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Hi Todd, I heard there was a dragon Rider movie coming out soon. How can this be? I thought only you and your sister had permission to write about perm? Do you have any say in what the movie is about? I thought I read in one of your mom’s acknowledgements that she didn’t want a pern movie done? Or was it that the script she saw at the time was too terrible too allow?

Hi Brian,

‘Soon’ is a relative term. The Dragonriders of Pern® has been under option on and off for over 30 years now.

Currently it is under option with Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers so far has not asked me (or my sister) for any input. I understand (through the news) that they have hired a person to write the first draft screenplay.

With regards to Mum’s Will, she was referring to writing more novels, not screenplays.

Mum was referring to a particular script, I believe.



GoH MarsCon 2017 – The Year of the Dragon!

GoH MarsCon 2017 – The Year of the Dragon!

The folks at MarsCon have asked me to be their Writer Guest of Honor and I gladly said yes!

So if you’re on the East Coast and can get to Williamsburg, VA in January 2017 (the 13th-15th  to be exact), come join us!

Letter from Geini

Letter from Geini

My whole family has loved all of the Pern books and was hoping you or your mother might contact Hollywood and see if they would turn them into movies. It would make millions very happy! Also we hope you continue writing the Pern stories, I feel like I almost know each person/dragon in the stories and would hate to see it end.

Tell your mother thank you for each of us. Also thank you to you for useing such feelings in continuing the stories. We can feel the love in each story and thank you for them.

Dear Geini,

Thank you for your kind words!

Fortunately, not only I but also my sister, Georgeanne (who usually goes by Gigi), are permitted to write on Pern. I think you’ll love what she does!

As to my mother, I’m sorry if this is news to you but she slipped this mortal coil over five years ago. The official announcement is here.



Women in Practical Armor

Women in Practical Armor

I’m very pleased to announce that my short story, Golden is part of the Women in Practical Armor anthology.

You can help kickstart it. See if we can get them to unlock the book launch party!

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