and for that I am forever grateful. Rest in Peace.

  65. I will miss reading her new ideas and worlds. The first book I read that she wrote was The Rowan. I was twelve. And after that one I read every book (and bought both in paper and in ebook so I could have them while traveling).

    She was very nice when she responded to my emails. She has left a wonderful legacy (and Todd is doing a wonderful job with Pern) that I will enjoy sharing with my three daughters when they are old enough.

    You have my condolences.

  66. My deepest condolences to all the ones close to Anne McCaffrey. Whenever our loved ones pass away it is always too early. I was very sad when I received the news.

  67. I am greatly saddened by this news, and send my condolences to all the family. I started reading the Pern stories with the enthralling appearance of the first one in what was then Astounding, and have never stopped buying every new book.

  68. I would like to express my sarrow at your mothers passing. I have spent many a happy hour in Pern.

  69. How apt that Anne should go out just as Master Robinton did (I always felt that he was her alter-ego)! I am also sad that she will not be able to see her beloved dragons take to the silver screen.

    My condolences to the McCaffery family.

  70. I have enjoyed reading Anne’s and Todd’s books. I have even searched my local Library for titles I had not seen in bookstores, and found “Lady” at a time my spirit needed lifting. The varied worlds of Anne’s invention provided, and continue to provide, wonder and entertainment to this world in general and myself in particular even in these times of sadness. I hope to continue enjoying PERN and some of the other worlds into the future. “High Flight” to Anne McCaffrey, she who dreamed of Dragons and Firelizzards and Cats and Singing Crystals and all the rest.

  71. My deep condolences to you and your family Todd. I know the agony of losing an amazing mother and my prayers are with you. God Bless and know that the world will be a lonely place without her. Just know that she is watching over you each and every day. She has inspired two generations in my home to read and hopefully many more.

  72. Thank you Anne McCaffrey or all that you have given us. My love and prayers for your family.

  73. So sorry to here the sad news of you and your family,s loss. we will all miss her .

  74. Anne’s books have given untold pleasure to myself and my family over the years. Keep up the good work Todd, to give similar pleasure to future generations. I was in the middle of re-reading ~The Rowan for the umpteenth time, with “Damia” already out of the bookcase to follow on when your email came through. Sincere condolences, Margaret

  75. Having lost both my Parents , my heart is heavy with yours. Anne MCaffrey brought an amazing world to everyone and I return to Pern and our dragons that we share and visit with Herself and Bless you all and thankyou …sincerely, Noreen

  76. Tonight when I look up at the stars for the constellation Draco, I will imagine Anne riding that magnificent Dragon. The McCafrey family and the world have lost a wonderful, caring person. She will be missed by us all. Fly high and far Mrs. McCaffrey, and enjoy the music of the spheres.

  77. My heart is broken. I can see Anne on her Golden Dragon going between. We cry for her passing, but she has left us so many stories of Pern to remember her by. God Bless you Todd and all your family for sharing Anne with us for so many, many years.

  78. There is so little to say when a great Lady passes. Todd, my heart is heavy for you and your family. She will be missed by many who never met her. Blessings to you and yours.

  79. I never met Anne, but I wish I had. One of my goals in life was to get an autographed copy from her but she never had a signing near me. She actually had a huge impact on my life. When I was in school (elementary, middle and high) I hated reading books. The only books I read were ones I was forced to read in school and I never enjoyed any of them (sorry shakespeare) so I just veered off from reading entirely for 14 years. But then I read the short story “the smallest dragonboy” in 8th grade and thought it was pretty good. Dragonflight was the first book I voluntarily read . . . ever and it is that book which started my love of books. I couldn’t stop reading her books and even spent my vacation at the beach on the front porch of my hotel reading Renegades of Pern while my family played on the beach. That was how much I loved Anne McCraffrey’s work. It is also one of the few series I have re-read which is a pretty big deal for me. I have been working in a Barnes and Noble for 6 years now because I love books. If I hadn’t picked up Dragonflight back in 9th grade over a decade ago I think my life wouldn’t have been as enriched as it is now. In fact I know I would have been worse off because I would have never realized how amazing and fun books can be. I have met many great people through books, especially Dragonrider books of course and I have read many many different and wonderful stories from all genres that I can proudly say I am a complete bookworm! I thank Anne for that. I always planned on telling her this when I would finally get to met her. You will be missed but as long as there remains a dragonrider book in a bookstore or on a e-reader you will never be forgotten. Thank you Anne for all the precious memories I have while reading your books and for influencing my life with a book you wrote years before I was even born 🙂

  80. Todd and Family
    Please except my condolences.Your mother was my favourite Author I have read everyone of her books some more than once.She is now at rest and in Heaven making her place there.I will always feel her presants every time I look at my bookshelf or pick up one of her books.

  81. The first time I read a book by Anne McCaffrey, I hoped she would live forever. I could not imagaine her
    rich wonder filled worlds coming to an end. When I am sad, I return to one of her worlds and life always looks better. I am grateful for the gift she has given.

    My condolences to all who loved her.

    Linda Davis

  82. Todd and Family,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother a few years ago so I know how you must be feeling right now. Anne McCaffrey has left a tremendous legacy and I for one have thoroughly enjoyed reading all her books. I plan to introduce the world of Pern to my grandchildren as soon as I think they will be able to enjoy them. We are so thankful that you will be continuing to write of Pern and the characters we have grown to love. Again, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Brenda Morel
    Zephyrhills, FL

  83. My condolences, she was a loving and well loved hero and I never knew her except thru her books, but

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she is on P.E.R.N.

  84. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Anne McCaffrey was my favorite author, and I can’t imagine the world without her fantastic mind and writing. I have all her books and I re-read them regularly. Anne will be missed so very much, and I can never express all the joy she has brought me. I am so glad that the Pern stories will continue through Todd and I am sure Anne is soaring on the wind right now, creating new stories.

  85. Best wishes for you and your family as you fine tune the memories and adjust the spaces in your hearts and minds. Pern and all it’s characters brought peace to my heart when I needed it most.

  86. Mine is a small voice in a legion of voices of the people whose lives have been touched by the writing of Anne McCaffrey. I do so appreciate the pleasure that the books have given me especially the dragon series of which I own all the copies so far. Anne has been an inspiration to me as far as encouraging me to get ‘stuck into’ writing in a serious way. A friend introduced me to the McAffrey books at a time in my life when things were not good. The story telling in them took me to places unimagined and yet some of them seemed familiar and chords in me were struck. Through the books and the websites I feel I came to ‘know’ Anne McCaffrey and I appreciate that knowing that sharing of her wonderful imagination and spirit.
    Thank you Anne McCaffrey.. your legacy lives on and I know it is in safe hands. Farewell.

  87. So long Dragon Lady, We’ll always love you and your works. You were the Real MasterHarper of Pern. You taught us all to love the Dragons and their Riders. I’ll miss you.

  88. My condolences to the family… I think I was 8 or 9 when I first became a voracious reader of all books written by Anne McCaffrey. Over the years, I have kept on reading and re-reading them, and hope to keep reading books about Pern by Todd. May she always be remembered and loved as she is now – what a legacy she has left us by which to remember her!

  89. Anne will be sorely missed but is in a better place with all the dragons and riders who’ve gone between. My condolences to the McCaffrey family. I met Anne at a book signing in Modesto CA in 1984 and have been in love with dragons every since. I also met you with my daughter when you came to San Francisco for a book signing. Thank you Anne.

  90. I remember the first book that I read by Anne McCaffrey and that was The Masterharper of Pern. This book and Anne herself were the ones who got me interested in reading the Pern series. I was in my early 20’s when I started reading her books and I loved every one of them. Now in my early 40’s, I still read the Pern series and I was thrilled when her son, Todd, took over the writing of the stories. Anne will be missed very much and I send my condolences to you all. Anne is now at peace. Sending prayers and good thoughts.

  91. ‘Dragonflight’ was the book that made me love reading. Thank you, Anne. I’ll never forget.

  92. Whenever I needed to escape, I went to Pern. I rode dragons, watched dragons hatch and impressions made. I explored jungles, rode the sea, swam with dolphins and sang and danced with the harpers. Thankyou Anne McCaffery.

  93. May she rest in peace.

  94. I want to express my deepest condolences for the loss of your mother and such a wonderful and amazing writer.

    I started reading her work when I was a teenager. Dragonsdawn was one of the first books I was allowed to pick out for myself. I loved her work from that moment on and Pern felt like a home away from home. It was a world I loved to enjoy over and over again. Not to mention all the other worlds and characters she brought to life. She will be greatly missed.

  95. I sent you a note as soon as I read about your Mum. My late husband, Robert, taught me to love reading. Anne taught me about a world of dragons and beyond. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I read my name in one of the Rowan series. I emailed Anne to ask her how she heard Petra, since I rarely ever hear it myself. She was so kind and answered my email. I printed it and put it in the very book with my name in it. And that is still where it is. We truly lost a very wonderful and loving person. But as you said, ” that we have only to open one of her books to find her again.” She will be greatly missed, my heart and love goes out to you and your family. Take care and know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  96. Fly High and Far, Anne McCaffrey! You’ll be missed by one and all. My condolences to Todd and family.
    You are never prepared for a loved one’s passing, no matter how expected. Know that Anne was well loved –that is the best legacy that anyone could ever have.

    Melbourne, FL USA

  97. Gone away, gone ahead………I pray you rest in peace.

    Deepest sympathies to Anne’s family. Thank you for sharing her with us. Her talents will be greatly missed.

    NSW, Australia.

  98. What a sad loss to all who loved Anne. I devoured all of her books in all of her series. She really spoke to my heart with her stories. May she be forever surrounded by dragons and fire lizards and may all find comfort in that thought.
    Todd, thank you so much for carrying on your Mum’s writings. How much darker the world would be if we did not have you to carry on her light.

  99. I first read The White Dragon many years ago as a young man in the US Army stationed in Germany. I was hooked, at times I could picture myseld adragonback soaring through the skies. Anne will be truly missed, but she is at peace with her beloved dragons and riders. This world is better off for having had here here.

  100. Anne McCaffrey was one of the first authors I ever read in sci-fi/fantasy. She became my favorite author. I have enjoyed reading her stories for more than 25 yrs. and have eagerly awaited her next book coming out. I am sadden that I won’t be able to lose myself in a new adventure in one of her wonderful worlds. She gave me great times with dragons, unicorns, and ships who sang as they soared through space. May she find her well deserved peace as she goes “between” for time.

  101. In depest sympathy to the Ann Mc Caffreys family. I have over 60 of Ann’s books and still have more I would like to buy. I read and reread them.She will be missed by people from all over the world

  102. Because of Anne, I am who I am today. I realized that I was not alone in the world because of her. Her stories kept me going when I had nothing to live for. They brought me out of my shell, out of my depression, and I was able to make relationships through them. The books themselves were my best friends. Moreta, Orlith, Jaxom, and Ruth. Menolly, Robin, Lessa, F’lar. They stay with me forever. I never knew her, but I thought of her as a grandparent I didn’t get to see. She was almost a goddess in my eyes. An idol. I cared deeply for her. And… thought I feel alone now… terribly alone… I feel not so alone knowing there are many others who feel the same way. I will pass Pern down to my children, and help keep it alive.

  103. I’m extremely sad that our world has lost such a noble and joyous person. I enjoyed her books of Pern, and I just love her ACORNA series. I always hoped that she’d write another ACORNA novel in the future , Anne McCaffrey will greatly be missed by all . Her legacy will live on, thanks to Todd McCaffrey. And I’ll read Conor’s first Pern novel to him when he is 3yrs old, less than a year. I give my condolences to Todd and all of his family.

    XOXOXO…Love You Anne McCaffrey

  104. Yesterday you were with us,today you reside with God.No matter where you are,we will always remember you in our hearts and memories.You are and will always be loved by all those who’s lives you touched in the brief time you were here with us.We love and miss you Anne.
    Leprechaun &Musicman

  105. I was very deeply saddened to hear of Anne’s passing. I was another child who hated to read until I was given a copy of Dragonflight at age 9. I have read and loved Pern for 35 years now and still read the books over and over again. Anne was a treasure and created the most amazing worlds. She will be missed.

  106. Found Anne’s books late compared to most of my other favourite authors, first one was a Pern one, but now own all the others, she was an inspiration to many people and has given me many hours of enjoyment as I travel from one of her worlds to another, again and again. She will be sadly missed but I know she has left a legacy of a strong family who will love and care for each other in her absence.

  107. I Can’t belive when i found out Anne was gone. I’m Sorry to hear she is gone from us and her sense of humor and writing her books, I Just can’t put her books down, I love to read them every chance i get.
    I even got my first audio casset called All the Weyrs of Pern tape and i loved it. Anne has a lovey voice to listen to and i learned how to say the names of some of the people from the books i love to read better all but lord of Fort that is his i have trouble with. With Anne books you can daydream you are there with her and the Planet Pern. I say Todd has a fine hand in keeping up with his mothers stories of Pern, I got some of her books through ebay and i can’t put them down when you start to read em that is. The world has lost a Grand Lady. Her Books will live on in all who love to Read! i know how it is to lose a mother i lost mine 6 years ago. And she loved to read books i am the only one who does in my family. So i can’t wait until i see another Story of Pern to see what happens next. i usally get my books at the library and check them out numerous time even if i have read them before. You can’t put Anne’s Books down. So i say go and read her books and enjoy em and daydream about other place in your mind and Heart. Thank you soo Much for your books Anne McCaffrey.

  108. I am said to hear that Anne has passed away, she was a great author and I loved enjoying reading all of her books.

    Each book was a great story and the pern serries was what I followed alot and it showed what a wonderful mind she had.

    Alison Laura Goodman

  109. Was extremely sorry to receive the email informing me (and others) of your mother’s passing. I shall always be grateful for all her books, and for introducing me to Pern. She was an incredible all-round person. My deepest sympathies go to all her family and friends at this time. As requested I shall make a donation to my favourite charity, that is the Dogs Trust here in the UK, in her memory. I will say one for help for you all. Love Marion

  110. Many years ago I collected the Harper Hall series and the Dragonflight series, as well as the books of Moreta and Nerilka. Because I took so much pleasure in reading them, I loaned them to a friend. Months later, I asked for them back. My friend was abashed, she apologized, but she couldn’t bear to part with Anne’s books, and she asked if she could keep them! What could I do? I let it go. Over time I bought new copies of the books I had lost, and copies of additional books as Anne wrote them. But that wasn’t the end of it. I moved house several times, and when certain copies of Anne’s books didn’t find their way to the new house, I bought them new copies yet again! And any time I make a long trip with multiple airport transfers, I go to an airport bookstore and look for a McCaffrey book as my companion for the journey. Those books come home to my library at journey’s end. I guess that makes me a “McCaffrey Completist”.

