Chronological Order

  • Ordered by Pern Chronology
    • Before Landing

    • After Landing
      • After Landing
      • First Pass
        • Dragonsdawn
        • Chronicles of Pern: First Pass
      • First Interval
      • Second Pass
        • Dragonseye
      • Second Interval
        • Dragon’s Kin
        • Dragon’s Fire
        • Dragon Harper
      • Third Pass
        • Dragonsblood
        • Dragonheart
        • Dragongirl
        • Dragon’s Time
        • Sky Dragons
      • Sixth Pass
        • Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
      • Sixth Interval
        • Nerilka’s Story
      • Eighth Interval
        • The Masterharper of Pern
      • Ninth Pass
        • Dragonflight
        • Dragonquest
        • Dragonsong
        • Dragonsinger
        • Dragondrums
        • The Renegades of Pern
        • The White Dragon
        • All The Weyrs of Pern
        • The Dolphins of Pern
        • The Skies of Pern
  • Reference
    • Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern
    • People of Pern
    • The Atlas of Pern
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      47 Responses to “Chronological Order”

    1. I noticed the short stories from ‘Chronicles of Pern’ are not included, as well as the ‘shorts’ from Legends and Far Horizons. Any way to work those into this and possibly show the overlaps? i.e. Nerilka & Moreta, Masterharper and the later 9th pass books…..

    2. Hello, I’m wondering if there are any plans to re-release the People of Pern and the Atlas of Pern? I’ve been reading Pern books since I was 18, and that is many a year, as I am now 50. My sons have grown up reading the wonderful stories with me. I am in the process of finding any books we might have missed along the way. I had the Altlas many years ago, but it has gone walkabout through the ranks of lost friends. The Guide was reprinted to our joy, but I have not been able to find the People or the Atlas again.
      Thanks for your help. 🙂

    3. How many books about Pern are there in total as of Sept. 9, 2010?

      I read the Pern series in 1991-1992; I borrowed them from the city library, and in conjunction with a county wide library loan policy was able to read all that had been published by the last date. I was under the impression that that was all there was in the series and that none had been published after. I loved the series and recommended them to friends that became fans as well. I am glad that Anne McCaffery did continue to write that series and that her son has collaborated with her on future books. As of this writing I am assuming that she and her family are still alive and writing, as no other information can be found to the contrary on the internet. I do believe that the creators of the recent hit movie ‘Avatar’ can do justice to her vision and have always heartily wished that Pern books would be made into movies, with no deviation from the books as was the case in the ‘Harry Potter’ series movies. Perhaps Peter Jackson would agree to direct them?

      Did you know that people are writing fanfiction about Dragonriders of Pern on without disclaimers and not knowing of the rules concerning the writing of fan fiction on your website?

      A warm and loving fan,

      • Tia, probably the best way to keep up to date with Pern books is to go to the Publication Order and have a look yourself.

        We’re sorry to hear that people are writing fanfiction without disclaimers. The internet is a large place and we rely on fans to keep each other honest, sometimes that takes time.

        As for a film, we’ve been working with Copperheart Entertainment for a while now and are very pleased with their progress.

    4. I know Anne suggests starting with Dragonfligt, then backtracking to Dragonsdawn as an order of reading, but are the “Pass” and “Interval” indicators of sequence in the history since the colonists first arrived?? And, I thought I remembered seeing something of a online game that was sponsored by Anne somewhile back. I have known of her works for years but only just now becoming a die-hard fan, and Im trying to find all the information I can to satisfy my addiction. Thank you for any information you can provide

      • DR Mollon,

        “Pass” is when the Red Star is close enough to throw off Thread, “Interval” is when the Red Star is too far. And yes, they are. We have the First Pass, followed by First Interval and so on until the Ninth Pass.

        No online game was sponsored. There have been several games including boardgames and others and some fans have created MUSH’s and MMORPG’s.

    5. Thanks for putting all the books in order. When ever I start to re-read the series, I keep going back and forth trying to read them in some order. The Atlas to Pern is a great help in understanding the layout of Pern, the Holds and Weyrs while reading the series.

