Dec 302015

The One Tree of Luna (And Other Stories) will be an Early Bird special on January 4, 2016.

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Dec 092015

Hi! I’m a huge fan of both your mum and you! I love the Pern series, and I know that at the moment there isn’t much hope of big screen time. My question is this: I’m a newYouTuber and aspiring voice actor. I’d like to put the Pern series into episodes in audio play format. I have absolutely NO intention of making money from this, I just want to make other fans happy. Is this possible for me to do?


A dedicated fan, Sylvia Dixon

Hi Sylvia,

You’ll be pleased to know that Warner Brothers has optioned Pern for the big screen. Fingers crossed!

As for your request, it’s a violation of copyright. (As an aspiring voice actor, you owe it to yourself to gain a familiarity with copyright law.)

So: No, you can’t do what you’d like. That’s not to stop you from doing so with other works that are no longer under copyright — I believe a certain William Shakespeare’s works are now in the public domain.

Also, just so you know: the rights to Anne McCaffrey’s works are controlled by the Anne McCaffrey Literary Trust, not me.



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Nov 252015

HI, I have the 24 Dragons of Pern books and in the last one it mentions another book to be written “Dragon Rider” Just wondering if this will still be coming out and if yes do you have an approximate time date. I really love these books as did my late husband. Many thanks Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

“Dragonrider” was the original title bandied about for what became “Sky Dragons.”



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Nov 192015

I know WB has the rights to the Dragonflight movie but have you also discussed with them about making the Acorna series into a movie as well(fantasy is big and getting bigger all the time.)



Dear Colleen,

I wish Hollywood worked that way!

The way it works is that someone reads the books or hears about them and then decides they might want to make a movie.

But one can hope that one day the phone will ring and a voice seeping unspent billions in its tone will say, “Gee, Mr. McCaffrey, what do you think we should make next?”

Sigh. It hasn’t happened yet.



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