    Now that Anne has ended her own Incredible Journey (bless her!) I plan to re-read every one of her books. She has taught me so much about responsibility, courage, loyalty, and daring, because her Pern colonists often dared to do things no one had ever done before. Her books make me feel anything is possible.

  111. My deepest sympathies for your family’s loss. Through her writings , she felt like a friend. From what I have learned of her through the years she an I could have been good friends. We had a lot in common. She will be missed. We are grateful that she shared herself with us. Thank you, Anne. Now angels can ride dragons!

  112. To the McCaffrey Family,

    My heart is saddened by the passing of a wonderful lady, your mother Anne. She has filled my life with so much joy in the books she wrote. I have reread them so many times. As so many people have said, she is soaring with her queen dragon and watching over you. Todd, you have taken up the reins to keep Pern alive for us all. I hope to continue to go to Pern when I am in need of peace. God Bless You and keep you in his loving arms in this difficult time.

    Donna Shirlock
    Lewisville, TX USA

  113. While totally enjoying the many books Ms McCaffrey wrote I guess I would have to extend her thanks for forging a connection between my daughter and myself. My daughter was looking for a book to read way back when she was a teenager and I pulled down Dragonsong and said “try this” She devoured the trilogy and then asked what happened to some of the characters so I handed her Renegades and from there she learned Dad’s tastes in books wasn’t bad. We were able to meet Ms McCaffrey when she came to New Orleans to accept an award from the Library Association. We enjoyed a couple of days together. We were able to meet Ms McCaffrey at a book signing she did in conjunction with the award. Very Kind Lady. So thanks for the many hours of enjoyable reading and thanks for helping form a stronger bond between my daughter and myself.

  114. Just as the last comment, I too can hear the dragons keening. Let’s hope that when Anne “went between” she found there was another side and all of her friends, real and fictional, were there to meet her. She will be loved always!

  115. When I read Todd’s email about his Mother’s passing it brought tears to my eyes. I discovered her books only a few years ago and have loved all of them. I re-read them whenever I need an escape.
    I found myself always looking forward to another Pern story or anything that Anne wrote. I’m so glad Todd took up his Mother’s avocation, I will still have more books to look forward to. My condolences go to all Anne’s family. There will never be another Dragon Lady like her.

  116. Alas, the world has lost a most gracious lady! I had always dreamed of meeting Anne, and letting her know how much she influenced my love of reading, and even more importantly, my love of writing! Her ability to create such rich, detailed worlds- yes worlds plural!- humbled me and made me want to branch out more in my writing as well. I’ll always regret not sending her even a token email, believing that such an amazing, important author surely had more to do than read one of ‘my’ emails… So I’ll say it now. THANK YOU Anne, from the bottom of my heart; for being my idol, my muse, and my hero. May you ride on the backs of the dragons, with a barque cat for company. My condolences to the McCaffrey family, and the hope that writing in the Pern universe will help you be close to your mom again Todd.

    Crystin Goodwin
    Pueblo, CO USA

  117. As I write this with my tears streaming down, I can hear the dragons & fire lizards keening. Not to mention the cries from all those other wonderful people and creatures Anne wrote about on her other worlds (The Rowan, Damia, Acorna). I have read almost all her books and any published works of hers I could find, for more than 30 years. Her worlds have been my refuge & havens to “get away” from this one for a little time & I re-read them often. We are so blessed that you Todd, had begun writing with Anne over the past few years, so that PERN could continue. My deepest condolences to you and all your family & close friends, as I know your loss is felt even deeper than mine. Please continue to expand on her legacy if you can. I have read many of your books and others of your family who write. I have yet to be disappointed.

  118. she was such an influence in my young life, i discovered her books through my mom who had been reading them for years before. i spent many happy days during summer vacation reading and rereading her books. and no matter what you were going through in your life her stories made everything seem so much better and always put a smile on my face. i enjoyed every word i read and still do and will every time i open a book with her name on it. i know when have children of my own i will gladly pass on the tradition of reading her books. now i believe that one of the greatest legacies has been left for us to enjoy and i fully intend to do so. i never cried when people passed away but when i heard the news of her passing i cried, for the loss of such a lovely lady who touched so many hearts and brought joy to so many people. God bless your family
    much love Carrie

  119. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. I am a long time fan and always loved her stories. I feel as if I have lost a dear friend, I lived on Long Island NY for most of my life so I felt we were Neighbors in a way. I will continue to follow your Pern books which always was my Favorite series. And I hope that someday soon you decide to “Play in you Mom;s sandbox”. I can’t wait to find out how the Dragonroders make out now that they have defeated Thread & have the whole Southern continent open to them.

    Your Family is in my prayers & I hope you all realize what an amazing woman your Mother was, & how many people loved her.

    Carol Heap, Florida

  120. The world is a little darker with Anne’s passing, I have followed her writing for 50 years and have a copy of everything she published. Anne, may the Dragons waft you gently beyond between.

    Gwyn Thomas,
    Adelaide – Australia

  121. I am very sorry to hear of Anne’s passing. My mother died in March. She was in a car accident and it was a shock. My father is doing better than he was. I know it is a rough time for your whole family. Know that there are those who know how you are feeling and pray for you.

  122. My Deepest and most Sincere Condolences to you Todd, and your family. I was so sad to hear of your Mother’s passing.
    I know in my heart she is flying with dragons in heaven.
    Your Mother was the most brilliant and outstanding artist of pen, and word… the world will ever know.
    You are the chip…that the block created.
    Please continue to carry on your works of art.


  123. My Deepest and most Sincere Condolences to you Todd, and your family. I was so sad to hear of your Mother’s passing.
    I know in my heart she is flying with dragons in heaven.
    Your Mother was the most brilliant and outstanding artist of pen, and word the world will ever know.
    You are the chip…that the block created.
    Please continue to carry on, your works of art.
    You and your Mother are an inspiration, as well as an escape from reality that is not only warranted but deserved by your readers.
    Thank you so very much for the vacation from reality !



  124. When I heard that Anne McCafrey had passed away, I started to cry. For the past 6 years, has been my favorite author. Pern had been my refuge since I got Dragonsong for my 8th birthday. I have read most of her books multiple times, and have always awaited new ones eagerly. I very much wanted to meet her and thank her for the worlds she created. My condolences to you and your family. She will be much missed.

  125. A friend got me started reading her Pern books in the ’80’s. Read all of the paperback books I could get my hands on. Then, I couldn’t wait for each new book to come out in paperback – had to buy the Hardbacks (Pern, Acorna, Landing). Have eagerly waited for each new book and love reading the blurbs Anne and Todd both have written in their books about their collaborations. Love the fact that Todd is continuing the Pern books.

    Sorry for the McCaffery family’s and the world’s loss of this truly wonderful lady. Todd, your annoucement of her passing was really moving.

  126. Goodbye Anne. I will miss you and your worlds. I am glad to hear it was quick. My condolences and sympathies to her family. I know you were met by many between and love carried you on!

  127. I am deeply saddened to hear of Anne’s passing, and in my mind, I can feel the agonizing keen of every dragon on Pern! When my father, Danny O’Dea, the well-known Irish Folksinger, took his last trip to Ireland for our Clan Gathering in Co. Clare in 05, he had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Anne at Dragonhold. I sent with him my copy of “The Dolphins Of Pern”, and two dragon Beanie Babies-one bronze and one white, and Anne very graciously autographed all three items for me! They will be forever cherished and hold a place of honor in my “Famous Autographs” collection. If/When Pern is finally discovered, I vow to be on the first ship out of here, so I can fly a Queen Dragon of my own!

  128. rip anne you will be miss by all

  129. I just learned of the passing of Anne. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting your mother, I wanted to extend my condolences. I was introduced to her books my freshman year in High School back in the early 80’s and she quickly became a favorite. She has blessed my life with her stories. I do not have the words to express how much I have loved getting lost in the worlds she has created. To this day I reread her novels often. Through her stories she has become a friend even though I had never met her in person. May your family be blessed as much as she has blessed others by sharing herself through her stories. She will be missed.

  130. I’m writing to offer my condolences. I’ve never met Anne, ever since the first time I read one of her books, I’ve been a fan. Words don’t express how sorry I am for her passing…I will be more diligent in completing my collection of her books.

  131. Rest in Peace, Weyrwoman Anne.

    Myself and those on Reddit remember you fondly and appreciate the positive impact you had on our lives. There are literally hundreds of comments stating how we feel and of our memories of the wonderful worlds you generated and the impact they’ve had on our lives.

    With Warmth,


  132. I was so very sorry to hear of the passing of Anne McCaffrey.

    I was introduced to her books, as a teenager, many years ago by a friend and have been a fan ever since. I cried over ‘The Ship Who Sang’, was enthralled by all the dragon books and , being a horse person myself, intrigued by her thriller set in the world of horse shows ‘Ring Of Fear’.

    In the late seventies when I was aspiring to become published myself, I wrote to her and to my great delight and surprise received a handwritten postcard and the advice ‘Write what you would like to read’. I’ve followed that advice ever since, and although it took several more years for me to achieve my dream I will never forget the thrill of encouragement that I felt at her words.

    She will be sorely missed by everyone who loved her books and my condolences go out to you and your family.

    Lyn (Hywela Lyn)

  133. What a sad time it must be for your family. I have just learned of Anne’s passing, and whilst I never post comments on sites, I wanted to add my condolences over the death of the woman who has been, unquestioningly, my favourite author for all of my life.

    Like many others, I was introduced to Anne’s writing through the world of the Pernese Dragons and have devoured the tales time and again over the past three decades, always keen to read each new installment. Equally, I have loved reading her other works – B&B, Talent/Tower & Hive, Crystal Singer, Petaybee, Acorna, Dinosaur & Pirate Planet, and Freedom – and have most titles in my little “library”. My mother introduced me to Anne’s brilliance and, having no children of my own, I hope to be able to impart my love of all things McCaffrey to my nephew in a couple of years’ time. He already loves dragons, so I don’t think it will be a hard sell!

    What an honour it must be, Todd, to have been able to successfully take up the mantle and continue creating the stories of Pern. I have enjoyed your fresh take thus far and hope that you feel able to continue, albeit without your “sounding board”. As she was undoubtedly an inspiration to you and your siblings, so she was an inspiration to us – millions of us. May her memory live on.

  134. The dragons and i will be keening for all to hear

  135. Have loved the books since I first found one and read them time and time again and always find something new in each one. Was saddened to learn of Anne’s death, condolences to all her family.

  136. I first read found the Dragon and Talent books in the late 60’s – I still have the now very battered Dragonflight and To Ride Pegasus – they introduced myself and siblings to a wonderful world of imagination that all 4 of us still love. In turn we have introduced our childen to this world and now grandchildren too. I have continued to add to my collection over the years … she will be sorely missed.

  137. Todd,
    Condolences to you and your family on your loss. I feel like I’ve lost a beloved friend. She has been a part of my life for such a long time. I saved all her books and have reread them many times. When I feel sad or upset at life I open a book on Pern and my spirits are lifted. Fly high Anne…’ve earned the right.

  138. “You can’t break time, but you can cheat it.” You achieved that feat Anne. You cheated time with your books that gave a world of readers hope for the future. With these books of yours, I can go back in time to when it started without actually have been there. I feel like a dragonrider myself sometimes when I read your Pern books. Going back in time on the wings of a blue dragon. I have always been partial to the blues. I think I got it mostly from “Old Uncle” the blue fire lizard of Menolly’s. Thank you for these wonderful gifts you have given me. May between be good for you and I hope that you felt your life well lived.

  139. I have read and reread all of the pern novels so many times, and yet I still go back to them to visit all the beloved characters. Anne Mccaffrey gaves us a world where we could dream and fly on the backs of dragons. I was deeply sadden to hear of her death, and wish to send condolences to all of her family. Fly high on the wings of a golden queen Anne.

  140. I was saddened to hear the news of the loss to the world of Anne McCaffrey. My heart hurts for you, her family, and for the fact that I will never again see a new book with her name on it.

    I have lived in all her worlds. I went to my first con because she was the Guest of Honour. Some of my best memories were of her and that Con. She introduced me to Caesars there. One of my prized possessions is the photo she sent of her with the dogs and horses. I will always remember her kindnesses to a neo and later at Worldcon.

    I know the dragons are keening for her going between. But she is surrounded with love there, as she was during her time here. Anne was quite the lady with the pink and purple streaks in her hair.

    I will miss knowing that she was here planning new works. Her legacy will live on.

  141. Thank you, dear Anne, for making it easier to be here. It is wonderful
    to soar with you. You deserve all the beauty, peace and unending happiness
    that is now yours. You are and will always be missed.

  142. Many moons ago, when I was but a child, I was given an old book of sci-fi short stories – a book that included “The Ship Who Sang.” As a disabled person this story spoke volumes to me, it showed me that we could all have a place in this world. I know, now, that wasn’t the purpose of the story – but at the time… that message was very important to me. In a way, it gave me hope. It’s a story I still love, and still treasure.

    A few years later, just before I became a teenager, I was introduced to the “Dragonriders of Pern” saga through “Dragonflight” – and what can I say? A thirty year love affair started with those stories. To this day I’m still an avid fan, always near the head of the line (if not at the front it) to pick up a new book from Anne and her wonderful son Todd.

    I’ve visited many of Anne’s worlds, and through her words, got to know many of her wonderful characters. And the journey she’s taken us on, has always been fun.

    Thank you Anne, thank you for the words, the worlds, the people, the stories. Thank you for being and thank you for giving. Rest well dear lady.

  143. Anne McCaffrey’s worlds have given me bolt holes in the darkest and most difficult periods of my life. I have lost count of the number of times I have read the Pern books, Crystal singer, The Rowan series, and the Brainship books.
    I am saddened by her passing, but overjoyed that she will live on in her literary creations. Going between must be a huge adventure. Who knows where it would take us. To a world full of dragons and harpers I hope.
    What a privilege to be able to join her in her amazing worlds. I have been introducing my class to her works for a while now and know that she is simply inspirational.