    6. I have re-read the entire pern series each time a new book hits the stores. I have not read them in Crono order just as published. I personally think its the best way as each book leaves clues to the next and keeps the reader thirsting for more information about pern and her Dragons and Riders.

    7. Apologies if you’ve answered this question at another location, but I spend the majority of my Pern “community” time in the discussions, and there’s no answer there. So… I have the whole series, except for “Sky Dragons” in book form, and all except “Sky Dragons” and the Harper Hall trilogy in ebook form (Kindle). In the case of “Sky Dragons,” I just haven’t picked it up yet. My question concerns the Harper Hall trilogy. Why hasn’t that been released in ebook form? There’s no explanation on Amazon. Plus, all of the other Pern novels are there. What’s different about those three books?

      • ElectricLion,

        The Harper Hall trilogy is not published by Del Rey. I’m sure that getting the contracts revised to allow the publisher of the Harper Hall trilogy to publish ebooks is a matter of urgency but everything is in a state of flux still after Anne McCaffrey’s passing.

        • ElectricLion,

          I found the Harpers Hall Trilogy at epubbud,com . As with their name, the books are done in epub format. I know that you can read them in ibooks with the iphone, itouch and ipad. You can also read it on any reader or PDA that can handle the Freda reader. I am going to be reading it on my PDA.

          I haven’t read them yet as I just started rereading the series again today but in chronological order instead of in the order it was published. This will be the 7th time I have read the series as it is one of my two favorites (Honor Harrington by David Weber).


          • Marc,

            Those are unauthorized — stolen — versions of the books. There’s only just been contract amendments made to publish the Harper Hall trilogy as eBooks (because they were published waaayyy before such things). If you want to read something approaching the original quality of the book, I heartily recommend you wait.

            • I wasn’t aware that those were unauthorized versions of the books. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have written that info in my post, nor would I have gotten them from that site.

              I had seen them mentioned in the list of books in the series and did a web search looking for them and that is how I found them. Obviously, they didn’t mention at their site that the books were unauthorized.

              I apologize to Todd and Anne (in passing) for my unknowing lack of judgment in obtaining these books. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I will delete my copies of the books.

    8. After Sky Dragons, Is their going to be anymore Pern books?

      • Terry,

        With so many people asking for them, I don’t think there’s any reason for worry. But Sky Dragons is just out and we’re all still trying to recover from the loss of Mum.

        Todd McCaffrey

    9. Anne is gone? Wow. Her books have been part of my life since about 1976. My condolences to her family, and may she rest well in Animal Heaven.

    10. Todd,

      First off my condolences, your mom’s book inspired me as a child to start reading and turn off the television. Your books have been a great addition into that world and as I reader I am thankful for all the work you have put into them!

      My question is, has there been any more progress on the Pern Movie? As I have been unable to find any information, or has that project been cancelled/ended?
      Thank you

    11. Shards!!!!! I can’t, make that “I don’t want to”, believe it! I just finished “Dragon’s Time”, and decided to go to the web site, and I find out that the 2nd of my 2 all-time favorite SF authors has passed!!! All of Pern would have mourned!!! I told my wife, and since I introduced her to Pern, she was as upset as I. I had just had a new thumb joint created in my left hand 3 days prior to herself’s passing, so, I was “out of it”, but, I’m still amazed that we did not hear of it. So, even though 8 months late, our deepest condolences. At least it was quick, and, hopefully, painless. So, for Todd, what of the future of Pern? My wife and I had often discussed the possibility of a movie. With CGI, it would seem to be a more realistic possibility. I think, in all honesty, that there has not been, and may never be, a greater literary, SF or not, series. She was the best! We will miss her! We’ve already decided to reread the series in chronological order. Todd, you’ve got such a good grasp of Pern, we feel certain that we’ll see more from you. Looking forward to it!

    12. I have always felt there should have been a book about the exiles. Most of their families did no wrong!
      Surely with the dolphins watching to make sure they didn’t escape, the would have been some contact
      with the children. I don’t think the Story of Pern will ever be complete until the plight of the exiles is
      fully resolved! True, the crime of harming Robinton was serious, but how many generations have to pay?

