Dec 182014

From my Newsletter:

I’m very pleased to confirm that Warner Brothers has optioned The Dragonriders of Pern® and it is in active development.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hollywood, development is a very difficult process with many starts, stops, and bumps along the road.

We are all very hopeful.  Fingers crossed!

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Jan 222015

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I’m happy to report that the Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs with my story, “To the Nearest Planet” is now available in trade and mass market paperback form.

The anthology itself has been doing very well, having been listed in “Amazon’s Hottest New SF Anthologies” (currently #38).

It’s also been well-received on Baryon Review

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Jan 042015

Hello Todd,
I have been reading the Pern series since it first came out and have always eagerly awaited the next book. Since I now have cataracts, I have to read everything in hardcover. I love the relationships between the dragons and their riders. I am pagan and have always believed in dragons and unicorns and, as my bumper sticker says, ‘and other things only I can see.’ I am so thankful that you wrote with your mother and continue the Pern series even now. They have always been my favorites to read and re-read.



Hello Pam,

Thank you!

I’m sorry to hear about the cataracts.

My sister, Georgeanne (“Gigi”) is also allowed to write on Pern and, hopefully, we’ll see something from her in the near future. (Fingers crossed!)



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Jan 042015

Are you planning to write any books regarding “first contact” with Pern inhabitants with the rest of the human civilization.

A good question!

And one that lots of people ask!

At this moment, neither myself nor my sister (the other Pern writer) are working on such a book.



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Jan 042015

I was wondering if there would be a book to wrap up Lessa and F’lar’s story after the end of thread. I know your mother mentioned she was outling or working on one, just wondered if that might be in the works. Thanks


No one’s working on it at the moment.

I get the question a lot, so you’re not alone in wanting one!



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