  144. I am profoundly saddened to to discover that Anne has passed away a few days before my 72nd birthday in November, I have avidly searched every bookstore for new McCaffrey titles since I discovered “Restoree” years and years ago. I believe that I have read every word she published since that wonderful novel.Through co-writing she gave me a wonderful gift of new authors to follow their careers. Even though I have these new awesome talents to follow including Todd, Mercedes Lackey and Elizabeth Moon, I will very much miss the sheer joy of discovering a new novel and even new worlds from the most beautiful talented women in the world. I am devastated at our loss. The McCaffrey family has my deepest sympathy.

  145. Thank you for the opportunity to express my love and respect. Fred Lamb (Clan Lamont)

  146. I escaped into Pern when I was 12, and have been thankful ever since. I had a tough time, and the thought of impressing a dragon, and having that unconditional love got me through. I wanted (and still do to be honest 🙂 ) to be a dragonrider. Although I will never have my own dragon, I am more grateful than I could possibly say that Anne gave me hers. It may sound daft, but when I read about Path ignoring the candidates, leaving the sands, and searching the audience, it gave me the hope that I too could beat the odds and have a different life for myself.

    I have read all her books, and particularly love the Petaybee stories, The Brainships, The Crystal Singer books, The Rowan, Doona, and the Pegasus books. But Pern and the Dragons have become part of me and is one of the greatest gifts I could ever have.

    My thought are with Anne’s family, thank you for sharing her with us.

  147. Damn. You know, i see obituary notices in the fiction magazine i read every month, and most of the time it’s just… names. But it’s becoming worse as the time passes. Terry Pratchett is arranging an euthanasia for himself. Robert Jordan died. And now Anne McCaffrey too…

    Which leaves a question (i’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up yet): what will happen to the last Pern novel she’s been writing?

  148. I am so grateful to have found Pern as a teen. The escape it gave me to be able to enter that world saved me and taught me there could be better people and things in life than I had experienced. I am so very sorry she has passed but she’ll never really be gone from my heart. Thank you Ms. McCaffrey for sharing and I wish peace for the McCaffrey family.

  149. I just came upon this site just now. My condolences to everyone. A day or two after Anne’s death, I wrote a blog on the influence she had on my life. Here is the link for anyone who wants to read. Feel free to leave a comment too. We’ll miss you Anne. RIP

  150. Todd and Family,

    My condolences on the loss of your mother. While the world has lost a truly talented author your loss is much keener. I can’t say that I feel your pain, but I will miss her writings and my heart goes out to you and yours.

    Erina Berden and Family

  151. I am so sorry for your loss. I can still remember when I first read my first Anne McCaffery book. I was in my old school library and I was in grade 9. We were given the usual boring book list to read and I was looking up another author altogether. I found her books by chance and from then on I was an avid reader of hers. It was like waking up into a real dream, that moment is forever etched into my mind.

    She will be greatly missed. I give you and your family my deepest sympathy.

  152. could not have said it better myself! My sister and I have spent the last thirty years reading and re-reading her books. They kept first a teenager up at night and then an adult. She will be missed! Our Condolenses to her family.

  153. Like so many others I’ve enjoyed Anne McCaffrey’s books for decades. What a mind she had! The Dragonriders of Pern series have been my lifelong favorite books…I feel I could walk onto Pern and feel at home with friends I’ve known for a lifetime. That is the highest compliment I can think to give a writer! For some reason, about a month ago I decided to read the series yet again, and decided to check the internet to see if there were some new books out that I could order. (In fact I have two of her books laying on my desk at the moment.) So I just found out that she had passed away–News travels slowly in Mexico. I am so sorry to hear of her passing, but she clearly had a long and wonderful life, and if anyone deserved it, she did for giving us all such joy!

  154. To all those who knew and loved Anne McCaffrey as a person…
    We all know the loss of Anne McCaffrey will leave a hole in the realm of fiction. As big and sad as that loss is, it does not compare with those who knew and loved her as a mother, a grandmother, and a friend. You have my deepest sympathy and condolences for your loss.

  155. From the age of 8 until now, I have lived in a magical world of dragons, they have even now as a 46 year old mother, and teacher sustained and captivated me. My books span the length of a bookcase (and were the only books I bought rather than borrowed from the library, and have been treasured and re-read time and time again. (I only ever lent them infrequently – but have gifted new copies often to others.) I am sad, but grateful for all the hours of joy and escapism that I have found over the years. Finding your mother’s books and reading them has given me more joy than I could possibly explain.

  156. After reading the words of so many others before me, I find I have to dry my eyes so as to be able to see. I’m 45, and have been reading the Pern novels since my early teens. Anne was one of those rare authors that I’ve read that could draw me so completely into her world. I felt the joy as well as the sorrow she poured into each novel. My mother and I had the Great Pleasure of meeting Anne in her Home on 4 February, 2011. I confess, I only remember the Exact date because that is the date she put down when she signed my old, mouse-nibbled copy of the Dragonriders of Pern hardback. We enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a chat, then had a short tour of her lovely home. I only regret not getting more pictures to help remember the occasion.

    I was shocked and stunned when I read of her passing. I’d like to pass my most Sincere Condolences to her family. I can’t help but imagine that the dragons of all the Weyrs bugled at her loss. The Dragon Lady is now with the Master Harper. I find it somewhat comforting that her son Todd has the same knack for storytelling as his mother, as he’s been able to draw me in to his tales as well as his mother did. Still, though the torch has been passed, the flame that ignited it has been extinguished, and we’re all the poorer for it. She was a Wonderful Person and an Excellent Author, and I’m Glad I was able to wander through her worlds.

    Again, I’m so Very Sorry for your loss.

  157. I was stunned when I read about Anne McCaffrey’s passing. I grew up reading her dragon books, and she fostered in me a huge love of fantasy and dragon-kind. She was an amazing writer and will be sorely missed.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family.

  158. Todd and Family, my deepest condolences for your loss. I have every one of Anne’s Pern Books, and all of yours except the last one (I have read it). My son, who is now gone from us, directed me to the world of Pern. I wasn’t able to talk with him about what we had read; I kept buying the books for him and started reading them about three years ago. Those books will be safely kept in my book collection with memories of him and Anne.. Anne is (I can’t think of her gone) such a tremendously gifted writer, I know loved by hundreds of thousands around the world. We will miss her, but it is my hope that you will continue her legacy. I love your weeks as well and encourage you to continue the adventures, trials and tribulations of Pern. My thoughts and praryers are with Anne, you and your families; thank you for sharing her with us. You and Anne are to me a rare light that will shine forever in my heart.


  159. I meant to say that I love your books; too emotional at the moment.

  160. Dear Todd and family,
    I am terribly saddened to hear of your mother’s passing. She was a truly gifted lady. I love the world of Pern and all the stories that have weaved an amazing adventure. My sincere and heartfelt condolences.

  161. As I young girl my dreams were filled with dragons, courtesy of their Queen, the great Anne McCaffrey. I had the privilege of meeting Anne at a book signing in Orlando before she began co-writing with Todd. Like a true mother, she talked of him, and her pride in his work. This collaboration resulted in, to my personal satisfaction, a continuation of my addiction to Pern. I will miss the excitement that I always felt when one of her books was about to be released, and the sadness that came at the end when I knew it was over. I am so thankful that Anne “shared” Pern with Todd, but the world will seem just a little smaller without the Dragon Lady of Pern.

  162. Having had the privilege of calling Anne a friend for more than thirty five years it was with great sadness that I heard about her passing. Time and distance has meant that I had not the contact with her that I should have had and that is something that now cannot be changed. Regardfless of the length of time between visits there was, as we say in Ireland, a welcome on the mat and serious enthusiasm for news. For those of us who had the honour of calling Anne a friend she was, is and always will be, irreplaceable.

  163. It was one of the saddest days of my life when yesterday I found out that we had lost you Anne. I will miss her so much. The world has lost another GREAT PERSON. I will miss her deeply.

    I have read and re-read the Pern books so many times they are getting a little worn, especially the oldest ones. So I do hope that Todd will keep the series going.

    One of the greatest things about attending DragonCon here in Atlanta, was getting to meet Anne & Todd. So it will be sad not see Anne anymore, but I am sure that all of us who attend Dragon want Todd to come every year from now on.

    A few years ago I turned my friend Mary Anne Brennison on to the Pern series and she has enjoyed meeting Anne and Todd at Dragon also. She is not on the internet these days, so I will include her condolences also.

  164. I am saddened to hear of your loss. Anne’s books have and always will be a very special refuge in my life. I can escape to “another world” and become a part of a different society. I would have loved to be a dragonrider – to have such a special relationship with an incredible creature like a dragon. Please Todd, keep writing, keep Pern alive.

  165. Dear Todd and family,

    My heartfelt condoleances on the loss of your mother. “Losing your mother is the first sorrow that you weep without her” (Anonymous).

    Her first book “Dragonsdawn” set me on the path of collecting dragons and her books. As an introvert I read quite a bit. Ann gave me a whole new world with Pern to investigate and love, go through the trials and joy of dragonriders and holders. I did not limit myself to the dragons of Pern but read any book that your mother wrote.

    She will be sorely missed. You have your mother’s touch when it comes to dragons (and writing), keep up the good work.

  166. We lost not only a marvelous writer but a great LADY. She brought us into a world of delight and joy in her writing and shared her life with us all. Can you see the procession that led her home to Pern?

  167. I was in shock when I heard about Anne’s passing. Her books gave me joy over many years and I am sure will do for many more to come. I began reading books in the Pern series but I also loved the Tower and the Hive sequence. I have introduced members of my family of both younger and older generations to Anne’s works. My Mum enjoyed reading the Crystal Singer books as well as Pern. I am one of many people to have more books by Anne than any other writer. I think she was one of the very best authors and will be sorely missed me and several of my relatives. Long may her wonderful legacy of Pern continue. I wish all of Anne’s family the best for Christmas and the future.

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  169. I have read the Pern series over and over and waited with great love for the next book. I was so saddened to hear of her loss but she will live on in my heart as loog as I can read her many books. I recieved a ereader and lots of cards for Christmas and will be down loading all of her books. Pern is my favorite but Acorna and Rowan are up there on my list. Thank you Alec, Todd and Gigi for sharing your wonderful Mother with all who love to read her works.

  170. Sir,
    I hope that christmas finds you and your family as well as can be expected and hope that as time passes your loss becomes more manageable. I just found out about your mothers passing due to being out of the US and not able to access the internet. I have been reading your mothers stories and escaping the real world with her for close to 30 years. I will miss her as will we all.

  171. Like many throughout the world, I was heartbroken when I heard of your mother passing. At the age of 14, I “borrowed” Dragonflight from my father’s book collection. My family had just moved across the country (during summertime, which made making friends very difficult) so I took to her books quickly. I found myself searching my father’s book shelves for more books or asking him to get me more. At almost 35, I have now collected every book she has ever written and read some so many times that they are starting to fall apart. In fact, my own son has started “borrowing” those same book from me. He enjoys her writings just as much as I have.

    Although she has passed, your mother contiunues to bright joy to so many people throughout the world. She was easily the bet science fiction writer of her time and I will truly miss her amazing contributions to the literary community.

    My thoughts are to you and your family for you loss. She will be missed but will be cherished for generations to come!

  172. Having lost a parent close to the Christmas season, I know that the first of “everything” is difficult. He had lived on borrowed time for 10 years.

    As you know, Anne has touched so many people with all her books. They crossed several genres. 🙂 The first Dragonriders of Pern book I read had the first 3 Dragonrider books in one. That was in 1977; 9 years after Dragonrider was released. Since that time, I have bought and read everything that Anne wrote. Every year, I anxiously waited for her next book to be in the book store. Thank goodness for the internet and on-line shopping, we then knew when they were coming and could even pre-order. Now we watched the calendar and our mail boxes for the deliveries.

    I think I can say that everyone who has read one of her books truly enjoyed entering her world of imagination. What all science fiction readers truly enjoy is living life on other worlds. Anne had a lot of them. 🙂 From the Dragonriders to Crystal Singers to Singing Ships to Newborn planets, we escaped to so many different places.

    Thank you, Anne, for sharing your imaginary worlds with us. You will be missed. I plan to have “my” next generation carry the torch.

  173. Let me tell you something about your mum. When I was a little girl of about 8 I didn’t have many friends. I was taking middle school classes when I was in the third grade and they wanted to move me into high school when I was 9. Thankfully, my mother said no to that. To keep the miseries of being bullied away and fuel my rapacious and unending need to read I was given (well really, I stole) Dragonsong from the shelves of my mother. I read it again and again and again and then followed bu reading all of the other pern books repeatedly until I was in my teens. It shut out a world where there was bullying, sexual predators in the neighborhood and drug dealers and drive by shootings. I don’t think I would be who I am without the safety net those books gave me.

    Your mum was so kind. When I was about 9 (30 yers ago) I wrote to her to tell her how much I loved her books and what about them was great. I NEVER expected a response. She wrote back to me! Not just once, but twice! It was typed, but on her own stationary, in her own words and relevant to what I had to say. I was so floored that she would take time out of her busy life to pay attention to a 9 year old that she didn’t know, but I guess that says it all about your mum.

    I’ll never forget her kindness, or that she showed me in her own way that it was possible to have something amazing happen to you if you just reach out and say hello.

  174. i started reading anne’s books after getting started with jrr tolkein’s, graduated to terry brooks and david eddings, but have most all of anne’s books and read them often, and so glad and relieved that Todd is master of the sandbox and will keep pern alive.