    13. Well, I have to admit that I have only just discovered the fabulous world of PERN and it’s equally fabulous creator. How saddened I am to learn that she is gone from amongst us. Once introduced to PERN and all her wonders, I could not stop myself from devouring every volume I could acquire. It seems I have succeeded in reading them all. Now, I am grieved that there is 1 more. You esteemed mother must have an amazing person to have in your life. I envy your great fortune in having her and can’t imagine your sorrow at the loss. It is my fervent hope that you will endeavor to continue to bring us more of her creations through her notes and your remembrances of her. I will await the next episode from you with great longing and hope.

      I have always sworn that I would never have a reason to leave this planet that I have inhabited for over sixty years but the possibility of even seeing a fire-lizard, much less a dragon, would cause me to withdraw that statement. PLEASE continue Ms.McCaffrey’s work.

    14. I’m sorry to ask such an upsetting question, but Todd are you gonna finish Lessa and F’lars story, and F’lessans new plan for the dragons once the thread has stopped falling.
      I know it was something your mum wanted to do on her own but as a fan I’ve got to know what happens to them. Did she maybe leave a manuscript you could follow. please and thank you Ali

      • I would also like an answer to this question. I heard the book would be called “New Era Pern and After the Fall” but could never get an answer to if and when it will be published.

        • Nope. Mum was working on something with a working title of After the Fall is Over but nothing called “New Era Pern.” Rumors start and grow all on their own.

    15. I love the characters, the dragons, and Pern! The story is so well written, I actually feel as if I’m in the story itself.
      I have a character name suggestion: Tarrence. If he becomes a Dragonrider, his name would be T’rrence. His dragon’s name could be Crothren or something. Just a thought.

    16. I have been reading your mother’s books since I was eight. I was very sorry to learn that she passed. My deepest condolences. I have been reading your books since they were first publlished at well. I have quite the extensive collection of both. I regret that I never had the chance to meet her. One thing that has been on my mind since I read the last couple of yours is are the women of Ruatha direct desendents of Tanniz and maybe even Lorana? Lessa’s abilities remind me of her. Or are they just the product of breeding? I do so appreciate the fact that your books attempt to explain alot of questions that many of us that have been loyal fans for many years.

    17. I noticed that “The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall” is not listed here. From what I can determine, it seems to go in the before Landing section. Please correct me on this. After having read them in publication order, chronological order would be fun! Thanks!!

    18. Where in the chronologic order does ( The gift of dragons), go I can’t find its placement

      • Wolverine,

        A Gift of Dragons doesn’t quite have a place being stories from all over the time line (but mostly Ninth Pass).

    19. I just finished reading “Sky Dragons” today. I was devastated when I read at the beginning that Anne had passed. What a special, unique and precious person she must have been! I send my sincere condolences to the entire family, and as another fan put it, “all Pern would mourn.” I can almost hear the dragons keening and bugling the loss. My tears for her loss exceeded the tears of the loss of Master Robinton and that had me crying for days.

      I know this world will continue, but I appreciate and acknowledge the fact that the family has to have time to grieve. Just remember that we are all here with you and will give all the love and support possible.

    20. This list is missing Chronicles of Pern. Where does that fall chronologically?

    21. I too have loved the pern series starting with moreta story. I am also so
      Sorry to hear about your mum passing

    22. I am past the three score years and ten and have only recently been introduced to and immersed myself in Pern. The first and only book by Anne McCaffrey i had read, and read, and read, and … Was The Ship That Sang. That was years ago, and recently i introduced another to it as one of mt favourite books. She said that anne McC had written many other books, and the rest is history. I just love the Pern stories and have already reread Dragon Song, Dragon Singer, and the Harper of Pern. I have just found the atlas and the history of Pern and the should get to me in a couple of weeks, I hope. Would love to contact other Pernese afficionados.

    23. Hi, i really want to be able to purchase all of Anne’s (followed by the combined and then todds books) can someone give me an idea of where to start. This is the most easy to read chronoligcal list I have seen and really want to add to my library of REAL books. I would also love to get a copy of the first book which If my memory is right was just called Pern but doesn’ seem to be anywhere on this list.

    24. Well enjoy the ride lol ;))

    25. We’re finally going to be able to get The Harper Hall Trilogy on Kindle? Oh I hope so, because I want to go back and read all of them in the correct order(YAY).

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