Aug 252014

A number of years ago at a Writers of the Future workshop, Kevin J. Anderson mentioned jokingly that he could never get enough submissions for his Purple Unicorn anthology.

Challenge accepted.

The next day Rhubarb and Beets was in his mailbox. He liked it but admitted that he’d only been joking.

Then someone asked if I had a story for the Gene Wolfe anthology and I dusted off my story. They bought it (yay, eating is good!).

When Kevin Anderson mentioned this year that he was actually going to do a Purple Unicorn anthology to raise money for scholarships to his Writing Superstars Seminar, I offered Rhubarb and Beets.

Later, I discovered that my contract for the Wolfe anthology might be a problem so I quickly wrote the sequel, Red Roses.

Fortunately, the publisher of the original anthology was very understanding and so now, I’m pleased to announce that both stories — Rhubarb and Beets and Red Roses are in the anthology.

Not only that, they’re book-ending the collection with one at the start and the other at the end.

You can get this in paperback and electronically from all fine book sellers. Here’s a quick link for those who want to click and buy now!

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Jul 262014

I was down at Comic-Con for the Wednesday Preview Night and Thursday.

Wednesday was incredibly crowded.  Thursday, oddly, was a bit lighter.

I had the most fun with the people I hung out with and the old (and new) friends I bumped into.

The highlight of it all was running into Amber Benson and Seanan McGuire, two of my favorite people. And I got to meet Amy, though we didn’t have nearly enough time to talk (sorry!).

I was also hanging out with the amazing Jon del Arroz and his wife, Samantha.

I had a quick but marvelous chat with Harry Turtledove who is one of science-fiction’s treasures.

I also got to hang out with Clara and her crew for a couple of hours but I didn’t get to hang out with Leah and Sarah which I deeply regret as they are some of the coollest people!

I had a long wait in Starbucks with Katie Cord and Timothy Long and even got an Evil Girlfriend Media t-shirt which, sadly, I haven’t yet worn.

I heard that next year’s Westercon 68 (July 2–5, 2015, San Diego, CA) is going to include both Spider Robinson and Seanan McGuire so it will be super cool!

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Jul 082014

I had a lot of fun at LibertyCon 27 and am sorely tempted to return next year.

Everyone I met was marvelous.

I joined in on the special Friday morning shoot, firing weapons for the first time since I left the Army over thirty years ago. I got to shoot a rifle made in 1873 as well as several revolvers and some very nice pistols.

On the recommendation of Regina Kirby, I ate at “The Terminal” which is a restaurant right next door to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo hotel. The Terminal boasts micro-brews but I start with the brewed root beer — good root beer is worth it!

Programming was fun and the people were a treat. If you’re planning on a convention in Tennessee, LibertyCon should be on the top of your list!

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