  175. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Anne McCaffrey. I first picked up The White Dragon in a second hand bookshop as a teenager, and have been hooked ever since. I have enjoyed all the Pern, tower and the hive, Acorna series and many more! I would like to thank Anne and Todd for the Pern books, they have helped me to get through a very hard year. I hope Todd will continue to write more

  176. I just discovered this news and wanted to all of you how much I loved your mother’s work. I consider it spiritual in nature and an apt description of what happens to us all as we come to the relative universe, forgetting who we really are and through the course of our life time, re-membering. Your mothers work presciently describes that very process and I loved every word. As someone said, I too, can hear the dragons keening. Blessed be, all of you, and know that your mother is home. :^) gene

  177. I am comforted in knowing that she’s with “Sis” in the garden. I miss them both.


  178. Today I learnt that Anne McCaffrey has passed away. My sincere condolences to her family and to all who loved her work.
    Anne McCaffrey was and still is my favourite author. The first book I ever read of hers was Restoree when I was 16 and after that I devoured every book I could find. Now, many years later I still go back and re-read her books and still enjoy them as much. They have seen me through 4 moves on 3 continents and 3 degrees. I love all her books and was so glad that Todd was writing with her.
    It’s always a shock to lose someone, even when they are living on ‘borrowed time” and I wish you all much strength at this time.
    I am so sorry Anne is no longer with us, but I will never forget her. She lives on in her magnificent books and I for one will make sure my child reads her books too!

    Thank you Anne for so much. The dragons are definitely keening.

  179. I just checked the web site to see what was next. I just finished the latest Dragon’s Time. So sorry to hear of the loss of a great lady. Thankyou, Todd for carrying on. I am sure it was a great pleasure working with her. Let the world of PERN never die!

  180. Anne McCaffrey gives us hope in spite of great odds against us. She shows us how we can respect and cooperate with individuals that are of different cultures. She teaches us to grab the challenges life brings and take a step into the unknown… to stick with our decisions and to make things happen for our future. Ms. McCaffrey may have gone between, but between has yet to be explored.

    May your family take comfort in the words and in the worlds, and in the sparkle of love you gave to them and to others.

  181. I always meant to write a letter to Anne to thank her. I started reading her books in 1984 at the age of 13. When i was younger i had dyslexia and had a terrible time in school because of it. My grandmother told me i needed to find some books to read to help. I found the white dragon i remember it took me more then a month to read it but i kept at it. By the time i was 15 i had read all the books she had written and was waiting for the next book. I read and reread all of Anne’s books so many times. My father used to tell me i read to much.

    Anne where ever you are thank you so much for the years of joy you have given me reading your books. And most of all for helping me to learn to love reading. I have my own library at home now filled to the brim with books, i have read every one of them. It all started thanks to Anne with my old beat up copy of the white dragon.


  182. The Dragonriders of Pern omnibus was the very first science fiction I ever read. Anne McCaffrey’s books were my opening to the worlds beyond our own, and I will forever be grateful. My condolences are with her family, especially at this time because the first holidays without loved ones are always the hardest. Anne will be remembered, not just by the current generations of fans, but the future generations.
    The stories she told are timeless, and wonderful, and she’ll always be remembered as one of the greatest science fiction/fantasy writers of all time!

  183. My sympathies to Anne’s family. Her books have given me thousand of hours of pleasure. I had the privilege of meeting her at two Word Cons.

  184. I’m a huge fan, and it was after reading her books that I myself began writing my manuscripts. There will never be another author like her. I thank her for the wonderful books she has wrote and left behind. There is a phraise that I love to quote, “People come into our lives for a moment, but touch our hearts forever.” The day she wote her books she came into her readers’ lives and touched our hearts. She will never be forgotten but always will be remembered. Thank You for your wonderful stories.

  185. I am sorry for your loss, Todd. I met your mother, through the Dragonriders of Pern, in the early ’80’s. She has been my hero and when times were hard for this pastor’s wife, I fled to Pern to ease the loneliness. Her legacy is rich and will continue each time someone picks up a book that has anything to do with the Dragonriders of Pern. Will keep you in my thoughts as you go through this year of “firsts” without your mum.

  186. Sonnet to a Silver Lady

    O silver lady, by whose prolific pen
    Did crystals learn across deep space to sing,
    And from whose mind minds learnt great ships to sling
    Twixt stars, and talk from mind to mind open.

    For whom the horses mourned and dolphins talked,
    For whom vile Mil and cruel Kolnari died,
    For whom her people danced and couples sighed.
    For whom round distant stars her mind’s eye walked.

    Whose dragons flew with phosphine breath to flame
    Thread from the skies, a past’ral world to save;
    Whose heroines built worlds, but when not brave
    Did Aran sweaters knit and men folk tame.

    From golden dragons flies so high and free
    The silver soul that was our Anne McCaffrey.

  187. I discovered Anne McCaffrey by accident. The Ship Who Sang appealed to my SF interests and when I discovered the lead character was feminine I found I had another hunger. I liked the idea of a woman being strong, competent and capable without being a masculine stereotype. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have looked at fantasy type dragon lore but I followed the author into Dragon Flight. I was caught by a Master Writer. Since then I have collected, read and reread the McCaffrey library. My wife, who bred and showed Cairn Terriers named several of her dogs after women in the dragon stories. In the years I have left I will be reading and listening to McCaffrey stories. I am so pleased that Todd without a noticeable seam has picked up the banner. I will be waiting for his new titles just as I did for the newest stories from Anne’s keyboard.
    Thank you so much. JdN

  188. I agree with Viv, I have read and read many times Anne’s Dragon world of Pern. When Todd’s book came out, I went to the library again to reread again and now with my Kindle I am rereading and escaping again to Pern.
    Anne created a world of fantasy that I love to get lost in which I do when the real world gets to be too much.
    Anne holds a special place in my miind along with every character of Pern. I just finised for the umpteenth time The Skies of Pern.

  189. Hey there. I just desired to actually leave a brief comment and also let you learn that I’ve been pursuing your blogging site for quite some time. Keep up the impressive work and I will be looking again another time once again.

  190. Todd & Family –

    My condolences on your loss. I can remember long ago finding my mother’s copy of “The White Dragon” and being unable to put it down. I was 7 at the time. I am now 40 and still read and re-read the Pern series. My wife is also a fan. We own every Pern title and we axiously wait for each new novel. It is rare that a series has the longevity like the World of Pern has. Anne McCaffrey was a master of her trade and will be sorely missed the world over.

  191. My dear Todd and family and fans, Anne McCaffrey , was introduced to me over 30 years ago at a bookstore in Atlanta, Ga as the finest science fiction writer alive! It took me one book to totally agree. She was an amazing “artist”. Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment. That time will continue as I discover new treasures, reread old favorites as well as read your books Todd. I will miss her, my heart goes out to you and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  192. Todd and family,

    Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and friend.

    It is with much disbelief that I have learned today of Anne’s passing. It was DragonQuest that set my imagination free when I was 16 that helped me to cope with living in foster care. Throughout the years I have eagerly sought out any new books in any of the series’ that Anne wrote to add to my collection. I introduced my son at 12 to the Dragonrider’s stories and now, at 21, he just called to tell me of his latest acquisition of a leather bound DragonQuest edition and to inform me of Anne’s recent passing.

    I will treasure each and every story for the enjoyment and comfort that they bring to my life.

    May I suggest a reissue of all of Anne’s works of fiction so that the younger generation can explore the, World’s of Anne McCaffrey’s Imagination.

    Most Sincerely,
    Susan Downey

  193. I just learned of Anne’s final journey Between. It saddens me greatly as her marvelous stories have been both an inspiration and comfort to me for many, many years. Though fiction in form, those stories neatly capture the true human spirit and emotional growth of young girls into women. I had so looked forward to a continuation of Menolly, Lessa, F’lar, F’lessan, and others… Please, Todd, carry forth with Pern and it’s many wonderful characters. Your contributions to the grand adventure of Pern are equally special, welcome, treasured, and the finest tribute possible to your mum’s legacy. Thank you and may all your skies be forever Thread-free!

  194. So sorry to hear of the passing of a fantastic author. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve read my collection of Pern books . My sincere condolences to the family xx

  195. Thank you Anne for all of the wonderful years of dragons….I always find myself reaching for them year after year and they never let me down…have a great journey between….

  196. Thank you Anne for all of the wonderful years of dragons….I find myself going back to them again and again….have a wonderful ride between…

  197. To Todd Alec and Gorgeanne I’m so sorry for passing of your mother, it is a great loss to all of you; her immediate family, but also a huge loss to us fans, her ‘other’ family, she touched our hearts. I came to Anne McCaffery’s books rather late, but they are my favourite books because I have always loved dragons. I always ‘meant’ to write and thank Anne for her wonderful world of dragons; I deeply regret not doing so. Thank you Anne.
    Todd, now you carry Pern’s torch. We have already enjoyed your books very much. Thank you for carrying on the dream.
    Although we are sad and grieving our loss of such a lovely lady, we must also be happy; happy that Anne was with those she loved at the last, and she must have felt the love of her fans. Anne will never really be gone, not when every day we read her books.
    Love you now and always

  198. My never ending condolences to the entire McCaffrey family. My heart is broken as I read this sad news. Anne has been my one and only favorite author since I stumbled across Dragonsinger in my early teens. I have had a love affair with dragons and Pern ever since. I’ve read every one of Anne’s books. From Pern, to The Crystal Singer, Doona, The Ships, Acorna and on and on. Anne has given me, and readers everywhere, more than anyone can ever accurately express.

    As the McCaffrey Family mourns, so do Anne’s loyal readers. We have all lost such a wonderful woman, a true beacon if there ever was one.

    Todd, please continue the legacy your mother started and keep Pern alive. There are many, many more Passes and Intervals that we are anxiously waiting to read about.

  199. To Todd and all the Family,
    I have just read of your mothers death and am greatly saddened
    I have read and loved everything she and the both of you have written, Anne will be sorely missed my condolences to you all

  200. Here is my tribute to the first dragonrider, Anne McCaffrey –

  201. My dear Todd, I feel dumbstruck by the news of your mother’s passing. I feel that I have lost a dear auntie. Twelve years ago as I sat before my first Internet connected computer I thought, who could I look up. Then it came to me, though I my have several authors your mom was on top of my list. With a few key strokes I had not only found a web page about her and her books I had found what per ported to be her e-mail address. Even though I had no thought that I would ever receive a reply I sent her a note to the effect of how much I enjoyed her books and how they had given many hours of fun escape. After sending it off I did not think of it again, until I was online a few days later and noticed that I had email. Your mother had replied to my message herself, this alone would have been fantastic but she add that my note had come at a very good time as she had just spent a very exhausting session with some very demanding fans. This note was very special to me. About two years later my family was planning a trip to Ireland and I got the wild idea of writing your mom and asking for a audience with her. To this day I can recall he response I received the next day “When a McGuire ask a McCaffry for an audience how can I refuse, when you get to Dublin give me a call my number is … You will have to have your own transportation as I am not on a public bus route”. And true to her word when I called she gave me directions and when my wife, daughter and I arrived at Dragon hold we were warmly welcomed by the lady holder herself. She invited us into her home, gave us the holders tour and invited my 2 year daughter to help her finish a puzzle she was doing. She also consented to allow a picture of herself my daughter and me to be taken. I had the nerve to ask if she would sign my copy of Master-harper and she gracefully consented to do so, when she had finished I look at the inscription I stated while I was very happy that she had signed it my name was Patrick McGuire not Michael at this point we all had a good laugh and she explained she had a friend named michael and she would replace the book and resign it. When we were unable to locate a copy in the house she just whited out the Michael and wrote to Patrick, so not only do I have the book, the memory of a wonderful couple of hours but a great human story of one of the greatest authors of our times. Todd I hope your mother and all of your family are aware of just how much she has meant to all of us fans. All my best, Patrick J McGuire Mythlund house Byron Mi.

  202. It’s 3am in Adelaide.Australia and I am clicking around my computer trying to find when the next Pern book will come out as I’ve finished Dragon’s Time last week and want the next Pern book. I didn’t know Anne was lost to us until I looked at Wikipedia and found that under her photo has a date for “died”. My first horrible selfish thought was “but wot about the next book!” Truly Anne McCaffrey has given me hundreds of hours of pleasure over the years and lifted my spirit with her words as no one else could and feel almost panicked that I wont have the joy of an unread Anne McCaffrey book ever again. I wish Anne peace and will miss her immensely.

  203. I read my first Anne McCaffrey book, Dragonflight, over 25 years ago, and I am still as enthralled when I re-read it now as I was then. It’s been the same with any of her over the years…and I have them all…whether sci-fi, fantasy or just plain old fiction! Ms McCaffrey was truly a master of the written word.

    When I was 23, I wrote to her and told her that I would be vacationing in Wales, and could I possibly meet her somewhere to get an autograph (I could get to Ireland from Wales). I was floored when she sent me a postcard requesting that I stop at Dragonhold Underhill for lunch (tea) with a phone number to call when I was nearby! I consider that visit, meeting her, meeting Georgie, seeing where the genius was written, as one of the highlights of my life.

    I was then able to get the same book signed again by her at Dragon.con in 2004.

    I was planning to get it signed again st Dragon,con in September 2011, but she was too ill to attend.

    I know that the entire McCaffrey family is in mourning, and we are all mourning this great lady’s loss, but I can’t help but thank God enough that He put such a wonderful and talented woman on this earth in order to enrich our lives with these magnificent stories that have touched so many people in so many ways. We mourn her, but are all richer for having had her here.

  204. A very sad day for us Dragon lovers, when “The Dragon Lady of Pern” passed from this life to a better one. The Dragonriders of Pern was my first syfy book so many years ago. I loved to read Anne McCaffrey no matter what it was – I have read all her books several times. Laughter & Tears, Joy & Sadness, a whole gambit of emotions reading her books.

    Thank You for enriching my life with your words. Thank you for the legacy of your son’s writing, which I hope to enjoy for years to come.

    Enjoy your heavenly life!

  205. To Anne,

    I have been sick and did not know you had gone Between, My heart of Dragon Strings are keening Their Sorrow and loss. And the weyr in my mind has gone silent.

    Thank you for you help and support when you were here and I will meet you between one day!

    Love and honor always


  206. I am an avid reader and inhale books by the truckload. I believe I have read every book Anne ever wrote, and I own 3 of her series in hardcover. I have read the ‘Pern’ series several times. Excellent world building and wonderful characters! Todd is doing a wonderful job of keeping Pern alive. I am sure Anne was very proud of him.
    RIP Anne McCaffery, you will be missed.

  207. I remember reading Restoree when I was in college and I was hooked. Then I read The Ship Who Sang and fell in love. Then there was Dragonflight and I wanted a dragon. I read every book as it came out and was impatient in between. She will be missed and good luck to you, Todd. I’m just thankful that her legacy won’t die with her.

  208. I was just telling my friend about the Pern series and had the strange urge to go to the site… I was shocked to read of her passing… Her books have always been part of my life, she has given me new thoughts and ideas… I am still in shock…. She was a wonderful person, she will be missed by everyone she touched.

