Dec 182014

From my Newsletter:

I’m very pleased to confirm that Warner Brothers has optioned The Dragonriders of Pern® and it is in active development.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hollywood, development is a very difficult process with many starts, stops, and bumps along the road.

We are all very hopeful.  Fingers crossed!

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Jun 302015

Dear Todd

My Mum and I are both big fan’s of all Anne’s books and your own contributions to her dragon series. I’m really looking forward to reading some of your other work soon as well.

I am writing to you because in September I am going into my 3rd year of an English and Creative Writing course at Chichester University and the subject of my Dissertation is Anne’s work. However, I am having trouble finding any critical responses to her work to discuss within my Dissertation, so I would greatly appreciate anything you could send me copies of that might help.

Thank you,




By now, as a student of Creative Writing, you should know all about copyright, so you should know that if I had copies of something that wasn’t in the public domain (or shareable through Creative Commons) I would be violating copyright by sending them to you.

As it is, the issue is moot: I have no such documents.

However, I did note that a quick search of the web — “anne mccaffrey critical analysis” — yields roughly 86,500 results.



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Jun 072015

As a mother of identical twins, and a fan of the Pern series, I’ve had a question for years about this. In the Pern universe, would it be possible for identical twins to impress a single dragon?

Dear Allison,

No. As you know, twins are still different people. The dragon chooses the person best matching their personality.

— Todd

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May 252015

On the page at it says the following:

“Any reference to the mark “Dragonriders of Pern®” must be accompanied with a trademark notice indicating registration and my ownership of the mark. You may wish to consult your own attorney about online and Internet law and the rules governing copyright and trademark notices.”

After writing two fanfics based on the Dragonriders of Pern books, I decided to contact a trademark solicitor based on the advice given above, and she said that since my activities aren’t in the course of trade they can’t possibly infringe on your trademark, so my best response to you would be to respectfully refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram. Just sayin’.

Dear Sheogorath,

Firstly, congratulations on the fanfics! You join a rather elite group who have written Pern fan fiction, including Wen Spencer who wrote the marvelous Alien Taste series (also known as the Ukiah Oregon series) that Mum and I adored.

Pern, in the realm of fan fiction, has been a placed where many people have spread their literary wings or just escaped with their imagination and Mum was thrilled that her world and works were so loved.

Secondly, the purpose of the fan fiction rules was to ensure that legalities required to protect Mum’s hard work were followed (mine, too, now) so that there might possibly be a movie.

It sounds like you are following those guidelines in that your activities are “not in the course of trade” so I’m not at all sure why you’d want to refer anyone to Arkell v. Pressdram. Particularly me, as I am neither Anne McCaffrey, nor her lawyer.



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May 242015

I am a huge fan of the Pern novels. I have many of them and have read most of them (including those you have written and co-written) several times.

My question is have you thought of updating the Pern dragon lovers guide to include the new novels that you have worked on?

Dear Eric,

Nope. The question has been asked but there’s a lot of work involved. The question becomes: more Pern books or an update to the DLG? The answser is always the former.



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