  209. Todd, condolenses to our loss. Anne was a great writer and lady. I just finished reading Dragonholder and loved it. Todd, you and I are about the same age. I’m 59. And I saw so many parallels in our parents, grandparents and the way we were raised. Your grandmother, Bami, had tinnitus. I’ve had that since I was 6. I had a lot of ear infections then and developed the ringing in my ears and it has gotten worse with age.

    I have felt a kinship with Anne since the first book I read. The Menolly trilogy touched me deeply because I had a father that didn’t understand me. Nimisha’s Ship, her mother was a lot like the way I was raised. Her love of cats, horses and the connection to the planet(s) were along the same way I feel.

    Dolphins of Pern is a special favorite! I live in Houston and going across the Bay, it’s such a joy to see the dolphins following the ferry.

    Anne had a good long life and has brought much joy and peace to my life.

    Love you, Anne

  210. Todd and family,
    My deepest sympathy. I feel so honored to have heard your mum speak at Dragon Con in Atlanta, in 2010. As a therapist I thought it so sweet that everytime she tried to hold the mike up in her right hand and it would slowly drop down (telling me that, indeed, she had had a small CVA at some time), you would sneak over and gently push it back up. She inspired me to try writing my own stories with her portrayal of strong female protagonists, and I’m pleased to say I now have 2 e-book out. Plus, as an old geezer . . . geezette? I like to think we’re never too old to be real sci fi/fantasy geeks and bless her heart, she was still so young in spirit. She will be missed . . . she will be remembered. Take care Todd and family. See ya at Dragon Con!
    Kelly Tharp – Corvallis Oregon

  211. In 2000, I wrote an open letter to Anne McCaffery through a website for Pern; to my amazement, I received a personal reply from her! The year 2000 was the Chinese year of the Golden Dragon, and she said she hadn’t thought about that, and thanked me for mentioning. For the year 2012, the Chinese are now entering the Year of the Water Dragon, which then highlights the blue and green dragons of Pern very nicely. I have been an avid reader of all the Pern series, and would devour any I bought within a matter of hours, leaving my nephew to ask why I didn’t just stay at the bookshop and read it, instead of buying any book. I have been surrounded my music and song since I was born, so the Harper Hall was familiar to me. Anne was the kind of lady one wished could be your mother, your grandmother, or your favorite aunt, and I cried for a few days after reading the eulogy; she will be missed, but may the harpers sing the tales and songs she loved, and that all of her “children” remember her, no matter how old they are. God Bless and Keep you surrounded by His Love.

  212. There will always be dragons…


  213. I have just discovered that Anne has died, My first reaction was to burst into tears, for thirty years she has been such a huge part of my life bringing me joy, laughter and tears, as an avid reader of too many authors to remember I can honestly say she was my favourite. I want to be a dragonrider on Pern and for a good part of my life, in my mind I was!!! I am so grateful I found her books and thank God he put such a wonderful mind on this earth, I will make sure that my grandaughter – due in a weeks time – will be introduced to the joy of Pern. Thank you Todd for carrying on the good work and my condolences to you and all of her family, if heaven is what we make it then I will meet her one day on Pern.

  214. I am so very sorry for the loss of your mother. I have read all of her books and only knew her through her writing, but she will always be a friend to me. Her novels have helped me through many rough spots in my life including the loss of my mother and grandmother. Again my deepest sympathy.

  215. First I would like to say how sorry I am on hearing about the passing of your Mom. It is a very hard thing to accept but know we have to. I enjoyed her many novels and of course The Dragons of Pern were my favorite of all. Blessed be to you and yours.

  216. I just learned that Anne died. My condolences to your family. I loved the Pern series and several other of her series. She was such a creative soul. Thank you Todd for continuing Pern.

  217. I am so, so sorry. I just learned of her passing this afternoon, and, like many others, burst into tears. I can hardly see to write.

    My deepest condolences to all of her family and friends. How you must miss her.

    There are no words.

  218. As I was reading “Pegasus in Space” (rereading actually) last night, I realized that it had been quite some time since I had come to this site and I wondered if there were any new offerings from Clan McCaffrey on the horizon. When I got to this site, I found not news of a new publication but Alec’s stirring eulogy. Wait a minute, eulogy? I was astomished to learn that somehow I had missed reading anywhere – newspaper, internet news- that Anne had passed away in November. My most heartfelt condolences to the entire family. Thank you for sharing her with the rest of us.

    F’lessan said, “There will always be dragons in the skies of Pern!” With Todd to carry the torch lit by his Mum, “There will always be Anne McCaffrey in our hearts!” Rest in Peace, dear Anne, you are and always will be missed.

  219. I just learned,also, of Anne’s passing. Breaks my heart but hope she can join my mother, Dena as she was an avid bridge player. I only became a fan in the last year and enjoy all of the books. Will try to read all before I head up there(?) to join them.

  220. Ann has been a part of my life for so long – I will miss her – my thoughts are with her family

  221. dear Todd and family,
    I only just found out about your mums passing as youngest son was asking what books wanted for a birthday and when read your posting about your mums passing, my thoughts admediatly went to you and your family as well as our love, she will always be a brilliant person and many times sent thanks through my thoughts to her, for her incredibale work, for her books had helped me to escape through a lot of hurt and problems I was going through and to help get through the dislexia I still suffer from.
    my first book bought in a statonary shop, I had gotten into trouble for reading dragon quest lol and so hooked I was only 16 at the time and so each week or when I could would add to my collection, now I got my youngest son reading them.
    So Todd thank you for sharing your work and ideas to bring out more incredible work you both have shared.
    so I wish you clear skies and fair sailing where ever the fair winds ever take you

  222. Todd and Family

    I express my deepest condolences on the passing of your greatly missed mother. Be it late it is still a raw feeling now even if in the “golden years” the inevitable is nigh at some unknown time. Still a time for sadness that will continue as reader visit and learn the sad news.
    Since reading Dragon Quest first and then seeking out all her writings as they came into print. Dedicated in creating a wonderful world and showing both sides of life in a new world.

    We had the fortune to visit Wicklow some years ago, although it would have been nice to find Dragon Hold, just to pass by, it was not to be an intrusion. What comes across is that many Pern locations seem to be similar to places local in Wicklow. A truly beautiful County!
    For the future, you Todd have now perfected your Mothers earlier style of writing and in the most recent books have conveyed a clearer picture for the imagination to work with.

    Continue Anne’s work both in your own right and as a everlasting memorial to her skills that you have inherited.

    I thank you and on her behalf on the joy that you both brought and continue to bring.

    Love and Life to you all, may you always fly free. Be safe
    Alan and Christine

  223. Todd and Family:

    You have my deepest condolences.

    Anne McCaffrey was a inspiration to me and to so many writers.

    She will indeed be missed.

  224. I will miss her too. You all have my condolences.

    I’d say my love of reading skyrocketed when I picked up Dragonsong. I read on average 1 a day before then. At that sometimes I stopped midway and waited awhile.

    The number a day increased after I picked that one up. Her e-mail response to me one day was great too.

    And needless to say, volunteering to walk around DragonCon and help in whatever capacity I could, with her one year made it a very memorable experience to me.

  225. Anne McCaffrey was the first author that made me want to read every possible title she ever wrote; and read them I did. I waited with bated breath for every new book to come out.

    Thank you, Anne, for the inspiration and wonderful worlds and people you shared with me/us. In every instance, they were good people and gave hope for the possibility for a better world. I will never forget you and will continue to re-read and re-read and re-read your books. I encourage everyone I know to read your books, knowing they will enjoy them as much as I have.

  226. Todd, your mothers books brought joy to many people, but especially to me when I was going through a very trying time in my life. Your mom will be greatly missed but she will continue to fly with the dragons she so warmly brought to our world.

  227. I too could not have said it better!

    Not being a writer at all, but a lover of books, Anne was like a second mother to me in her books. She comforted me as a teenager, and as an adult through difficult times.
    I’ve been a fan and have most of her books

    I have just discovered the joys of Audio CD, and am currently listening to “Dragonflight” a Christmas (2011) gift from my Husband.
    Todd’s books have made him a brother to me–thanks Todd! Please don’t stop writing!

    My condolences to the family and fans! She will be truly missed. Thanks so much for letting her share her time to write so that so many people were able to enjoy her too. As you say, her heart was large, and though she may not know it, she was loved by many.

  228. My condolences to the family.

    I recently did an informative speech about Anne McCaffrey. I found out so much information and it helped me to really appreciate the writer and person that we as a society have lost. I was surprised at how few people in my class had not heard of her. I just want everyone to know how great a writer she was no matter what she wrote.

    I started to read her books when I was a teen and they still move me no matter how many times I read them. I am glad that Todd will be continuing with the Pern series. All tho he has a different voice with the series it is still a joy to read.

  229. I have had a deep love of Anne’s books over the decades and continue to be my best loved books am just catching up with Todd’s who is continuing the tradition of Pern. My it continue with all my love

  230. I posted this on my Facebook page on Nov. 22, but also wanted to post it here.

    My heart is heavy, for the woman who penned the the series of novels that helped propel me from youth to manhood. has passed beyond. May her travel between be as easy for her as finding joy in her words was for me. R.I.P Anne McCaffrey, your work will be carried on by Todd, and others, and you will be proud. The harpers will sing about you for generations to come.

  231. I just found out about this sad event. I have read and re-read all of the Pern series. Some of my books are so old they are falling apart. I check the bookstore often for new books. I will miss her dearly. My condolences go to her family. She will always be with us in spirit. I will remember her every time I read one of her books.

  232. Todd — I was first introduced to ‘The Dragonriders of Pern’ by a friend of mine while still in college in North Georgia. Following the story (I cannot call them ‘adventures’) of Lessa and Ramoth, her golden queen, I was, and am, hooked for life. Jaxom, Ruth, Menolly, The MasterHarper, and all the others still live through these books, and, therefore, your mother as well. I play Guild Wars, which you may or may not be familiar with, but have decided to honor these characters by naming them in the tradition of Pern. Their names, accordingly, are: Alarice of Telgar (in the tradition of Tarvi Adiyar), Alarice of Benden, and Algonda the Bitran (she is really NOT the greed-driven character normally associated with those in that region). There are more, which is only natural, but I hope to have the opportunity to read further adventures of Lessa, and the Dragonriders of Pern!

    Thank you, and your mother for bringing these tales to us!!!!

  233. I had posted on the publisher’s page when I heard the news, but wanted to add something here. I read the Harper Hall trilogy when I was about 12, oh so many years ago. It sparked an interest in the written word that has led me to read piles of books as well as write them. Artistically, Anne McCaffrey had a huge impact on my life and I truly mourn her passing. She was a great storyteller.

  234. i was introduced to the world of pern in the late 70’s by a co-worker, and was immediately captivated by the fully developed life and times of thecharacters. as the stories evolved toward landing, and the explanation of the evolution of pern, i was fascinated by how she kept the different facets together in a cohesive whole. when the red star was nullified, i wondered if anything could be added, but i have been consistently pleased at the fill-ins that she and you have provided. i look forward to more of the world of pern. she has left a great literary legacy.

  235. Anne McCaffrey created a beautiful and amazing world for me as read her books as a child and as an adult. She gave us the gift of dragons and I still hold on to that gift and plan to pass it on to my children when they are old enough. She is greatly missed but will never be forgotten. My condolences to you and your family.

  236. I didn’t find out about Anne’s passing for about 2 months, and didn’t reach this page for 2 weeks on top of that- yet still the dragons keen and mourn her passing .

    My condolences to all of her family, it’s truly a shame that she never got to see her Dragons imortalised on the big screen. However, that’s all the more reason to make sure they do it right- and make her proud.

    She’s resting with her beloved dragons now, and probaby having a little dance with Robinton too.

    As the great AIVAS once said, (and also a song that was quite appropriatelly called ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’)
    “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.”

  237. I think we can all agree that Anne McCafferey was truly the “MasterWriter” of Pern, and that Todd should (in his own time) Walk the Tables to succeed her.

  238. I just learned of Anne McCaffrey’s passing today. I am sad and hopeful at the same time and wish to honor her family and the life that she led.

    Dragonflight was my first book that I read cover to cover in 1977 before I ever knew about scifi or fantasy books. Since then, I always turned to Anne McCaffrey to help me through my day. My love of reading started with Dragonflight and continues today – as strong as ever. It is through her generous spirit and creative prose that I found a love for this world here on earth.

    She will be remembered all my life and days and I continue to eagerly pass on her legacy to those who share my love of other worlds, other lives, that mirror so much of our own world today.

    With love always to Anne’s family and this loss of a beautiful woman – she will be sorely missed. Judy kunkle

  239. Anne McCaffrey taught me to read & love & imagine. She taught me to get away from everything. Her stories were the first I ever read. I grew up on the whole Pern & Acorna series. She brought such a gift to me, the passion & love of reading. Todd, you have contributed to the story magnificently. You do your mother proud with your works. I hope I will have the honor of meeting you at DragonCon this year. As for your mother, she is dearly missed but she is not forgotten. Her legacy is in her books and your imaginative talent.

  240. I have been a fan of our DragonLady since 1982, when I first read “The White Dragon”. I was heartsick to find out a few weeks ago that Anne had passed “Between”. I had written to her a couple of time (not wanting to intrude too much) and received VERY gracious replies both times as well as her “Advice For Young Writers” (printed on a dot matrix printer & track fed paper. It WAS 1982 after all). I have since cherished those replies and I make a YEARLY “Pilgrimage” to Pern (which is how I found out about her passing.) I have just started re-reading “All the Weyrs…” (I DO read them in order, sort of, reading “Renegades” THEN “Dragonsdawn”. Now, as it was in 1982, I can NOT put them down.

    I just want to say “THANK YOU” Anne & now Todd, for great stories & characters who ARE real People to us, the readers.

    THANK YOU!!!
    Deanna in SC

  241. I am sorry for your loss and ours. Anne was my favorite author and I will miss the anticipation of the next book. I now have most of the books in hardback as the paperbacks have fallen apart. I will reread them with a sad feeling as she will not write more. I hope you can continue to enchant us Todd it would seem that you have a rare talent of your own and I look forward to following your worlds over the years.

    Thank you Anne
    Diana in France

  242. I was so sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. She is so missed! I have been a fan since I read the first “Dragons of Pern” book. Her books gave me such joy. I fell in love with the dragons and wish that they were real because I would love to be able to ride one. Also, I love the people who inhabit Pern. Todd, when you joined your mother in writing about the dragons, it was so seamless. I am so thankful you kept Pern going. Do hope there will be more books about Pern in the future.

  243. Anne McCaffrey was one of the two women Authors whose works enticed me to really sink my teeth into books. So many aspects of my life have been ‘dragon touched’. My first dog, was from Dragon Hold Kennels, his registered name was ‘Lauren’s Bronze Menementh’ My second’s name was Lauren’s Brown Brianth. My Latest edition is Lessa, and her registered name is Benden’s Blue Star. I had to have some taste of the Dragonlady’s magic in my everyday life. These stories, these people, these Characters have made such an impact on my life. For the last several months, I’ve been reading and rereading all the Pern books I could lay my hands on, and now I know why. God Bless the McCaffrey family, and Rest In Peace to the most brilliant female Author I ever had the pleasure of discovering. Thank you for a brilliant childhood and a continuously magical Adulthood.


  244. I am late to offer my condolences, though I’ve been thinking about writing on boards such as these since I first heard of The Dragonlady’s passing. Her works have been, like to so many others, invaluable to me. She gave respite and perspective to and from the injustices of adolescence for me much beyond that. I met Anne once, at her home. I sat in her dinning room over-awed, just listening to this vibrant strong voice bounding out of an 80 year old woman. In a silly fan way, there is so much now that I wish I’d thought to ask, about some of the nitty gritty aspects of her worlds. Mostly though I’m just thrilled that I got to listen to her as she spoke about the story she was thinking of writing, and her excitement that the film might be on its way to happening.

    I’ll always treasure this memory, and be thankful for everything that brought her to write what she wrote, and share it with the rest of us.


    (as she so often signed off)

    Brandon from the U.P.

  245. I was devastated to hear of Anne’s passing. I know you must all be missing her dreadfully and my thoughts are with you all.
    What a wonderfull legacy she leaves! I have been an avid reader of all her books for years, especially Pern and those glorious dragons!
    I am so looking forward to seeing them on the big screen, I’ll be first in the queue! I hope you continue with writing about Pern and its people, I will happily keep finding space for all my books!
    With love

  246. My thoughts are with the Mccaffery family, All her novels help make the world a little brighter for her fans. I used to retreat into pern when my world was falling apart and it helped me make it through my teen years and even now as an adult. Anne has written the only novel that everytime I read the end I cry and that was All the Weyrs of Pern. Losing Anne was like the passiing of Master Robinton. And I belive that all the dragons keened for her passing.

  247. It’s a quick publish to state, very merely, thanks a ton. I’ve had a chance to catch up on this submit and the comments proper this second and I’m really grateful for understanding the content of this blog

  248. Everyone has quite possibly expressed all my thoughts and feelings, I feel sad that I never got to meet her and that I heard only recently. Her books have been a source of joy and my constant companions since I was 13.

    Anne made the world beautiful

  249. I just read this morning about her passing. Am so sad, we lost a wonderful writer and an outstanding person. May God bless all her children. Take care all of you.

  250. All of Anne’s world’s will be missed. Meeting Anne and Todd at past DragonCon’s were tops on my bucket list. So much fun and some of the best places to visit in the universe. A donation to our local 4-H Club is on the way. Watching kids find themselves through learning about horses, how to give a speech, or any other kind of activity they offer has been another of my great pleasures and I hope a fitting tribute to Anne. Our condolences to the McCaffrey, Johnson, Kennedy clans and all the fans who will miss her. Todd, please keep Pern alive along with your other worlds.

  251. Sorry for such a late recognition of such a great lady. My heart truly aches and I am wet with tears. I have been having such a difficult time of just making the bills in my life that I had even given up reading for this past five months because of my business.
    For the past several weeks I have been thinking to myself “I really need to start reading again, to relax. I think I will read the Killisandra trilogy again! I love that girl”
    I have swayed countless people to pick up Anne’s books and enjoy the fantasy that sweeps you away from the realities in life that burden. It is plan to see that I am not the only one that considers P.E.R.N. a utopia. That is comforting.

    Todd you have done a wonderful job at receiving the baton and running with the P.E.R.N. series. I am waiting with anticipation for the next book of the third pass.

    Alec, Todd, Josef, & Georgeanne I am sorry for your loss. I loved your mum too…


  252. Sorry I’m late
    I cry
    Regards Frank

  253. I didn’t know. God above, how I weep for your loss! Not until I read Anne’s Dragonriders of Pern did I have a favorite author. Through her, I fell in love with the world and the people of Pern! A large framed copy of Daniel Whelan’s cover art for “All The Weyrs Of Pern” hangs proudly in my living room. Now, having only just heard the news, it takes on even more importance to me. As I write this, tears run down my cheeks. My heart aches for the loss of your mother and the world’s beloved Weyrwoman! I, too, can hear the dragons keening over the loss. My deepest and most profound condolences to you and your entire family!

  254. I just discovered this today. I am so sorry to hear she’s passed. I didn’t know her personally but from reading her books and an email she sent me once several years ago, I got the distinct impression she was a truly wonderful and loving person. You can’t evoke such strong emotions as she did without having without having felt strongly. She will be missed by so many people, but none more than her family. I grieve for your loss.

    Thank you Anne McCaffrey for the legacy of rich, wonderful worlds you given us.
    Farewell and may your new adventures be as rich and fulfilling as your stories were to us!

  255. Anne McCaffrey will be missed but her words live on strong in her books I have read all i can find from crystal singer to pern. Todd, your mother has left a legacy that from what I have just read three books you have written you will brilliantly carry on! Rest in Peace Anne McCaffrey Gods Bless

  256. Todd and family,

    I have great memories of your mother and the times I spent at Dragonhold in Wicklow. Your mother was a great inspiration to me, she introduced me to bear hugs and chocolate brownies. I am very sorry for your loss, I only found out that Anne passed away yesterday. My thoughts are with you all.

    Take care

  257. The passing of a science fantasy icon is sad but I draw comfort knowing she’s gone “between”. As all the Dragons of Pern herald her arrival, I hope the Maccaffrey legacy lives on in the continued literary work of her son. I met the author in 1980 and have a signed edition of White Dragon. My oldest daughter is named Brekke.

  258. I am sure that Anne is in the Hold and enjoying her dragons. After all, it would not be heaven without dragons now, would it? RIP Anne McCaffrey you opened the doors to whole new world for so many of us.

    Todd—Carry on please.

  259. Please accept our belated but no less heartfelt condolences on the loss of your mother.

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  261. I just learned today of the passing of a great lady….her and Marion Zimmer Bradley are class acts. I will miss them both. The richness of the lives and culture in “their” worlds have enriched mine. I have all the books and read them over and over again. REST IN PEACE. God bless your families. And Todd keep Pern alive!

  262. I just read of Anne’s passing. What a huge loss! She will always be one of my absolute favorite authors. I cannot find the words to say how much she meant to me. My sympathy goes out to her family.

  263. I just now heard of the great Anne McCaffrey’s passing. I want to leave her family my condolences. She had such a great imagination, and her world of dragons and riders on Pern totally sucked me in and enthralled me. She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her or enjoyed her writings. I have faith that she is resting in peace with her dragons in Heaven.

  264. Although I never met your mom, she has always been an anchor to me. With my disabilities, I don’t get to be around people much and socialize and was able to read my worries away. When I was younger I imagined my toys were dragons and I could hear them speak. She is terribly missed and I wish the best for your family.

  265. I positively love Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books. I was so struck with how she managed to change their civilization and make them successful. My daughter, Tracy became ill and I introduced the books to her, she loved to read just like her mother. She lost her battle with the muscular dystropy and Hodgkins Lymphoma eight years ago when she was 32. Reading the Pern books took her to another place. Away from the pain and side effects and I could see her soaring into the sky on her dragon while she was reading. I am so grateful for her books Tracy was always happy reading them. I am so sorry for your family’s loss and know you have my prayers. Peace be with all of you.

  266. I’m so glad that Mum’s books helped!

  267. Thank you and I’m glad her works were a comfort to you – that’s what she’d hoped to do.

  268. You don’t know me, but I roomed at Stony Brook with your brother Alec. In either late ’70 or early ’71, Alec visited Ireland and brought me back 2 autographed books from your Mom. To this day I regret somehow misplacing them. Your mother was both powerful and prolific. I hope to meet you at DragonCon. Best wishes, Gene

  269. My heart spilled over with sorrow when I stumbled upon the news today (4-12-12). I first read Anne’s work in Analog magazine in the 1970’s…To Ride Pegasus. There followed The Ship Who Sang. In 1979 a bookseller turned me onto the first two Pern novels. I breathlessly awaited the publishing of each new book there after. Anne’s works became a part of my life and like a member of the family. (MIne comes from the old sod, too.) I’ve carried on this “love affair” with Anne for about 35 years. I feel as though a family member has passed. This evening I’ll head to O’Ryan’s Pub, raise a glass of Jameson’s and bless the Lord for letting us all share in the wonders of this greatest science fantasy writer of all times. And Todd, I know your mum made it to heaven a half-hour before the devil knew she was gone.

  270. I have been a fan of Anne for since my teen years, I am now 48. I have read and own almost all of her books they are harder to find here in Australia. I have a lot of her earlier works as well as every pern novel ever written. I sympathise with all of Anne’s children and know exactly how they feel, as I lost my most inspirational parent last year on 8 March 2011. I wish to let you all know that P.E.R.N will always be there for all of us that find it a place of relaxation. I got 2 of my children on to Anne’s books. I am sincerely thankful that Todd has done such a marvelous job of continuing his mum’s work and sincerely hope that he continues.
    To all of Anne’s family I say thank you for sharing your mum with the world at large.

  271. I am so sorry to read of her passing, Pern & the dragons have kept me going for so many years, many employees where I work have passwords that are dragons or riders & I always let them know where I get the names from, the golden queens the bronzes, the riders & weyrs. I never miss reading her books & Todd’s are just as good, my condolences to the family, she has touched people all around the world & I’m sure she is in Pern with the dragons riding a golden queen.

  272. I do not usually pay any attention, nor do I search for information on “celebrities.” I do not search them out or follow their lives. I enjoy their work, usually not them. That being said, I always thought Anne McCaffrey was different from others. She always sounded like she was a woman who would speak her mind, stand up for someone who needed it and generally try to leave the world a better place than she found it.

    Having never truly met her, I can’t speak to the first two, but I know she accomplished the third. The sheer joy she has provided the world through her writing can only be measured by the numbers of steady readers she accumulated.

    My young daughter is only six, but I plan to introduce her to the strong women in Anne’s books as soon as she’s capable of reading and processing them. I can think of no better tribute to a marvelous artist than to share the joy, passion, curiosity and dreams she’s provided me since I was young with the young people that matter most in my life.

    To her family – I grieve for you. As much as we, her ardent readers will miss her, I know the pull will be strongest for you. Thank you so much for sharing your mother with us all for all this time.

  273. Dear Todd,
    Hi! I am Damia (yes, that’s my real name). I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for Anne’s passing. I know it is quite a bit late. She was (obviously) quite an important person to my family, and she defiantly inspired me. When I was little I would imagine seeing her and saying something like “My name’s Damia, my name’s Damia! You named me!” (Creative, right?).
    Even if it sounds a bit odd, when she left, my family lost something too and so I am so very sorry.
    Every book she wrote felt like a gift.

  274. I have only just read of your mum’s passing.
    The response that is most keen for me is, thank you for sharing her with us.
    My dad just passed and it’s still raw, so I am so glad, that as I did, you got the “golden years” you didn’t expect.
    I was working in an old mans bar when I was 18. Bored, I looked under the counter and someone had left a copy of “Get off the Unicorn”. I had never read science fiction before and besides you and your mother, I still don’t, but i have been hooked ever since.
    I have read, practically every novel your mother and her co-writers have published and have just introduced my 11 year old to Lord Jaxom.
    I never stop recommending her novels. I feel blessed to have shared in her worlds.
    God Bless you all.
    Alexis and Asha (almost Kilashandra under gas and air!)

  275. To the family of my most favorite author of all, my deepest sympathies. But then again, Lorana was able to pull out those who had gone between. As they say in my area, “quien sabes”? Who knows? As long as the books I have survive, or at least are replaceable, as some are quite yellowed with age and are becoming as hard to read as old records. No matter what, I will keep Pern and all of Anne’s stories in my heart. She has been my ultimate favorite and Todd, “Ye do ‘er proud”. I’m glad you are there to carry on her legacy. By the time I was able to go to one of those conventions to see her, she wasn’t, but my ancestors are from the emerald isle and I hope to make it there someday. I would love nothing more than to just go past Dragonhold/Underhill and see where she had “done her thing! Again my deepest condolences as I lost my mom in ’03 and I still feel it everyday!

  276. Her books are helping me through my own health issues. I have all, I think, in some form of hardcopy and have now started obtaining them in digital form. I can then carry my entire collection everywhere I go and she is always with me. My heart is breaking.

  277. Public Libraries Love Anne McCaffrey, I can tell you that.
    In the library branch one town to the west, I stumbled across “The Lady.” I did not know that this book existed, that Mrs. McCaffrey had written it — this after going through nearly the whole Pern series. A lovely tribute to Ireland and to horses. Mrs. McCaffrey’s books will continue to bring me pleasure long after they were published. Looking forward to Sky Dragons.

  278. I am so very sorry* typo

  279. Her books have helped me through all the hard times in my life because I would think that the dragons and their riders go through a lot harder things daily than I do and I have kept her legacy alive by introducing her books to my friends.

  280. I have been a fan of hers since I was 12; her son is just like her.

  281. I have always been a voracious reader and when I was quite young my mother handed me my first Anne McCaffery novel. I started the Dragonriders of Pern series and not only found in it a world I could believe in, but found a connection with my mother I could nurture and grow. I know Anne’s passing leaves a hole in the hearts of many family, friends and loyal readers, but she’s given each and every one of us something beautiful to hold on to, and pass down. I know I look forward to the day when I can look at my children and hand them their first Anne McCaffery novel. Her passing has encouraged me to re-read many of her novels and I’m finding in them more as an adult than I ever did as a young girl. It’s truly amazing how each time we read something we find more gemstones to hold on to.
    Thank you Todd and all of the McCaffery family for sharing her with us and continuing her amazing legacy. She was, and you are, an inspiration to us all.

  282. I have only just heard, I am so sorry. I grew up reading about the Dragonriders of Pern and my books are ratty and torn from being read over and over. I hope to pass them onto my daughter so she too can enjoy the world of Pern.

  283. I only recently learned of your mothers passing,the world lost a fantastic human being,her life was right out of a fantasy novel.when she wrote it was a learning lesson for all that read her books,even though most never recognized that.She had the purist soul I have ever had the chance to encounter and always made you examine your own.I have read the pern books that you wrote as well and you are an extention of your mother and I hope you continue to share pern with the world

  284. I don’t know how I missed hearing that Anne McCaffrey had died. I just found out and feel devastated. I can’t stop crying. I have loved her books for so long, read and reread them all. She was such an inspiration to me in my own writing. No matter what was going on in my life I could always count on Anne McCaffrey to provide an uplifting, exciting story that would help me take a step back, calm down from stress and then plunge forward in more positive ways.

    I suspected she was a lot like my own Mother. Tough, but fair, and always, always…loving and supportive of my goals. A Mother who gave from her heart, would deny herself before she would deny what her children needed to live, grow and reach their own successes in life. It sounds like I was right from the Eulogy I read. I am so sorry for you loss. My Mom died about 13 years ago, and I miss her too. I know she will never fully be “gone” she lives on in the stories she shared so masterfully, and in the love she gave to all of us through her work and attitude towards living that shined through. Thankfully, she will live on through her children too; because she helped to teach them to love, create beauty, be strong and pass the good things forward…that is such a gift to leave the world.

    I feel so sad…right now. I felt so happy knowing that although she was thinking ahead and passing the “pen” to Todd, she was living with her beloved animals, in a beautiful place, and happy with her life and what she had accomplished. She sure did earn everything she had.

    I know that she must have know how many of us loved her, her work was an acknowledgment of that. But, I will miss just knowing that she is alive and happy….

    I’m so very sorry for your loss and pray that Mom is healed of all now, riding the best, most beautiful and brilliant Golden Queen in heaven, where all things are possible and where love and joy lights each day.

    May your memories be Blessed and healing of your sorrow, may her wit and laughter fill your hearts and minds….and those of all who loved and appreciated Anne McCaffrey.

  285. very much so

  286. I hate to say this but my children are not readers,so I have no one to pass them on to and it breaks my heart,the only friends that would have them already own them lol

  287. Thanks for such a wonderful time with the world of Pern. Rest in peace, and may the books keep on florishing.

  288. I had just started reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern about a year ago. I sorry my reply is so late. I really found out about the site just recently. I had found out about Anne’s death in December. God love her. Her dragons and their riders feel like friends to me. To the family take care that alot of people enjoyed her writing. To Todd, please keep writing about those dragons. Thanks Anne McCaffrey for your dragons.

  289. Dear Todd,

    I can’t tell you how low my heart sunk when I learned of your mum’s passing. Although I never met her in person, I (like the rest of the world) knew her through her stories. I like to think that authors do not make up stories. They merrely translate the events happening in other dimensions. If that is true, the dragons truely are keening for her.

    I didn’t start reading the Pern books until about 25 years ago (can you believe it’s been that long?) And I have read every story of Pern written and anxiously await the next. You and your mum have given the world a great story line. Please keep it up.

    Again, please accept my deepest sympathies on the passing of your mum. May she ride with the dragons forever.


  290. I have just learned the sad news of Anne McCaffrey’s death and wanted to express my deepest condolences to her family. I bought my first Dragon book (Dragonflight) in Eason in Dun Laoghaire in when it was first published in paperback and fell in love with Anne’s beautiful Pern there and then. That love affair continues today. Now I’m a lot older and certainly a bit wiser because I have all her books and wouldn’t part with any of them.

    I grew up in Dun Laoghaire and through my sport of bicycle racing forged the smallest and most fragile link with Anne though she would never have known about it. One day I was out training on my bike in Wicklow where she lived. It was a warm, sunny day and something made me take a small hilly road I’d never been on before. As I was riding along I passed this house set down below the road. The name was Dragonhold. I knew at once whose house it had to be. There could only be one reason for giving a home such a marvellous name and anyway, I’d read enough of the Dragons to simply know.

    I stopped outside for a minute but didn’t have the courage to call in. Well, I felt it would have been an intrusion. It’s one thing to have legions of devoted fans but quite another to have one of them land uninvited on your doorstep. Especially a rather hot and sweaty young cyclist. So I continued on my ride but never forgot that for just a moment I had stood at the portal to one of the most wonderful fantasy worlds created. Perhaps if I had waited a bit longer I might have heard the bugling call of the dragons and even met their creator.

    Thank you Anne for your wonderful stories. Thank you for the dragons and Pern. Thanks for choosing Ireland to bring it all into being. I can think of no nicer way of saying goodbye than this poem by Francis Quarles – a poem that the harpers of Pern would surely have set to music:

    Close now thine eyes and rest secure;
    Thy soul is safe enough, thy body sure;
    He that loves thee, He that keeps
    And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps.
    The smiling conscience in a sleeping breast
    Has only peace, has only rest;
    The music and the mirth of kings
    Are all but very discords, when she sings;
    Then close thine eyes and rest secure;
    No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.

    Rest in peace, Anne. Rest well.

  291. Todd and family,

    I would like to express my deepest condolences, though it is a little late, at your mother’s passing. I have loved and treasured all of the Pern books since I was a teenager. I still read the books and find comfort in them – It is like going home each time. Thank you for continuing the series and the world of Pern!

    Rest well Anne!

  292. I am very sad to say that I have only found this site so I am only now learning of Anne’s passing. I owe her so very much, not only my current love of books, but my life in all. Menolly held my hand through the hardest part of my life and it was by her example that I was able to carry on. I will always love Anne and will miss her terribly.

  293. I only learned of Anne McCaffrey’s passing about a month ago during search on Wikipedia regarding science fiction writers that I have read over the years. It saddened me that this great lady had passed, but she certainly made her mark on many people. The first book of hers that I read was the “Dragonriders of Pern” trilogy that I obtained through the Science Fiction Book Club (in 1979, I believe). Over the years, I read almost all of her Pern and Crystal Singer books, passing on all but a very few of them for others to read and enjoy. When I read of her passing, I decided to re-read as many as I could find and was delighted to find them available for the Kindle reader. I have since re-read many of those books of the fantastic world of Pern and its people.

    Rest easy, Anne McCaffrey; you may have passed from this mortal coil but the world of Pern, with its Dragons & Fire Lizards, its Holds, Crafts and Weyrs, its dolphins and its idealized people will live on as long as people can fantasize about Dragons. She so fascinated me with her tales of the Dragons that I began to collect pewter dragons. I continue to add to my collection of pewter dragons today as I have for the last 33 years.

    Rest in peace, Anne; you done good in this life.

  294. I just learned of this, and my condolences to the McCaffrey family. I fell in love with Anne’s books after reading The White Dragon as a teenager. Now, I’ve been on the hunt to collect her books, at first in paperback, but now for the Nook, since I’ve had to replace several paperbacks many times. Anne will always live on in my heart, and will always have a place with me no matter where I move to. I only hope that someday I can fly with the dragons like Anne is doing now.

    Rest In Peace, Anne.

  295. Your mother provided worlds for me to escape to when I needed to forget all my problems and worries. I felt like I was part of those worlds, felt their joys and their sorrows. I dreamed of having those adventures, those great loves. I dreamed of what it would be like to impress a dragon and be forever connected by the bond that a dragon and rider have. I have had my own loves and adventures in the real world, but the worlds that Anne has opened up and connected to my imagination have been priceless. I have read all her books and yours too Todd. I hope you continue to write of Pern and maybe continue some of her other series, though I confess Pern is my favorite. I can tell by your mother’s writing that she was a loving and amazing woman, she will be greatly missed and forever remembered.

  296. To the McCaffrey Clan.

    There is no way to describe the hollow feeling I have inside knowing that such a fantastic wordsmith has gone Between. My deepest regret is that I never got to meet her in person.

    I’m very sorry to say I didn’t know Anne had died until I was looking for a complete list of all her works to see if I’m missing any [even have the Dinosaur books]. I’ve been collecting her books for over 3O years and still have all the originals despite many of them being worn and dog-eared. They have pride of place in the centre of my library. If I ever have to evacuate I will save all of them as nothing could ever replace the wonderful tales they have shared with me.

    Dragons have been part of life for as long as I can remember and I wish one day it would be possible to implement Anne’s concept of genetic engineering small lizards into the magnificent creatures she wrote about. It would be a fitting tribute to one of the world’s greatest writers.

    Thankyou Anne for providing me with a wonderful escape from the loneliness as a child, and now they help to cope with the harsh realities of growing old alone. I regret that I have no children to share my wonder & delight with your books. Many of the rulers of this world could learn a lot from her insight and her solutions to many of the same problems society has today. I will never part from any of my books, and hope that your family will keep your worlds alive for many years to come.

    It will be hard to read them without much sadness at your loss.


  297. I would like to send my prayers to all of Anne’s loving family. I know even now the pain is probably as fresh as it was in Nov. . I lost my mother a little while back and I can say it hasn’t gotten any better for me, I have just learned new ways to cope. I have been reading her books since I was first able to read. I cherish my collections of her writings and have multiple copies of most of her books including first edition hardbacks, first edition paperbacks, signed, and readying copies, I even have them all on my nook now. Her books have helped me to learn many things about life as I grew up and even how to except loss. Her way of writing has always kept so many engrossed in the worlds she wrote about. I am sorry to say like some other adoring fans I never got the chance to meet her, not for lack of trying =( I know I will miss her greatly. I would also like to thank Todd for being so willing to take on his mothers much loved world of Pern maybe in some ways the books that will come in the future can help easy some of the feelings of loss for many readers. I know all of the many fans she has all over the world will cherish her writing for all time.


  298. The first book by your mother that I read was purchased while I was in Korea. It was 1981 and I was in the Navy. I am proud to say that I believe I have every one of her books and they were transported around the world with me taking up a large amount of my weight limit. I feel like I have lost one of my oldest and dearest friends. Todd, you have done a phenomenal job “playing in yor mom’s sandbox”- please continue. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. May the longest living Weyrwoman of Pern rest in peace. Her Pass has ended.

  299. I have just found out that Anne McCaffrey died last year. I am so sorry. I guess I should have realized that her health was not good when I saw Todd’s name added to the authorship of the Pern books. Anne’s books have been such a huge source of enjoyment to me over the years. I discovered her as usual, by accident while browsing in a bookstore and I hope I have bought every Pern book available. Thanks to Anne and to Todd for so many hours of wonderful reading for so many years. I read on the dustjacket of Sky Dragons that it will be the last Pern book to be published. I was hoping for a continuation to the Aivas storyline with F’lar and Lessa but that will never happen. Thank you again for years of happy reading . Thank you that you cared enough to continue the stories for as long as possible. I will miss more Pern books. But thank you Anne and Todd for going on for so many years with a wonderful and imaginative series that was a perfect blend of fantasy and science fiction. I will reread and enjoy them for years to come.

  300. Tracey,

    Thank you for your kind letter. I’d like to correct your impression on one matter: Mum did not invite me to write on Pern because she was worried about her health.

    Also, Sky Dragons is not the last Pern book. It is the last book in the series of books that started after Dragonsblood to answer the question: How is Pern going to survive with so few dragons?


  301. thank you todd for your response about the pern books,I was actually offended on your behalf when I read the post.I enjoy your pern books as much as I did your mothers and was really hoping you would continue the line. also it let all of us know you read the posts here.

  302. My condolences to all of Anne’s family. I just heard the news of her passing today, while I was looking for a complete listing of all of her books. We lost our mom in February last year, she had turned 90 in January, we were blessed to have her with us for as long as we did! We were very close, and I miss her dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you, continue in her legacy! She left you with riches beyond value through her love. talents and imagination!

    Thank-you for sharing her with us and for caring enough to continue to support her fans.

    Take care and may God bless you always!

  303. Todd, I have only just learnt of Anne’s death as I was reading an exerpt from your latest book on Amazon. I am so sorry. I first found her stories over 30 years ago with “The Smallest Dragonboy” and I was hooked. I own many of her books and I love to read them again and again. She started for me a lifelong love of dragons in every form. A shelf full of dragons is watching me as I write this and my computer has endless pictures of dragons. She even inspired me to create my own worlds of dragons. They’ll never match up to Pern, but they’re somewhere to escape to when things are tough. I still want to ride my own dragon. Pern is a wonderful place and your stories are as fantastic as Anne’s. I look forward to more adventures.

  304. i am so sad. have just found out and feel realy awful
    Anne was such a part of my life. Here stories took me to a land that i wanted to live in. She along with Tolkien were the greatest writers that ever inhabited my mind.
    I always had this fantasy of visiting Ireland and looking her up.
    So wished i had been so peskey.
    You maybe gone but never forgotten. Forever alive in my mind and Heart
    Good bye Anne

  305. Just received my copy of Sky Dragons and read of the passing of Anne, I feel like I have lost a Friend.
    Too sad to put in words, will do as Todd suggests and make a donation on her behalf.

  306. It was my Christmas from Hell that I discovered Pern. My cousin had the first nine volumes which I devoured in very short order…then I packed my bag and the dog and I went home. Since then I have read each new Pernese adventure, including Sky Dragons. Todd, I’m so sorry to hear of the death of your mother. My condolences you and your extended family. However I am greedy…so…please continue the good work and we’ll all be indebted to you and your sister. Take care from Carla and the Paws

  307. I was 19 when I read white dragon. It was the first fantasy I had read and I was hooked! Thank you, Anne.

  308. I am so very sorry for your loss. Todd, words can not express my sorrow. Your mother, thru her books was one of my closest friends. Reading her stories helped me to ignore the bullying that I recieved as a child. Pern was a great plce to escape to. The autographed copy of Dragons Eye, is my favorite cherished book. My sister in Austin, thru Elizabeth Moon, got the inscription for my birthday. I have enjoyed every book from the telepaths to the dragons, and you are I belive a worthy successor . Again , my sorrow is yours and if god is listening, Anne has found Pern. Sincerely, Angela Bendon,USA.

  309. When Anne passed on, I wrote a short poem, but could find nothing open that I could send it in. I’ll send it here in hope that someone in the family might read it
    Lament of Dragons

    The Weyrs are empty!
    Dragon wings beating
    Bearing the Weyrwoman of Pern between

    She is missed.
    With Love,
    Steve Osborn

  310. Good afternoon:

    First, my condolences on the loss of your mother. The loss of a parent, even well into middle-years, is not easy. My best to you and yours as you cope with this as best you can.

    I really didn’t want to have to jump through this many hoops to write a comment; a simple ‘e-mail
    section would have been far simpler.

    I have just attempted your newest and was gravely disappointed. I eagerly anticipate getting to spend time in your ‘world’ and found this latest entry lacking. While the characters were as rich and compelling as always, the overuse of time travel as a plot device both killed the story and rendered the rapid changes of location/time incomprehensible (“now, who are these people again?”)

    The early “Star Trek” programs fell victim to something similar–the use of the ‘quick fix’. “what about communication?….Aha! Subspace!…what about provisions?…..Aha! Replicators!) The first time the time-travel device was used–to retrieve the dragon-riders from 400 years past–was brilliant. Now, it’s confusing, tiresome and reduced to an empty cliche.

    There are so many stories to tell about this unique world that an author of your immense gifts doesn’t have to ‘cop out’ with this tired, old plot device anymore.

    Thank you and take care.


    Howard S. Shwartz

  311. I read the forward in Dragon’s Time . I know Todd McCaffrey does an excellent job of continuing the Pern series. I was just wondering if “After The Fall Is Over” was going to be published. And was it the last book that Anne McCaffrey was working on?
    Sorry if I cause you any pain.

  312. Candy,

    Yes, the last book Anne McCaffrey was working on had as its working title After the Fall Is Over. It’s not clear how far she got with it and it’s with her literary agent. Everyone is still recovering from her loss so I wouldn’t expect to hear anything more about it for a while.

  313. Mr. Shwartz,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    à chacun son goût as they say in French (“Each to his own taste”). It’s not entirely clear which book you’re referring to as “your newest.” Sky Dragons certainly has less time travel than Dragon’s Time. As authors we have to learn that we can’t please all the people no matter how much we’d like. But, as you may recall from Dragonflight in the Ninth Pass timing it was unknown. Now, perhaps, you can see why it became unknown.

    In future, you might find it easier to give feedback at the website which should have been listed in the “About the Authors” page of the book.

  314. Dear Todd….Hats off to you….You are far more gracious than I might have been under the circumstances. As you say: “Each to his own taste.” Perhaps some people simply require more “hand holding” ;in order to walk the Sky paths of Pern or a website.

  315. I felt the person was extremely rude,I would have been so angry,that I would not have responded for fear of saying way too much. I have not been able to get your other books,but I certainly will,they are great todd.

    your fan


  316. I too am sorry to hear of Anne’s death and I offer sympathies to the family. But I have to express grave misgivings to items in the last book ” Sky Dragons” I have to take exception to the writings of the dragons visiting the dawn sisters and looking for thread over the northern continent when previous novels have made it plain that the dawn sisters were in geo-synchronis orbit over landing in the southern continent. That makes observations of the northern areas impossible especially as the book mentions following the dawn sisters with the planets dawn to track thread fall. This goes against precident from earlier novels.

  317. lancer4,

    Thank you for offering “sympathies to the family.”

    The rest of your message with your misgivings is not not suitable for a Condolences page.

    Nevertheless, you can find an answer to your “misgivings” here.

  318. Todd, if you see this I am very sorry for your loss. I have lost people close to me as well. At least she went to a better place.]:

  319. Having been a fan of Ms McCaffrey and Pern for many years, I am saddened to learn of her passing and extend my condolences to her family. The world of SciFi/Fantasy has lost a great light. She will be missed.

  320. My deepest condolences to Ms. McCaffrey’s family at this sad time – I know I’m late, only just found “Sky dragons” and heard that my favourite author of all time had finally “gone between” for good. She will be very much missed. I have been reading her stories for over thirty years – I shall have to start again and re-read them all! Goodbye, Anne, and thank you for almost half a lifetime of sheer enjoyment.

  321. I have been enamored of Anne McCaffrey and her legacy of books ever since I first opened the pages of “Restoree.” Since then, I have read everything she has written, and my bookshelves will prove it. I am now 68 years old and have really gotten into the Pern series. Since I am primarily deaf, it is wonderful to find a world where, if you manage to impress a dragon, you can hear everything through your lifelong partner. Anne will definitely be missed, but hopefully Todd McCaffrey will continue in her footsteps. He has already made some great footsteps of his own with the Pern series. I hope he will also look at her other books and worlds, to see about continuing them. I an particularly thinking of “Nimisha’s Ship” which sort of ended with a question hanging. I miss you Anne McCaffrey, and always will. Your books have become doubly precious to me and I continuing re-reading each one at least once a year.

  322. I’m blown away – I just found out my favourite author ever is no more – RIP Anne. I have been reading her books since highschool in the 80’s and was hooked back then. Happened to walk into a bookshop yesterday and thought I’d check if there were any more books out and bought 4 more – just 2 more to get and my collection will be up to date. And I prefer to read them in chronological order now.

  323. Greetings Todd…it’s obvious that this world misses your mother as we should…she was the Weyrwoman. Now…please give us an update as to the progress of the movie based on the books we all so dearly love. You are now the Weyrleader…use her memories to help you lead your Weyr. Thank you for your time.

  324. Todd I join you in your sorrow only I lost my Mom in 1962. I enjoyed alll your Mums books as well as yours and her early books about esp and teleportation brought to mind a saying I read in one of those books. I feel it applies to your Mum as well as mine as they are both out of our reach. “YOU ARE NEVER MORE THAN A THOUGHT AWAY.” , no matter the distance or leaving this world for the next life.

    Kind regards from a yank down onder from near Melbourne, Australia

  325. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of a fantastic author and more importantly, the loss of your mother. I know that telling you how I fell in love with Pern and all things Pernese many turns ago when I first discovered the Dragonriders of Pern may seem a bit of a cliche, but the reason for that is because so many people had the same experience; they were given a brief respite from the travails of life and transported to a fantastic new world. I hope I give no offense if I close with a quote from another favorite author, for I cannot keen like a dragon to express my mourning. “My heart is heavy, for my friend runs no more.”(Watership Down) Thank you for all you have done; you will be missed. Francis Heekin

  326. I just read about it tonight …
    I am so sorry to hear of Ms McCaffrey’s passing. I have lived on Pern formany years
    She has been one of my favorite authors ,,, I am happy that she left us Todd to carry on
    I have read every Pern book they have written.
    Just read about her daughter but will vertainly be looking hber up too
    Please keep Pern alive

  327. RIP Anne I got hook on Pern late in my life. When I was in school they could never get me to read. When I was about mid 30s a Girlfriend talk me into reading Dragonquest and I have not stop reading yet. My mind is allwayus thinking of Pern and the Rowan family. I hope Todd will take over the writeing in place of Anne.

    Thank You for the great books.

  328. I have only just found out about the sad loss on my favourite author and I’m sitting here typing this with tears pouring down my face and in my mind there is a collage that alternates between Robinton’s burial at sea and the dragonets swooping over the interment of Sallah, Menolly singing the requiem accompanied by the keening of all dragonkind.

    I always meant to write to Anne to tell her how much comfort the dragon series was to my mother after father died and much I loved ALL her books, carrying me away to worlds far from the woes of everyday living, allowing me to return to reality, relaxed and ready to face life again.

    Now I never will……..

    In my first draft I prefaced this lament with the first verse of The Question Song but on reflection Menolly’s Song for Petiron is far more appropriate.

    My best wishes to her immediate family and to those of us who became part of her extended family through her book.

  329. My most sincere condolences to the entire McCaffrey family. I only found out about Ms. McCaffrey’s passing while paging through the introduction to Sky Dragons. I stood in Barnes and Noble and cried.
    My mom & I have shared so many of her books, including the Pegasus series, which lead to the Talents. Niamesha’s Ship, Killashandra Ree, and Petaybee. And who can forget Kris & Zainal (I drop, I stay)? We also cried when MasterRobinton and AIVAS died. Her books provided joyful escapes to many.
    Thank you to her family for sharing her voice with us for so long..
    peace and blessings always
    K. Harris

  330. It has been over 11 years now since Anne’s passing and still I mourn her loss, yet bless her legacy. She has been a favorite author of mine ever since my sister purchased for me at an estate sale, two single volume sets; one of which was the Dragonriders Trilogy and the other the Harper Hall trilogy. Since then I’ve devoured all her series; Talent, Petabee, Crystal Singer, Ship, Rowan, Freedom–I know I’ve missed mentioning one or two–as well as her her short stories and even her romance novel, Lady. I have enjoyed them all but none so much as the Dragonrider’s of Pern. As many have mentioned for themselves, those books have gotten me through some difficult times, are presently my companions as I struggle to deal with the enormity of grief, despair and loneliness that has assailed me at the recent loss of my father, and, I’m sure, will get me through future forlorn and heartbreaking days, months, years. (Although, I’m not sure rereading All the Weyrs of Pern was the best plan at this point in my life. Oh, my heart, not Master Robinton! For years I kept hoping every time he wouldn’t die. I’ve finally come to realize he always will and must; though it took many a read to reach that acceptance.)
    In the same vein, it has taken me many years for me to accept that Anne’s ‘long season’, too, is over. I have finally stopped my irrational and vein search for new books written solely by her. I have accepted I will never get to meet her in person at some ‘Con or the other. (Though by the time I discovered her, she had drastically reduced her attendance at such things due to her health and the pain of long journeys.) I will not travel to Ireland, stand outside Dragonhold for pictures and hope desperately that she will see me and come out for a chat. Books, writing and a mutual love of horses and Maine Coon cats the topic of conversation.
    I will, however, reread her books, laugh, cry, shake my head as the scene warrants and wonder, as always at the brilliance of the Author; marvel at her ability to catch a fleeting emotion, tug at a heartstring, elicit anger at an injustice, melancholy at a loss, despair at hopelessness, joy at want fulfilled, the desire to stand up and cheer, book in hand, at a triumph. Finally I can say, ‘Farewell Masterwriter of Pern, Amen.’

    J. Penton
    Plattsmouth, NE

  331. It has been over 11 years now since Anne’s passing and still I mourn her loss, yet bless her legacy. She has been a favorite author of mine ever since my sister purchased for me at an estate sale, two single volume sets; one of which was the Dragonriders Trilogy and the other the Harper Hall trilogy. Since then I’ve devoured all her series; Talent, Petabee, Crystal Singer, Ship, Rowan, Freedom–I know I’ve missed mentioning one or two–as well as her her short stories and even her romance novel, Lady. I have enjoyed them all but none so much as the Dragonrider’s of Pern. As many have mentioned for themselves, those books have gotten me through some difficult times, are presently my companions as I struggle to deal with the enormity of grief, despair and loneliness that has assailed me at the recent loss of my father, and, I’m sure, will get me through future forlorn and heartbreaking days, months, years. (Although, I’m not sure rereading All the Weyrs of Pern was the best plan at this point in my life. Oh, my heart, not Master Robinton! For years I kept hoping every time he wouldn’t die. I’ve finally come to realize he always will and must; though it took many a read to reach that acceptance.)
    In the same vein, it has taken me many years for me to accept that Anne’s ‘long season’, too, is over. I have finally stopped my irrational and vein search for new books written solely by her. I have accepted I will never get to meet her in person at some ‘Con or the other. (Though by the time I discovered her, she had drastically reduced her attendance at such things due to her health and the pain of long journeys.) I will not travel to Ireland, stand outside Dragonhold for pictures and hope desperately that she will see me and come out for a chat. Books, writing and a mutual love of horses and Maine Coon cats the topic of conversation.
    I will, however, reread her books, laugh, cry, shake my head as the scene warrants and wonder, as always at the brilliance of the Author; marvel at her ability to catch a fleeting emotion, tug at a heartstring, elicit anger at an injustice, melancholy at a loss, despair at hopelessness, joy at want fulfilled, the desire to stand up and cheer, book in hand, at a triumph. Finally I can say, ‘Farewell Masterwriter of Pern, Amen.’

    J. Penton
    Plattsmouth, NE

  332. It has been over 11 years now since Anne’s passing and still I mourn her loss, yet bless her legacy. She has been a favorite author of mine ever since my sister purchased for me at an estate sale, two single volume sets; one of which was the Dragonriders Trilogy and the other the Harper Hall trilogy. Since then I’ve devoured all her series; Talent, Petabee, Crystal Singer, Ship, Rowan, Freedom–I know I’ve missed mentioning one or two–as well as her her short stories and even her romance novel, Lady. I have enjoyed them all but none so much as the Dragonrider’s of Pern. As many have mentioned for themselves, those books have gotten me through some difficult times, are presently my companions as I struggle to deal with the enormity of grief, despair and loneliness that has assailed me at the recent loss of my father, and, I’m sure, will get me through future forlorn and heartbreaking days, months, years. (Although, I’m not sure rereading All the Weyrs of Pern was the best plan at this point in my life. Oh, my heart, not Master Robinton! For years I kept hoping every time he wouldn’t die. I’ve finally come to realize he always will and must; though it took many a read to reach that acceptance.)
    In the same vein, it has taken me many years for me to accept that Anne’s ‘long season’, too, is over. I have finally stopped my irrational and vein search for new books written solely by her. I have accepted I will never get to meet her in person at some ‘Con or the other. (Though by the time I discovered her, she had drastically reduced her attendance at such things due to her health and the pain of long journeys.) I will not travel to Ireland, stand outside Dragonhold for pictures and hope desperately that she will see me and come out for a chat. Books, writing and a mutual love of horses and Maine Coon cats the topic of conversation.
    I will, however, reread her books, laugh, cry, shake my head as the scene warrants and wonder, as always at the brilliance of the Author; marvel at her ability to catch a fleeting emotion, tug at a heartstring, elicit anger at an injustice, melancholy at a loss, despair at hopelessness, joy at want fulfilled, the desire to stand up and cheer, book in hand, at a triumph. Finally I can say, ‘Farewell Masterwriter of Pern, Amen.’

    J. Penton
    Plattsmouth, NE

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